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The Heirs of J. Edgar Hoover
Posted by: Dale Franks on Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who says illegal immigrants aren't willing to work hard and show extraordinary amounts of ingenuity? Certainly not the FBI.
Nada Nadim Prouty, a 37-year-old Lebanese national and resident of Vienna, Va., pleaded guilty today in the Eastern District of Michigan to charges of fraudulently obtaining U.S. citizenship, which she later used to gain employment at the FBI and CIA; accessing a federal computer system to unlawfully query information about her relatives and the terrorist organization Hizballah; and conspiracy to defraud the United States...

Prouty first entered the United States from Lebanon on June 24, 1989, on a one-year, non-immigrant student visa. After her visa expired, she remained in the country, residing in Taylor, Mich., with her sister, Elfat El Aouar, and an individual named Samar Khalil Nabbouth. In order to remain in the United States and evade U.S. immigration laws, Prouty later offered money to an unemployed U.S. citizen to marry her. On August 9, 1990, Prouty married the U.S. citizen. As planned, Prouty never lived with her fraudulent “husband,” but continued to live with her sister and Nabbouth.

Prouty later submitted a series of false, fraudulent and forged documents and letters to federal immigration officials to verify the validity of the fraudulent marriage in order to obtain permanent residency status, and, later, U.S. citizenship, thereby committing naturalization fraud. On Aug. 5, 1994, the former Immigration and Naturalization Service granted Prouty U.S. citizenship under the name “Nada Nadim Deladurantaye.” The following year, she filed for a divorce from her fraudulent husband, and later obtained a U.S. passport, which she used to travel overseas...

In April 1999, through a series of false representations and use of her fraudulently procured proof of U.S. citizenship, Prouty, then known as “Nada Nadim Alley,” obtained employment as a special agent of the FBI. It was a prerequisite to FBI employment that she be a U.S. citizen. As a special agent with the FBI, Prouty was granted a security clearance and assigned to the FBI’s Washington Field Office to work on an extraterritorial squad investigating crimes against U.S. persons overseas. During her tenure with the FBI, Prouty was not assigned to work on investigations involving the international terrorist group Hizballah...

In September 2000, Prouty, while employed as an FBI special agent, used the FBI’s computerized Automated Case System (ACS), without authorization, to query her own name, her sister’s name, and that of her brother-in-law, Talal Khalil Chahine. In addition, on or about June 4, 2003, Prouty accessed the FBI’s ACS and obtained information from a national security investigation into Hizballah that was being conducted by the FBI’s Detroit Field Office.
So, somehow, this illegal immigrant passed the FBI background checks, became an FBI Special Agent, got a security clearance, and then used her position to spy for Hezbollah.

But wait, it gets better!
In June 2003,...Prouty, then known as “Nada Nadim Prouty,” voluntarily left her position with the FBI and obtained employment with the CIA...On Nov. 6, 2007, Prouty resigned her position at the CIA.
So, after working for the super-sleuths at the FBI for four years, she then transferred to another job with the master spies at the CIA, a position she held for another three years.


I'm surprised we don't have planes flying into buildings every day...
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Obviously, we need a super-intelligence agency.

The ways things are going, that would entail a two-acre cage full of chimpanzees, an abacus with a 440VAC power-supply, and a six hundred billion dollar annual budget.

Let’s get to work. Everybody write your congressassmen.
Written By: Billy Beck
URL: http://www.two—
One thing in her defense...she’s got the craftiness to do well at spying. Just have to cross your fingers on who’s side she’s on.

You know, checking on your own name, relatives, etc. seems almost natural to me. Yeah, yeah, against the rules, but understandable. Checking out the Hizbullah is less understandable, but she is from Lebanon.

"According to court documents, in August 2002, Prouty’s sister, Elfat El Aouar, and her brother-in-law, Talal Khalil Chahine, attended a fundraising event in Lebanon where the keynote speakers were Chahine himself and Sheikh Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah. Sheikh Fadlallah had previously been designated by the U.S. government as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist based upon his status as a leading ideological figure with Hizballah."

So is she just checking on what her family is doing or is she helping Hizbullah?
Written By: Harun
URL: http://
I think I am being too generous:
Written By: Harun
URL: http://
Hey you’re all hatin on brown people again. Just because she snuck across the Rio Grande doesn’t mean we should deny her employment as an undocumented worker!

Oh....wait....she didn’t sneak across the Rio Grande?
and isn’t this one of those things the idiots on the right keep claiming they were concerned about? National Security and all that (only taken to a completely ridiculous level?)

Oliver help!!!!!!
Written By: looker
URL: http://
Can’t you see, that is why we need real, meaningful immigration reform?! With a path to citizenship so these desperate people do not need to resort to such things. We forced her to do it. It was the only way she could come out of the shadows. She was, after all, a productive, tax paying, law abiding (prety much) member of society.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
One story after another like this. And we still have a zillion intel agencies and other quasi-intel entities blobbing around the halls of gummint. Yet these characters keep getting through; how many others that we don’t know about yet?

And I read yesterday that despite their incompetence at even blunting the 9/11 attacks let alone stopping them completely with the evidence they should have looked at in the first place when it was available and pointed out to them, the top nabobs of the FBI and CIA not only won’t be punished, but are actually doing very well for themselves now in various foundations, lobbying organizations and other such fabulously well-paying sinecures.

It sure is a great country, just a lousy government, going on now, let’s see, since they did closed-door sessions at that convention in Philly about 220 years ago.
Written By: bb357
URL: http://

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