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Unqualified Offerings indeed (update)
Posted by: McQ on Sunday, December 09, 2007

Jim Henley sticks his foot in it and hopefully relearns that it is always best to be sure you comprehend who is saying what before blasting them as a "racist" (which seems to be the left's favorite damning label of late).

However, it appears he may not have learned the first law of holes. Apparently his fairly pathetic attempt to paint Mark Steyn as a "racist" is something he just can't put down.

UPDATE: Heh ... From a comment at UO by EC:
From the looks of things, we have a new Internet meme being born tonight:

Henlied: the act of engaging in spittle-flecked righteous indignation based on a false premise then looking like a douche when said false premise is exposed, i.e. owning oneself.

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Previous Comments to this Post 

In an update, Henley admits making a major mistake, but "stands by" the rest of his diatribe. In other words, his main point supporting Steyn’s supposed racism is shown to be absolute rubbish, but, by d*mn, he’s not giving up his thesis. No sir.

Look, Steyn is about as un-racist a person as there is doing serious writing on world affairs today. He’s a cosmopolitian who has traveled extensively in the Middle East. He simply thinks Islam is a bigger threat than some would like to believe, and he’s not a bit shy about using their own words and actions to support his opinion.

If Henley thinks Steyn is racist, and has all of his evidence jerked out from under him, he either needs to abjectly apologize or find more evidence. I don’t think the second option is available to him, unless he’s prepared to use distortion the way he did in the first place.
Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://
Billy, leftist arseholes like Henley would never apologize nor backtrack unless they were going to lose their job or something like that. He will just keep on lying and calling people names for ever.
Written By: kyleN
Why should Henley retract? I’m sure that according to Henley’s definition of racism, Steyn is racist. It may even be virtually self-evident.

The problem with the word "racism" isn’t so much that people are handing the label out like candy on Halloween (you’re racist and you’re racist and aren’t you a cute little racist too?), it’s that they hand out the label on one basis and then want to slip another meaning in on you.

Look, you want to call anyone who disagrees with you "racist"? Whatever. But all those other connotations the word "racism" carries don’t apply anymore. If quoting people is racist, if taking what they say seriously is racist, if pointing out that according to publicly available statistics a certain group of people is having more babies than another group is racist, well, who the hell cares about that sort of "racism" anyhow? It’s not even remotely in the same league as the sort of racism they want you to assume that is; compared to the racism that Martin Luther King marched against, this sort of racism is simply a joke.

(Personally, I’d argue that not taking what people say seriously simply because they are Muslim and what they are saying conflicts with your personal image of "those sorts of people", is far more like actual, factual racism than taking them seriously.)
Written By: Jeremy Bowers
In other words, it’s not that Henley doesn’t know the First Law of Holes, it’s that he doesn’t think it applies. He doesn’t think he’s digging, he thinks the ground just suddenly rose up around him.
Written By: Terry
URL: http://
Could someone please explain to me how, even if Steyn had said it, "breeding like mosquitoes" is racist?

I think that it’s more likely a case of anti-breeder bigotry coming from Henley.

The person who *did* say those words obviously thought that greater fecundity was a virtue.
Written By: Synova
Could someone please explain to me how, even if Steyn had said it, "breeding like mosquitoes" is racist?
I’ll try. The idea is that having more mosquitoes around is bad, because mosquitoes are nasty, annoying creatures. Therefore, saying that "Group X is breeding like mosquitoes" could also be inferred as meaning that having more of Group X around is bad (or even that members of Group X are nasty or annoying). Saying that having more of Group X around is bad could then be construed as being prejudiced against Group X.

Not saying I buy that chain, but I think that would be the essense of the "racist" argument, assuming those making it could actually explain their position instead of relying on instinct, which surely rules out a fair number of leftists.
Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://
Okay, insulting then. I still don’t see racist unless it’s racist to insult any group.
Written By: Synova
Well, Synova, it’s really only racist when said by non-Progressives. They can say whatever they like about any group without being racist or whatever.
Written By: JorgXMcKie
URL: http://

I think its because you’re not supposed to notice your neighbors’ ethnicity, that it should be a matter of indifference. But it’s a numbers game, isn’t it? If a few of your neighbors are Muslim, that’s one thing. But if your country is about to become a majority Muslim country, that’s another thing, especially if you are now expected to accept some sort of sharia law.

Anyway, if you think Steyn is a racist, that only proves you’ve never met a real racist. Good.

Written By: Noel
URL: http://www.sharpknife,
Not "you" Synova, but you Mon. Henley.
Written By: Noel
URL: http://www.sharpknife,
I might have figured that out without the clarification, but thanks for giving it. :)
Written By: Synova
Ah Mark Steyn. Maybe not a racist, but he’ll always be the guy who couldn’t hack the New York Times because their fact checkers were too rigorous. Yes. The NYT fact checkers.
Written By: Retief
URL: http://
Retief, does it bother you at all to just make stuff up about people? Far from not being able to "hack" the NYT, he turned them down several times and finally had to explain to them that he would never write for them.

Get that? *He* rejected *them*, for his own reasons, which given the frequent unprofessionalism of their editorial staff, I completely understand. What you just said was made up out of whole cloth.
Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://

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