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Brits booze it up more than thought
Posted by: McQ on Friday, December 14, 2007

Uh oh, this can't be good:
Britons are typically drinking a third more than earlier surveys suggested, it was revealed yesterday, as the government took the unusual step of revising the way it calculates alcohol consumption to reflect stronger wine and the trend towards drinking from bigger glasses.


The assessment changes boosts average British alcohol consumption estimates from 10.8 units to 14.3 units a person a week when applied to the last General Household Survey data in 2005. But women's estimated intake increases by 45% to 9.4 units a week as they drink more wine than men, the ONS said in a new report.
Let's see, they've taken your guns, they've thrown over your sovereignty, you're under the NHS, you can end up in jail calling on a hate crime for calling someone "English" and they're about to take your samurai sword too?

A round for the house.

Make it a double.

And keep 'em coming.
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$3 and some change says they start cracking down on booze.

Come to think about it, they can arrest you for looking like you going to go drinking (wish I could remember where that story was) so it’s not a big stretch.
Written By: Robb Allen
You aren’t forgetting the effort to ban kitchen knives in Britain, are you?

Ah...the joys of the UK.
Written By: Rich Horton
Written By: SLNTAX
URL: http://

Try again, fool.
Written By: MichaelW
Meet me at the Scottish Pub, a stone’s throw from Windsor, for Longbow.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
GB demonstrates where we are headed if we continue on our present path. I used to think that the US Constitution would be the impediment to that happening, but with reports of judges and some on the Supreme Court looking to other nations laws to judge our own sort of casts a different light on my view of the future.
Written By: AMR
URL: http://
Let’s see, they’ve taken your guns, they’ve thrown over your sovereignty, you’re under the NHS, you can end up in jail calling on a hate crime for calling someone "English" and they’re about to take your samurai sword too?
And don’t forget all the speeding cameras and all the other surveillance/talking cameras. Geez, I don’t know how any freedom loving person can stand living there. Then again, it sounds like a liberal’s wet dream. Big government trying to make sure nothing bad happens to you from cradle to grave.
Written By: Bob
URL: http://
Meet me at the Scottish Pub, a stone’s throw from Windsor, for Longbow.
Stones, and the act of throwing them, is also illegal in Great Britain. Please rephrase your request.
Written By: Jeff
We’ve never HAD guns (in the same sense that people in the US have them) in the UK. The fact that handgun crime rose after they were banned altogether doesn’t tell us anything - it might be that criminals are getting bolder, or it might be that handgun crime would have been even higher had they not been banned. Still, it makes a good headline....

To me, gun crime and gun clubs are separate issues. Handguns were banned in clubs after we learned the hard way that club members could not be relied upon to refrain themselves from shooting people. There being very little in the way of a convincing utilitarian or common-good argument for keeping them, they were banned. Hunters still get to run around with rifles and shotguns, but they are strictly controlled and the culture of the sport means it’s about the hunt, not about the hardware.

As far as closer integration into the EU is concerned....bit rich for a citizen of the United States to carp about it, don’t you think ? Look, it’s gonna happen sooner or later, we might as well get on with it and do the best job we can. I suppose it’s a waste of time my pointing out that it’s a democratically-decided course of action anyway ?

We like the NHS. Get over it.

Calling someone an ’English bitch’ is a cultural distinction. It is an expression of hatred towards a group of people who share nothing in common other than their shared culture. It is fundamentally anti-democratic to attack a group of people on the basis of their identity rather than their behaviour, and we have laws against it.

As for samurai what ? Personally, I’d rather they were kept out of the hands of all the nutcases, than keep the right to won one myself.
Written By: Blewyn
URL: http://
Well Blewyn, I sure glad my ancestors got the hell out of there 300 years ago.
Written By: Bob
URL: http://

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