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Europe tries for strict standards at Bali and then makes exceptions at home
Posted by: McQ on Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Not that Europe doing such things should surprise anyone in particular:
EU ministers are poised to agree a deal on aviation that would see aircraft emissions continue to rise and possibly hand a cash windfall to the airlines.

BBC News understands the industry will be allowed to increase emissions as much as it wants by the European environment council. Aviation is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gases. But Europe's environment ministers look set to reject a plan for a strict cap on emissions from planes. Instead, airlines will be given a set number of permits to pollute.

Instead, airlines will be given a set number of permits to pollute.

If they overshoot their limit they will be allowed to buy spare permits from firms who have managed to cut emissions elsewhere - manufacturing industry, for instance.

The ministers are expected to say this is rational, as it does not matter where emissions cuts are made - campaigners will call it a cop-out.
As Roger Harrabin, the Environmental analyst for the BBC says:
The decision on Thursday is not final - but it does show goverments are reluctant to curb one of the boom areas of their economy - however damaging it is perceived to be.
Unless, of course, that "boom area" happens to be in the US economy.

Same with cars:
Luxury car makers Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and BMW will be thrown a lifeline when the European Union releases its stringent exhaust emissions law tomorrow. The EU Commission has indicated that car makers will be allowed to trade carbon dioxide credits between themselves. The companies will have to pay for carbon dioxide credits to make up their shortfall or pay the fines levied on companies not meeting the limits.
Yet they're going to try to cripple the US economy if they can:
The Social Democrats are calling for sanctions on energy-intensive U.S. export products if the Bush administration continues to obstruct international agreements on climate protection, the party's leading environmental expert said Tuesday.

The move, after the United Nations climate conference last week in Bali, Indonesia, has won strong support from the Greens and other leftist groupings in the European Parliament. Those factions will renew their bid to impose such levies when the Parliament reconvenes next month.
Pete DuPont points to a large part of the solution - but something that was never even considered by the coterie in Bali:
Neither Kyoto nor Bali will solve our global energy emission problems. According to a Princeton University study a few year ago the world could hold its carbon dioxide emissions flat if 700 nuclear power plants were built around the globe, for they do not increase global warming. But they are not favored by the climate establishment, and so are not a part of the Bali solution.
Politics and hypocrisy vacation in Bali and combine for the sort of nonsense most expected. The usual attack on the US economy draped in the trappings of environmental concern while not even discussing the most obvious solution. And what have we to look forward too in 2009 if the Democrats win?

Well if you believe John Kerry, the word is capitulation.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Investors Business Daily offered an opinion last Friday as to why so many people have boarded the AGW bandwagon - an opinion that I’ve long held.

I guess they have to go after AGW skeptics as tools of industry - wouldn’t want the pliant public casting to close an eye at their own motives...
Written By: bains
URL: http://
What’s up with the hating on Europe while luading the benefits of Nuclear power. Europe way more into the nukes than the US. The US is all about the coal. That’s where you’ll find your seriously anti nuke friends, in the coal lovers lobby.
Written By: Retief
URL: http://
78% of the total electricity generated in France comes from nuclear.

It may not be part of the Bali solution, but it is in France.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
That’s where you’ll find your seriously anti nuke friends, in the coal lovers lobby.
Why is it that so many stop analysis when they find the hoped for scapegoat. The energy industry incorporates many fuels, coal, oil sands, oil shale, heavy oil, refined oil, gas, hydro-electric, nuclear, and yes, even solar, wind, and geothermal. These companies are in business to provide the least expensive energy to a particular (regional) market. The upfront cost for nuclear power is enormous, but after that capital outlay, it is (heavy)dirt cheap. Coal on the other hand has the substantial continuing cost of mining and environmental mitigations.

Now my community has two coal fired plants, but then there are a number of fairly rich coal veins nearby and basically on the surface. The Pacific Northwest relies heavily upon hydro-electric because they have lots of high-flow rivers. Not all areas are so blessed in resources and/or geography. If the restrictions upon nuclear power were not so onerous, I’d bet that the energy companies would swap to nuclear quite quickly. Simply a matter of economics.
Written By: bains
URL: http://
Inmpose sanctions on someone with whom you run a trade surplus? What will those clever Social Democrats think of next? Closing European bases? Ending NATO?

Actions have consequences in my universe.
Written By: MarkD
URL: http://
What’s up with the hating on Europe while luading the benefits of Nuclear power. Europe way more into the nukes than the US. The US is all about the coal. That’s where you’ll find your seriously anti nuke friends, in the coal lovers lobby.
Wow ... how can one miss that badly?

Uh, one, has little if nothing to do with the other ... see if you can puzzle that out, okay?
Written By: McQ
I notice Erb has nothing to pontificate about in this post with regard to Europe & global warming.

Telling, isn’t it?
Written By: looker
URL: http://

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