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Uh, thanks Mitt, but no thanks ...
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, December 22, 2007

Via Hotair:
Question: To date, nearly 10 states have considered legislation to keep violent video games out of kids' hands. Would you support this type of legislation at the federal level? What other strategies would you support to keep the video game industry and other media companies from marketing and selling inappropriate content to children?
As you might imagine all the Democratic candidates are on record and all support some measure of federal government action, either through increasing the power of the FTC or legislation. Only one Republican favors that as well. Mitt Romney:
I want to restore values so children are protected from a societal cesspool of filth, pornography, violence, sex, and perversion. I've proposed that we enforce our obscenity laws again and that we get serious against those retailers that sell adult video games that are filled with violence and that we go after those retailers.
Enforce "our obscentiy laws" again? Which are those? And that's just what I want the President of the US involved in, yessiree. I have to also wonder if he will he go after the "retailers" in the TV industry who "sell" violent programs as well?

Pandering to the social cons can be hazardous to your electoral health, Mitt.
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Just another way to shirk personal responsibility. For ourselves AND our children. No thanks for me as well Mitt.
Written By: josh b
URL: http://
I’m a bad parent because I have a really high threshold before I put anything off limits for my kids. The only absolutely firm "no, not ever!" is psychic "reality" shows on television, pet-psychic or ghost hunters types of things. They are absolutely forbidden to watch those and there are no exceptions.

Games though, I don’t worry about much. They used to let the dinosaurs out of the cages in Zoo Tycoon and laugh themselves silly when the dinosaurs ate the park guests. The little dears are twisted that way.

Oh, sure, there are games we don’t have and won’t get because we adults won’t play them either (not sure what my husband is picking up at the store as I type) and there are television shows and movies that we don’t allow, stuff like "Kill Bill" is still off limits even for the teenagers. But they watch Adult Swim and Boondocks.

The only real problem I had with television (besides psychic "reality") was children’s programming. I had to really keep an eye on that because toddlers and children to 5 or so are so *literal* and they’d do these utterly stupid shows supposed to show how racism was wrong and my kids would watch and (in classic 5 year old fashion) decide that they were supposed to notice that one of their little friends had dark skin and fuzzy hair. I think the word "livid" is pretty accurate when it comes to my reaction to that incident.
Written By: Synova
Enforce "our obscentiy laws" again? Which are those?
Apparently, these obscenity laws, with 18 USC § 1470 being the most relevant. These laws do not cover depictions of violence, but the power already exists to go after retailers that sell games with sexual content to minors.
Whether the President should be spending a lot of time or energy on it is a seperate question.
Written By: Ted
URL: http://
I’m a bad parent...
I’m sure there are nanny types that would think the same of me. I’ve taught my sons to play p*ker and we have a network setup at home for playing multiplayer Halo. And they play with AirSoft guns in the backyard all the time.

I played war games constantly as a kid, and I’ve waged far more wars playing Civilization than any actual ruler in history. I expect some of our commenters would ascribe my Iraq War support to that experience. Of course, when they find I didn’t support the Somalia invasion, some clutch-grinding might occur.

(P*ker is a banned term, I find...)
Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://
The irony here is that the game design community seems to skew left-wards (example: Harvey Smith and his recent flop, Blacksite, which apparently was intended to be a criticism of Bush.) If politics comes up at the Game Developer’s Conference this February (and I can’t imagine it won’t), it’ll be amusing to try and corner someone on this contradiction.

Hillary’s pandering to noted anti-game-activist Jack Thompson inflamed videogame players, and you’ll often find comments criticizing her on video game message boards/news sites (when censorship related issues coming up.) With the average age of video game players tending upwards, and the total number of gamers on the rise, I can’t help but wonder if this could eventually become a meaningful electoral constituency for a libertarian-leaning candidate to court. I wonder when I’ll see a candidate’s banner ad show up on Gamespot or IGN or the like.
Written By: James O
URL: http://
Christ, I never realized how horrible and abusive my parents were when I was a child!

They purchased for me all manner of horrible video games
They took me to see R-rated movies every now and then
They let me watch TV
They gave me parental discipline (read: a smack) when I got too out of line
And probably worst of all, my father wasn’t above letting me get a sip of his beer on occasion (though the selfish guy never shared his Jack Daniels with me)

However did I grow up to not be a degenerate rapist murdering mongloid with such horrible parents?
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Its all up to the parents. But TV & Video Games aren’t like they were when I was a kid.

Video Games didn’t let you have sex with a crack whore and kill her for the money.

TV back then sold sex. But today it sells promiscuity.

Anyone here actually see a some of those Linda Ellerbee spots on Nickelodeon’s website?
I saw scare tactics used about the Iraq War, promoting the cliche’ the military is filled with ’those you don’t do as well academically’, and didn’t watch long enough to see what leftist meme the kid in the orange jumpsuit was promoting. Can you say indoctrination? I knew you could.

TV & Video games are not like they were when I was a kid.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
Linda Ellerbee is probably another "no, you can’t watch that, ever" situation I think.

If I ever caught my kids at it.
Written By: Synova
I’m quite serious about Linda Ellerbee.

No, we don’t play Grand Theft Auto in this house because the kids play what the adults play and the adults in this house wouldn’t play it.

Shooters don’t worry me anything like deliberate indoctrination worries me. In comparison they’re nearly pictures of naive innocence. Clean and simple. Clearly fantasy.

Linda, on the other hand, presents herself as trustworthy and objective, a window on the real world that young people are struggling to understand. The potential for damage is far worse.

This is also why I absolutely do not allow "reality" psychic programming. My kids don’t need that messing with their brains when our brains mess with us enough even without the extra encouragement.
Written By: Synova

And probably worst of all, my father wasn’t above letting me get a sip of his beer on occasion (though the selfish guy never shared his Jack Daniels with me)
shark! we must be brothers! my Dad didn’t share his Jack with me until I started bringing him bottles as gifts. and even then... the offers were few and far between ;-)
Written By: meagain
URL: http://

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