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Ron Paul’s Photo op
Posted by: Dale Franks on Saturday, December 22, 2007

I don't know if it means anything. It can probably be explained away as a candidate just pressing the flesh with strangers after an event. But, it doesn't look good for Ron Paul to be posing for pictures and giving autographs to Stormfront's Don Black and his son.

The forums at Stormfront seem happy to have the pics posted, though.

Ron Paul doesn't really get politics, does he?
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I just saw Ron Paul on Meet the Press.

I agree that Paul does not get politics.

Russert was playing gotcha games and did not allow Paul time to answer questions fully.

Unlike the other candidates that do get politics, Paul tried to answer the questions, rather than state a focus grouped polished statement that somehow related to the question.

To anyone watching that was not familiar with libertarianism, Paul would have come across poorly.

To anyone that wants to see a smooth polititian, Paul would have come across poorly.

The poor fool doesn’t stand a chance.

Maybe, neither do we.
Written By: newshutz
URL: http://
Boy, the smear campaign is in full swing, now that Dr. Paul has been deemed a threat to the Nixonian/Neocon planners.

Keep in mind that the Nixonian/Neocon folks are the same team that broke into opponents’ offices, planted false stories in the Press and some even landed in jail after they were caught for that Watergate job.

So far, all the Nixonian/Neocons have managed to stir-up about Dr. Paul is that he has the audacity to actually accept the support of all types of citizens. Conveniently left unanswered is how Dr. Paul has been able to get the support of people from every walk of life, or how Dr. Paul has managed to bring such diverse citizens together.

The short answer is: If we have Constitutional government, everyone will be free to live their lives with minimal government interference.

Freedom is very popular!

I think that the People are uniting behind Dr. Paul because, although some of us have differences along the spectrum of political issues, we all agree that we don’t need "Big Brother" government trying to destroy our lives. We don’t need an "Enforcer class" who spend their careers at the government trough, who believe that they should be teaching the citizens "a lesson." We don’t need a "Watcher class" who spend their lives in darkened rooms watching us on video cameras, listening in on our calls and internet traffic, and we don’t need an Imperial President who uses our troops to invade foreign countries without a declaration of war by Congress.

Ron Paul has wide appeal because he has always stood for Liberty and Justice for all people.
Written By: J. Tyler Ballance
URL: http://
Unfortunately, because I could stand the entertainment, I missed all but the very tail end of Paul’s MTP interview. Paul went out sounding alarm bells about our country’s fall into fascism via the Patriot Act and etc., and elaborating on how Huckabee’s Christmas ad had reminded him of Sinclair Lewis’s comment about fascism coming to America carrying a cross.

He had that same old same old earnest yet clueless look on his face. Which I think is no accident of facial features.

What gets me is when people try to make his cluelessness into some kind of virtue. He’s naive — even innocent — of political games. It’s refreshing to see a guy who just stands up and says what he thinks and doesn’t play those stupid games...

Yeah, boy, is he ever going to pick Washington up by the scruff of its neck and get that thing trained proper, once and for all.
Written By: Linda Morgan
URL: http://
Ron Paul has wide appeal...
Please don’t state obvious nonsense.

Look, many (most?) of the people who frequent this site are sympathetic to many of Paul’s positions, with the notable exception of his foreign policy. That doesn’t mean we’re blind to his other characteristics. He attracts kooks, and whether he means to or not, it’s a fact. He’s pretty clueless about the way the political game is played, and whether you think it’s a good thing or not, that too is a fact.

And as a lifelong libertarian, I know from personal experience that core libertarian principles no longer have "wide appeal" in this country. We’ve got too many people conditioned to believe government is their savior, and our press and educational system constantly indoctrinate people in that direction (and most of those being indoctrinated don’t even realize it).

First, Paul’s chances to win the GOP nomination are astronomically bad. If he hit the lottery on that, he would lose far worse than Barry Goldwater ever did. (It might even precipitate a realignment of parties because of the resulting weakness of the GOP, but that’s another discussion.)

It’s fine for you guys to be enthusiasitic about the man. I’m hoping a lot of people are exposed to core libertarian principles because of him.

But I’m afraid he will do more damage than good, by causing libertarianism to be associated with kookiness so closely that no one in the mainstream will take it seriously. And believing in him ought not to blind you to the realities of his candidacy.
Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://
Ron Paul isn’t naive. He’s been around Washington and won enough hard elections he didn’t just Forest Gump his way into office twice and manage stay there despite what he’d like everyone to think.

Which makes what he is doing during this election run more bewildering. Imho, it doesn’t make sense if he was serious about being elected and/or influencing politics towards his views. I can only assume there’s some personal gain to what he is doing, whether its ego, influence, or financial, idk.

But I firmly believe he’s not completely oblivious to what he’s doing, whatever the reasons.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
So what is he supposed to do? Have the FBI run background checks on every person who attends a public political event? Refuse to get within 10 feet of any person not cleared by the secret service for politically embarrassing affiliations or activities? What is he doing that the other candidates are not? From what little I know, candidates, especially long shot ones, will pose at events like these with anyone. Isn’t that the purpose of these events?
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
Tim, I’d be very surprised if Paul had any idea who he was posing with or giving his autograph to. I don’t think he can be faulted for either of those mundane acts or for the way the photos are presently being brandished and publicized by white supremacists.

What I think is nuts is his nonchalance about these brushes with Black once they are brought to his attention. I’d be furious with that fascist sh*theel by now and I would have made clear in unmistakable terms that I shared nothing – nothing – of his ideology or his goals and that I didn’t need or want his money.

But Paul stubbornly, stupidly missed that golden opportunity to renounce any desire for Stormfront’s support. And all day long Sunday he missed his second good chance.

He apparently considers that, in telling the media he’s happy to keep Black’s money, he managed to do all the repudiating he needed to do. And if the MSM continues to dog him on the matter, no matter: the freedom-loving people who need him in the Whitehouse aren’t going to worry about a few self-styled but nonetheless nobody Nazis when it’s the military-industrial complex or whatever the heck that’s about to see us all packed off to the camps.

You know, I wonder about this. If some heretofore unrecognizable guy with a white power website can spin Paul like a top just for fun, what could some of the world’s more maximal leaders do to him if he was in the Whitehouse all in a sweat to trade and do business with their subjects?
Written By: Linda Morgan
URL: http://
"What I think is nuts is his nonchalance..."

Yeah, that is a bit clueless.

"what could some of the world’s more maximal leaders do to him..."

Interesting point.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
Is it time for me to say that I hate Illinois Nazis?
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
It’s worth pointing out that these photos date back to September, before, IIRC, the news of Don Black’s donation to Paul’s campaign came to light.

It’s quite possible that Paul didn’t know who they were at the time.

Not that it matters to Paul’s critics, of course.
Written By: Brian Martinez

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