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Happy New Year!
Posted by: McQ on Tuesday, January 01, 2008

May you and your family enjoy a happy and prosperous New Year from the QandO guys!
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Previous Comments to this Post 

With America in decline and since Iraq will never be anything but a failure, it’s difficult to see how you can continue to push this meme of "Happy New Year", McQ.

You’re obviously getting emotional about this. You should take a deep breath and reconsider your position, and admit that 2008 may not be a happy new year. For example, as someone who distrusts government power, I’m concerned that we may not get universal health care in 2008. And we might get another terrorist attack, which would prove beyond a doubt that Bush’s strategy is a complete failure because he didn’t concentrate on the real threat. Or we might not get attacked, which would prove beyond a doubt that Bush’s strategy is a complete failure, because the terrorists were just not that big a threat.

I’ve tried so hard in 2007 to reasonably debate the issues here, and for some strange reason, I’m constantly misunderstood in everything I say, even though I write blog posts that show by their very word count that they clearly prove my points. It’s a good thing I’m completely impervious to insults, since so many of your commenters hurl insults constantly, and I don’t expect that to change in 2008. But I will continue to be completely open to other points of view, as long as they don’t conflict in any way with my own. I’ll never get emotional about it, either, because, to be honest, I wouldn’t know a genuine emotion if one walked up and slapped me in the face.

I’ll just keep hanging around and giving your readers the incredible benefit of my vast political science education and acumen. I have to come here since my own blog is unfortunately much less well known than it should be, and has only a tiny number of readers, while your blog has somehow managed to develop a steady readership despite the fact that the posters here (with the occasional exception of Jon) are pretty much wrong about everything they say. I must say it’s a mystery to me how you managed that, but I’m still simultaneously both completely confident in my own opinions about how wrong you are, and humble enough to admit when I’m wrong about something, though so far of course I’ve not had to do that about anything of any consequence.

Let’s all hope that Bush admits how wrong Iraq has gone, and withdraws, and the Democrats win, and everyone listens to that genius Jimmy Carter on every foreign policy decision in 2008. Then we have an outside chance for a happy new year.
Written By: Ott Scerb
Boy am I sorry I didn’t read this earlier, as it’s always good to start the New Year with a laugh.
Madison, Hamilton, Jay?
Which one of you scamps is playing at being the famous U of M professor & statesmen OttScerb?

McQ, does this count as part of the 2008 predictions?
Written By: looker
URL: http://

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