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Reinventing Hillary’s history
Posted by: McQ on Friday, January 04, 2008

A week ago, we caught Hillary Clinton telling a political war story about a dangerous trip she went on in which she had to dodge snipers with a sprint from the aircraft. As we learned, ironically from her own autobiography, that wasn't really a true depiction that event. No matter - it helped frame her "experience" in a way she wished to have it framed. And, other than the blogosphere, who's going to question her?

Now we find her trying to pretend that Iowa was always a state in which she was the underdog. When on "This Week" with George Stephanopoulos recently, she said:
"I think because it's so close, you know, when I started here I was in single digits. I mean nobody expected me to be doing as well as I'm doing in Iowa."
Well not exactly. In fact, the Washington Post, that's just not the truth (wow, I know you're surprised - a Clinton not telling the truth):
Hillary Clinton paid her first visit to Iowa in more than three years on January 27, 2007, so that date can be used as the official start of her campaign. The first poll taken after that visit by the polling group ARG reported that she had the support of 35 per cent of Iowa voters at that time, against 18 percent for John Edwards and 14 percent for Barack Obama. A Zogby poll a week later put Clinton and Edwards at 24 percent each, and Obama at 14 percent.
What she can't and won't admit is she blew Iowa big time. And that indicates a very real possibility that all of the polls that have essentially portrayed her as the inevitable nominee are full of beans. [But then, we've been warning everyone about that for quite some time. Now you can begin to pay some attention to the polls in NH. But FL? Fuggitaboudit.]

It will become much clearer after NH, where she should be a very strong contender and is expected to be the winner. If she stumbles there as bad as she did in Iowa, the words "Hillary" and "inevitable" will probably never be found in the same sentence again.
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McQ about Hillary:
What she can’t and won’t admit is she blew Iowa big time.
In the nearly endless list of the things that the Clintons "can’t and won’t admit" I’m not sure that one even appears in the first thousand pages.

The Clintons don’t think like that. Others are always to blame, for starters. Campaign managers. Aides. Republicans. Media. Who knows, Hillary might fire her hairdresser or her cosmetologist (that could be her team of cosmetologists).

But most of all, the person to blame here is obviously Obama. He has overplayed his hand and definitely not learned his place. And this has just gone too far: Now he has embarrassed Mrs. Clinton.

And so everyone must now learn who Obama really is. He is, of course, a member of a racist church, not to mention a closet Muslim, but worse he was not just a drug user. Nor has that marriage of his been all sweetness and light. And did we mention that he’s on the take? Look what we found in his garbage. And here’s a picture of his girlfriend, and his love child, and here’s the video of the time he met with members of a Chicago drug gang in a nightclub at 2:00 a.m. What’s that white stuff around his nostrils? Oh, and have you met his loopy mother? And his Muslim father? And did you know about how Michelle Obama got where she got?

Naturally, I rehearse here only the standard fare of back-alley American politics, for which the Clintons maintain a number of switchblade wielding teams, seen and unseen. So, the actual big hit on Obama will probably surprise us all because it has been so carefully prepared for instant amplification through the media, at the right moment.

I suspect that what was once seen as something to be held in reserve should panic mode arrive is now savored as inevitable revenge for Obama’s temerity.

"Who does that n****r think he is?"
Written By: Martin McPhillips
"Who does that n****r think he is?"

Heh - an American.
Oh how I’d love to be the fly on the wall at Hillary’s house today.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
Sounds like you guys think one of my predictions is coming true.
Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://
In terms of the general election, seperating "inevitable" from "nominee" is about the best thing that could happen for her. If she gets the nomination, she has to be able to argue that everything the public learns about her is ’old news’ and that she has been fully vetted through the primaries.
Written By: Ted
URL: http://

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