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Follow up - Lakota secession
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, January 05, 2008

Well they have a map now. For those of you unfamiliar with the subject of this follow up, a group of indian activists have repudiated all treaties with the United States and have declared their "nation" to exist.

According to their latest press release:
Lakota Oyate represents the voice of the free Lakota oyate (people) from what was known as the Sioux Indian reservations of Nebraska, North Dakota,South Dakota and Montana. In our freedom, we reject the colonial apartheid system that has caused genocide to our people, and to all Indigenous peoples.

Lakota Oyate emerges from the work of the Lakota Freedom Delegation. Now that we have returned from Washington D.C., we work to ensure the voice of the oyate - the Elders, children and all people - are respected and heard in the rebirth of the Lakota Nation.

We do not represent those BIA or IRA governments beholden to the colonial system, but we encourage all people to reclaim their freedom. We do not support the imposition of the "Republic of Lakotah" or its so-called "provisional government" which does not represent the will of the people nor the spirit of the Animal Nations which survive within the Elders and children.
Uh, huh ... well, good luck with that. I imagine those who live in the 5 states included in the "Lakota" claim most likely won't even notice the "change".
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Previous Comments to this Post 

President Bush has noticed the difference. Rumor has it that he’s considering cutting the funding to the Lakota people. LOL, but he probably won’t follow through because President Hugo Chavez protects the rights of the downtrodden and Chavez is also an indigenous person and is sensitive to the issues affecting indigenous people. It would be a double embarrassment to the Bush regime if they cut the funding and then Chavez made up the difference.

Written By: mosquito
I think the Conch Republic had a better chance at succession.
Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://
I guess they are claiming the nuke silos that are in South Dakota as well.
Written By: SkyWatch
URL: http://
First time I have ever seen a map of a nation that included their g-mail address...
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Even Hitler with his ambition was smart enough to start small. Its a nice way to kill the movement before it even got rolling.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
Hmmm - when do they start putting up roadblocks to collect tolls at Yellowstone or at Mt. Rushmore?
Written By: Bob Feighner
URL: http://
Good thing I keep plenty of popcorn on hand.
Written By: Achillea
URL: http://
"we reject the colonial apartheid system"

But how will they get past the border guards and the ’Death Zone’ with its minefields and dogs that keeps them on the reservation?
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
What happens when whitey decides to stay in Lakota?
Written By: Kevin
"What happens when whitey decides to stay in Lakota?"

They go to the UN and ask for help, especially financial help.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
MAXIMUS: A people should know when they are conquered.
Written By: Khepri
URL: http://
Actually, Khepri, it wasn’t Maximus who said that. It was his traitorous second in command, Lucius(?). Maximus’ reply was "Would you, Lucius? Would I?" Didn’t stop him from smashing them as brutally and effectively as he could, but he wasn’t contemptuous of them, either.
Written By: SDN
URL: http://

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