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The "Dead Kennedy" conspiracy theory
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, January 05, 2008

I've been sort of banging around on the theme of the left beginning to build the "New Kennedy" this morning citing Ezra Klein and Eleanor Clift articles that attempt to place the cloak of the "new" Kennedy (hope of the Democratic party) on the shoulders of Obama.

Little did I know that there was a guy on the left already constructing the circumstances in which this "new Kennedy" will be destroyed (which, of course, is also true to the Kennedy narrative - well at least among those Kennedy's who amounted to anything).

Alerted by John Stephenson of Stop the ACLU, an article there by Warner Todd Huston points us too a HuffPo author who seems to have it all figured out.

Yes, Joseph Palmero entitles his little HuffPo screed "Barack Obama, RFK, and Blackwater". Apparently adding Haliburton in the title made it too long. But never fear, he manages to work them into the body of his post.
In 2008, Obama is gaining momentum, and hopefully people inside his organization are cognizant of the fact that he constitutes a very real threat to the likes of Blackwater, Dyncorps, Halliburton, and the hundreds of other private companies currently profiteering from the Iraq occupation.

Blackwater, that reactionary private mercenary outfit headed by the right-wing Christian nationalist Erik Prince stands to lose big time with an Obama presidency. Under George W. Bush Blackwater went from a marginal company with about $27 million in government contracts to a behemoth currently receiving over $1 billion in federal largesse.
And everyone knows the right-wing Christian nationalist Dark Lord of Blackwater will not stand for a candidate who might cut his flow of filthy lucre - his blood money - if he can help it.

Under an Obama Administration Blackwater would no doubt be cut down to size along with Bush's other crony capitalist entities. The Blackwater Boys no doubt have close friends and ideological soul mates deep inside the federal security services.

In 1968, immediately following the killing of Robert Kennedy, President Lyndon Johnson signed an executive order providing Secret Service protection to all viable presidential candidates. His decision came as a result of the RFK assassination. But it was too late to prevent a tiny piece of lead from disfranchising millions of American voters.

Let's hope that the Blackwater elements can be thoroughly flushed out of the federal security services. Let's also hope that the Secret Service does a better job protecting Obama in the coming election year than Pakistan's ISI did in protecting Benazir Bhutto who didn't live to see election day.
What a theory. It has it all.

Bush. "Crony capitalist entities." "Ideological soulmates".

Only a flawed Secret Service stands between the Dark Lord and another "dead Kennedy". Someone ought to write a novel.

Speaking of Blackwater and Iraq:
Obama promises to apply the brakes. He therefore has some well-armed and lethally trained enemies that stand to lose their livelihoods if he follows through on his promise to end the Iraq occupation.
Sort of helps us work toward an answer to the questions posed in this post, doesn't it?

BTW, who is this goob?
Assistant Professor, History, CSUS. Bachelor's degrees in sociology and anthropology from UC Santa Cruz, master's degree in history from San Jose State University, master's degree and doctorate in American history from Cornell University. Expertise includes political history, presidential politics, presidential war powers, social movements of the 20th century, movements of the 1960s, civil rights, and foreign policy history.
Huh. Can you imagine this guy in a classroom?

Reminds me of someone else of whom I'm vaguely aware. And, unsurprisingly, he has about the same level of credibility as that other person. Go figure.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Hmmmm, University of Angela Davis at Santa Cruz.
Well, that explains a bit.
Written By: tom scott
URL: http://
So the left is saying that certain members of the right will assassinate a Presidential candidate to keep their jobs. Is there no depth to which these idiots won’t sink in order to count coup against their political opponents?

Almost makes mkultra look sane by comparison.
Written By: Steverino
URL: http://
I always considered Obama more of the next Jimmy Carter, anyway.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
Huh. Can you imagine this guy in a classroom?
well, there is erb so not that much of a stretch. :)
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
Huh. Can you imagine this guy in a classroom?

Actually, I can’t imagine him being anywhere else.
Written By: Steve
URL: http://
Because the right has such a history of assassinating Kennedys.

Oh ... wait.
Written By: Achillea
URL: http://
I always considered Obama more of the next Jimmy Carter, anyway.
Uh, that would be the GUBERnator, Huckleberry...whatever his name is....
Written By: Khepri
URL: http://
I’d like to laugh this off, but it really shows what a diseased state of mind the Leftists have would only take this kind of spark (that they have conveniently set up for themselves here) to start the 1930’s-like violence.

Sorry, Rumsfeld was right. Not just abroad, but at home as well.

Written By: Khepri
URL: http://
Well, it’s not like political assassination is unknown in the United States, so it’s always good to have a narrative laid up in advance, just in case.
Written By: Martin McPhillips
Uh, that would be the GUBERnator, Huckleberry...whatever his name is..
Not really.

Here’s why I call Obama the next Jimmy Carter

The Media loved Jimmy Carter.
The Media adores Obama.

Jimmy Carter was build as an amiable, respectable guy, who was going to heal the nation after that villainous Nixon administration.
Obama is build as an amiable, respectable guy, who is going to heal the nation after that villainous Bush administration.

Jimmy Carter was suppose to have little to no baggage in the way of corruption and generally an outsider.
Obama is portrayed as having little to no baggage in the way of corruption and is portrayed as a newcomer/outsider.
*Huckabee is disqualified on mainly this point as the next Jimmy.

Jimmy Carter was woefully inept in foreign policy.
Obama by his responses appears woefully inept at foreign policy as well.

Jimmy Carter was a semi-closeted socialist.
Obama is a semi-closeted socialist.

Scary. But if Obama gets elected I’m wondering if theres a Reagan to be had in ’12 to fix the mess. Doesn’t look good.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
Jimmy Carter was woefully inept in foreign policy.
Obama by his responses appears woefully inept at foreign policy as well.
I think Obama is a whole lot smarter than Jimmah. Not in terms if IQ, but in the sense that he doesn’t take himself as so scary-intelligent.
Written By: bains
URL: http://
Anyone could see this coming when you see headlines like ..
The Day That Martin Luther King Dreamed Of?
.. coming from the foreign media.

Obama stands to disenfranchise the entire civil right community. No wonder Andrew Young et al are rooting for Hiliary. I bet the reparations folks are a bit distrubed too.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
An amazing number of people profess belief that the Bush administration played an active part in bringing down the WTC and hitting the Pentagon as well. Stupid people are easily led.
Written By: MarkD
URL: http://

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