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Teheran Tony says US Navy video is "fake"
Posted by: mcq on Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Yes, we have to give an appropriate name to the person who would claim, like our friend Baghdad Bob, that up is down and black is white. And that is exactly what Tehran is claiming about the video the US Navy has produced showing the attempted confrontation by Iranian speedboats of 3 US warships in international waters:
"The footage released by the US Navy are file pictures and the audio has been fabricated," state-run English language channel Press-TV quoted a source in the naval section of the Revolutionary Guards as saying.
Well, that ends it doesn't it?

The video, which the Pentagon said was taken from the bridge of the destroyer USS Hopper, showed fast boats approaching the warships at high speeds and racing around the Hopper, the USS Port Royal and the USS Ingraham.

A man's voice is heard in an audio recording speaking in English amid a sailor's urgent warnings to stay clear of the ship.

"I am coming to you... You will explode in a few minutes," the voice is heard to say.
Iran says it's all US propaganda. The video is at the link above. You decide.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

From this article: Iranian officials earlier played down the event, calling it an "ordinary occurrence".

Now that I would have to agree with. This is SOP for Iran. They regularly harrass our warships (and UK, and our allies) with their little speed boats, testing our defenses and trying to spark an incident that they can use for propaganda. Think back less than a year ago.

Like it or not, it’s pretty much an ordinary occurrence.
Written By: Wulf
I don’t know, the "You will explode..." voice sounds like something a scout leader would use to scare kids at camp. On top of that, it’s awfully loud compared to all the other sounds in the recording. Not that such a thing is impossible, but it’s a little suspicious.

Maybe the Iranian speaker can’t help but sound a little campy when he’s trying to threaten in English, and maybe the volume was turned way up on the speakers, but it’s not beyond belief to suggest that all or part of the recording is not what it appears to be.

Either way, I agree with Wulf that sending speedboats at our warships is probably a regular event intended to provoke a response that Iran can use for propaganda.
Written By: Schneeble
URL: http://
I’d note thatt he whole thing is a"photoshop" the speed boats are from a Miami speed boat race, super-imposed on stock footage of Navy vessels steaming, with the obvious voice-over of Cameron Diaz playing the role of the "Iranian" Voice....I’m with Schneeble, who you gonna believe, Iran of the US Navy, and I know who I believe.
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
Well, I guess that means it would have been safe to blow up the boats then. ;-)
Written By: Synova
Well I was thinking of showing up at Cameron Diaz’s place and inviting her to lunch/dinner and plying her with alcohol until she confessed, but the D@mn EPO/TRO prevents me from getting closer than 200 metres! Oh how crafty the BFEE is.....
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
That’s what warning shots are for...
Written By: Keith_Indy
That’s what warning shots are for...
What to warn off Iranian speed boats or the stalkers of Cameron Diaz?
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
Point taken.

And those warning shots probably work either way.
Written By: Schneeble
URL: http://
The audio tape is even less convincing, mainly because the person speaking doesn’t have an Iranian accent and moreover, sounds more like Boris Karloff in a horror movie than a sailor in the elite branch of Iran’s military.
Some how this reminds me of a (old) George Will piece about national parks.
Vistors noted these elements of a paradox ..
1) almost all Civil War battles were at national parks
2) there weren’t any bullet holes in any of the monuments at the parks
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
Neo - As a kid I just figured the National Parks department was very very good at patching the holes.
As an adult I realize it’s because the soldiers were very careful not to take cover behind the monuments presumably out of respect (to themselves).

Written By: looker
URL: http://
It looks like the Navy’s story is starting to fall apart. Ya gotta be skeptical of big government claims, especially military claims. We don’t want another Gulf of Tonkin disaster!
Written By: Scott Erb
New info...
The U.S. Navy said Friday that one of its ships fired warning shots at a small Iranian boat in the Strait of Hormuz in December during one of two serious encounters that month.
I would no longer file it under an "ordinary occurrence", exactly, but Ralph Peters’ comment about the USN losing its nerve was so much BS.
Written By: Wulf

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