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Stray Voltage
Posted by: mcq on Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Random stuff that caught my attention.

First let's dispense with the Diebold theories.

Then we need an explanation of the dismal performance of the polls as they pertain to Clinton and Obama.

MoDo asks if Clinton is going to cry herself to the White House. It's MoDo - what do you expect?

And Jesse Jackson Jr., Obama's national campaign co-chair says her tears were fake. It's JJJr - what do you expect?

The woman who asked the question that brought the tears seemed to feel they were genuine. Of course she went on to vote for Obama.

A state appeals court in California refused today to revive a ban on handgun possession in San Francisco saying it conflicted with state law? State law? How about the 2nd Amendment? Oh, yeah, that too.

SCOTUS blog says it seemed the SC Justices went out of their way today either to "scuttle a major test case over voters’ rights" or "to soften the impact of a tough state requirement for a photo ID before a voter may cast a ballot at the polls."

Rasmussen says 80% believe voters should produce photo IDs to vote.

Speaking of third parties, 52% of New Yorkers think Mayor Michael Bloomberg would make a good president, but only 34% would vote for him. Uh, if he's a 3rd party candidate, that ain't bad.

A new scientific study has documented immediate improvement in Alzheimer’s disease within minutes of administration of a therapeutic molecule.

And on the energy front - Got oil? Yeah, but it costs a hundred bucks a barrel. China's solution? More coal please.
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As we all know, polls track with complete uniformity with the actual vote count, so you can chalk up the Beasts win to the VRWC’s desire to run against her and not the magic negro.
Written By: McLovin
URL: http://
Oh, yeah. Bloomberg can get 34% of New Yorkers’ vote. Is that NYC or the state? In any case, it’s not enough to win the presidency, although if each other candidate got 33% in the state it might throw a tight race into the House. Did anyone bother to ask how many non-New Yorkers would vote for him? Why, in Chicago and Illinois it might rise all the way to 1%. I’ll bet he’d be big in Kansas and Wyoming, too. Mississippi, anyone?

What, exactly, is this idiot factoid supposed to prove? That Bloomberg’s head is as big as his fortune and having the backing of 34% of New Yorkers is worth spending half a billion dollars of his own money to finish third? I thought he was a hard-headed businessman. Maybe he is. Maybe his head is as thick as a brick. Sheesh.
Written By: JorgXMcKie
URL: http://
So some on the left are claiming the disparity between the polls and the results proves election fraud. And this is just for Democrats running against each other. Maybe Jonah Goldberg was right about what would happen should Obama get the Dem nomination but lose the general election...
Written By: Steverino
URL: http://

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