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Kos wants to have "fun" in Michigan
Posted by: McQ on Friday, January 11, 2008

Yes, while he'd be death on any Republicans trying to pull this sort of nonsense, when it comes to Democrat dirty tricks designed to skew an election, well, it's just good fun (and besides, Republicans did it 36 years ago):
In 1972, Republican voters in Michigan decided to make a little mischief, crossing over to vote in the open Democratic primary and voting for segregationist Democrat George Wallace, seriously embarrassing the state's Democrats. In fact, a third of the voters in the Democratic primary were Republican crossover votes. In 1988, Republican voters again crossed over, helping Jesse Jackson win the Democratic primary, helping rack up big margins for Jackson in Republican precincts. (Michigan Republicans can clearly be counted on to practice the worst of racial politics.) In 1998, Republicans helped Jack Kevorkian's lawyer — quack Geoffrey Feiger — win his Democratic primary, thus guaranteeing their hold on the governor's mansion that year.

With a history of meddling in our primaries, why don't we try and return the favor. Next Tuesday, January 15th, Michigan will hold its primary. Michigan Democrats should vote for Mitt Romney, because if Mitt wins, Democrats win.
He goes on to explain how if Mitt wins he stays in. And if he stays in more Reps will be trashing each other (and spending money) and that's all good for Dems (who are instead engaged in racial and gender politics).
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Mitt winning would be bad for Fred Thompson mostly. He needs Mitt to lose and drop out, and then he(Fred) needs to beat McCain and win SC.

However, I really don’t see Kos being able to get enough people to follow his lead in 4 days.
Written By: ChrisB
URL: http://
In 1988, Republican voters again crossed over, helping Jesse Jackson win the Democratic primary, helping rack up big margins for Jackson in Republican precincts. (Michigan Republicans can clearly be counted on to practice the worst of racial politics.)
So, voting for Jesse Jackson was practicing the worst of racial politics? How so?

For what it’s worth, even if 1/3 of Wallace’s votes were from Republicans, it doesn’t matter. Without any Republicans voting for him, Wallace still would have won Michigan handily. I guess the other 2/3 of Wallace’s votes were from Democrats not practicing the worst of racial politics?

Written By: Steverino
URL: http://
*SIGH** such children we’re dealing with.

Even if Romney wins MI, it won’t impact as much as the winners of SC and FL.

Besides, Clinton-Obama are in bloodsport. The GOP is minor skirmishes by comparison.
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Markos is a serious campaign contributor to the democratic party, even hosting his own yearly forum and grass-roots political organization for prospective Democratic party members. He represents the new mainstream of the Democratic Party. This story should be covered by the MSM, and have Kos called into account for this childish stunt.
Written By: Jimmy the Dhimmi
You call this dirty tricks? Heck, encouraging such strategic crossover voting is common and rarely works — most people aren’t willing to use their vote that way. But a dirty trick? Not even close. Machiavellian perhaps, but quite common in both parties.
Written By: Scott Erb
I’m sure Democratic Campaigner consider voter fraud as strategic as well.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
Wow. Twelve hairy women in a van going to the polls. Good times.
Written By: Rob
URL: http://
Michigan doesn’t get to send any delegates because the DNC won’t let them for having moved up their primary (how democratic of them to deny democracy to Michigan Democrats!), so there’s a good chance few Dems would be out voting anyway. Not too many read the Daily Kos (who were too big of cowards to let me sign up to leave comments), so the idea won’t have much impact anyway. Personally, he should have said to vote for Ron Paul — that would have really screwed up the GOP race!
Written By: Troy Camplin

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