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Is this the signal the rest of the media has been waiting for on Fred Thompson?
Posted by: Billy Hollis on Saturday, January 12, 2008

The New York Times is used as a reference point for many in the mainstream media. That's even more true of TV than of print journalism. (I recognize that despite my own distaste for them.)

So that makes this article on Fred Thompson more important than it might first appear. I believe there are journalists who will regard this as a signal to cover Fred more seriously.

As I've said too many times before, I have no idea how this race is going to turn out, but I hope Fred does well. I don't subscribe to the "Candidate X has to do well in location Y or all is lost, lost, lost!" school of campaign reporting, but South Carolina is important to Fred. It's as close to home territory as he'll get in the early primaries. So he needs to do well there.

The signals are not too bad. Apparently his campaign events were so crowded they had to turn some people away. I've never seen such a clear consensus on who the media thought won a presidential candidate debate as the one this past week in which Fred dominated.

I don't think Huckabee helped his case after Fred went after by coming back with a laxative joke. It emphasizes the differences between the two men, and not in a way very complementary to Huckabee.

Full disclosure: I sent some money to Fred, and he's the first person in the GOP I've sent money to in over twenty years. My gut feel still says the odds are against him, but oh, how I want to believe that he could prevail against: a moderate-to-liberal NorthEast mayor, a Senator who doesn't believe in freedom of speech or control of a country's borders, a Southern governor whose politics are closer to John Edwards than Ronald Reagan, and a Northeast governor that I can't say anything about because I don't know what he really believes.
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The media goes wild over Iowa and New Hampshire, but neither are actually party primaries. I won’t make any judgment on who is winning until I see several states results that have Republicans only voting for Republican candidates and the same for Democrats. I also sent money to Fred and will to Rudy too, because I want to see a real debate of the issues and maybe even a brokered convention.
Written By: amr
URL: http://
The man has no chance. This says nothing about my opinions of him, because I don’t really have much opinion of him. You’re grasping at straws, though. Sorry. The deadline for dark horses to break out has passed, and the polls have no movement. He’s toast.
Written By: glasnost
URL: http://

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