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You know you’re in the South ...
Posted by: McQ on Friday, January 18, 2008

When you get questions like this one addressed to Fred Thompson at the Stable Steakhouse in Prosperity, South Carolina:
Thompson: Yes, sir.

Man: Fred, I drove over 500 miles to see you.

Thompson: Bless your heart. Let's give this man a hand. (Applause, cheers)

Man: I came over Finch Mountain in a snowstorm. (Pause) May I call you Fred?

Thompson: Absolutely.

Man: That's okay until January and I can call you Mr. President. (Laughter, more applause). Now, I've got a question.

Thompson: Yes sir.

Man: (Pause) I'm looking for a tall man who will stand tall for America. (Pause.) Who will cut the ears off of earmarks! (Pause.) Stop dead illegal immigration! (Pause.) And pull the teeth of activist judges...

Thompson: Yep.

Man: ... who take your house to build 7-Eleven! (Pause, then louder) And I want to know if you've got a Jim Bowie knife and a good strong pair (pause) of Channellock pliers! (Laughter, even more applause, calls of "That's right!" and "Hear, hear!")
And Fred's answer?
"Did you ever see the movie 'Walking Tall'?" he said, referring to the 1973 action flick about Buford Pusser, a Tennessee sheriff who single-handedly rid his town of crime and corruption. "You know the ax handle that old Buford used to carry? I got me one of them. I knew Buford Pusser. His daughter gave me one of those ax handles and I still got it. I thought about it many, many times. There's a lot you can do with that."
Home sweet home - it'll be interesting to see how it comes out tomorrow night.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I like Fred.

When I do quizes I always come up Romney but I think that may be because Romney is telling me what I want to hear. (Or the quiz writers are psycho.)

I like Fred.

I still like Giuliani, too.

But I’d really *really* like to see Fred debate Obama.
Written By: Synova
he’s still a distant 3rd-4th in the polls, can he actually win?
Written By: ChrisB
URL: http://

Interesting point that I hadn’t considered previously, but the early states may be able to pick and choose which delegates to send instead of sending proportionally. Whether or not they would do such a thing is open to interpretation.

Written By: Uncle Pinky
URL: http://
Just as Democrats tend to be hurt when they nominate an East coast liberal (like Kerry, or maybe Hillary if she’s gets too associated with New York), the GOP will be hurt if it nominates someone too southern. We in the north tend to think of the deep south in the same way southerns think about the north east — it’s just a different mentality. I mean, here in Maine we have two GOP Senators, they are both pro-choice, and generally moderate to liberal on social issues. People call me leftist here, but I voted for Olympia Snowe. Go to the deep south, and you find a lot of pro-life Democrats who are conservative on social issues.

The opposite is also true — a credible Southerner can help the Democrats, an East Coast Republican can help the GOP. Otherwise, I suppose anything from North Dakota down to Texas and then westward works either way.

I think Thompson’s only chance is to hang around and hope he emerges as a compromise alternative if Romney, McCain, Huckabee and Guiliani create no clear winner during the primaries. Even then, the fact he hasn’t been able to win votes would make that a real gamble in a Presidential contest. Of course Olympia Snowe or Condi Rice might even get my vote...
Written By: Scott Erb

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