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Why the left wants Mike Huckabee
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mike Huckabee told the voters of South Carolina that it was no one's business but theirs if the Confederate flag was flown there. I actually agree with him.

But, given that, you have to wonder, or at least I do, why the left hasn't really started attacking Mike Huckabee. He's a front runner and the potential nominee.

Let me be clear up front - I am not a fan of Mike Huckabee's, and I've pointed out why on a few posts about him (the most recent being his statement "what we need to do is to amend the Constitution so it's in God's standards rather than try to change God's standards"). I've not changed my mind, pretty much agreeing with the points Billy Hollis made in his open letter to the GOP.

But come on, his riff alone about the Confederate flag is something the left would usually attack rabidly. Instead I get the feeling it is something which is instead being noted, acknowledged and filed away.


Well, as I've mentioned, the left and the Democrats see Huckabee - no matter how skilled he is at oratory, or charming and glib, or how well Republicans accept/tolerate him - is their dream candidate for the Republican nomination.

For one, he's a preacher - a Southern Baptist preacher. For the secular left constituency, that's a theocrat in waiting. Especially when he plops out statements like I highlighted above.

Secondly he's a Republican from a Southern state. For the Democratic base that makes him an automatic racist.

Tell me that isn't a combination from lefty heaven.

And if you don't believe me, read this.

So, how are they going to put the "racist" tag on Huckabee?

Well here's the plan:
Indeed, well before he was a nationally known political star, Huckabee nurtured a relationship with America's largest white supremacist group, the Council of Conservative Citizens. The extent of Huckabee's interaction with the racist group is unclear, but this much is known: he accepted an invitation to speak at the group's annual conference in 1993 and ultimately delivered a videotaped address that was "extremely well received by the audience."

Descended from the White Citizens Councils that battled integration in the Jim Crow South, including at Arkansas' Little Rock High School, the Council (or CofCC) has been designated a "hate group" by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

In its "Statement of Principles," the CofCC declares, "We also oppose all efforts to mix the races of mankind, to promote non-white races over the European-American people through so-called "affirmative action" and similar measures, to destroy or denigrate the European-American heritage, including the heritage of the Southern people, and to force the integration of the races."
Before we look at the group mentioned above, though, you have to remember that Huckabee was the governor of Arkansas. And as governer, he did things such as this:
This annual event is a celebration of three different memorials: Arkansas Confederate History and Heritage Month (as proclaimed by Governor Mike Huckabee); Confederate Memorial Day; and Confederate Flag Day.
That's an automatic "he's a racist" to the left (well except when Bill Clinton did such things and then, it was just "tradition").

But with that bit of background, we're off to see the Council of Conservative Citizens.

Now, if you were a Republican governor and received an invitation to speak from a rather obscure group that called itself the Council of Conservative Citizens, you might think they were actually what they called themselves. And while you might be wrong, it is certainly a reasonable surmisal.

Except if you're running for President, are a Republican and a Baptist preacher to boot. Then it's obvious you went because you're a racist and a friend of these types of groups.

But according to the CoCC's blog, not so much. From the Council of Concerned Citizens blog (headlined with birthday wishes for Robert E Lee and adverts for Confederate battle flags) someone who calls himself "Unreconstructed Southerner" says this:
McCain’s immigration stance and vicious attacks on the Confederate flag may leave him reaping a bitter harvest on election night as Huckabee, no friend of ours or any true conservative, is now pledging a hard crackdown on illegal immigration and is defending the Confederate flag in emphatic language. While I’d not hold my breath for Huckabee to keep his promises, it might prove the difference in victory or defeat on Saturday night.
Now it may seem odd to see this crew pulling for Huckabee while calling him "no friend of ours" but apparently they see McCain as a bigger threat than Huckabee. Enemy of my enemy is my friend ... at least today. Reading through other entries about Huckabee, it certainly seems to be a temporary truce until McCain is out of the way.

But I don't think that will matter much to the left, because, you see, in 1993, Huckabee addressed this group.

I then took a look at the "statement of principles" from the group as spelled out by Sam Francis, Ph.D. It is there where you find the fun stuff. Like this:
(1) We believe the United States is a Christian country. We believe that the United States of America is a Christian country, that its people are a Christian people, and that its government and public leaders at all levels must reflect Christian beliefs and values ...
Can you feel the temperature going up on the left? Is this some perfect stuff for them or what? But just wait, we haven't even see the best yet. On to number 2:
(2) We believe the United States is a European country and that Americans are part of the European people. We believe that the United States derives from and is an integral part of European civilization and the European people and that the American people and government should remain European in their composition and character. We therefore oppose the massive immigration of non-European and non-Western peoples into the United States that threatens to transform our nation into a non-European majority in our lifetime. We believe that illegal immigration must be stopped, if necessary by military force and placing troops on our national borders; that illegal aliens must be returned to their own countries; and that legal immigration must be severely restricted or halted through appropriate changes in our laws and policies. We also oppose all efforts to mix the races of mankind, to promote non-white races over the European-American people through so-called “affirmative action” and similar measures, to destroy or denigrate the European-American heritage, including the heritage of the Southern people, and to force the integration of the races.
After 1 and 2, the list of principles reads like a typical conservative's wet dream. However, because of 1 and 2, it's a typical liberal's wet dream. Uh did I mention, Mike Huckabee once spoke to them. In 1993.

I mean, what more does a good lefty need? Break out the identity politics tactical manual and let the campaign of personal destruction begin.

Yes friends, Huckabee provides the biggest and best target liberals and Democrats could hope for and, unlike the CoCC, they'll be pulling for him to win the nomination. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if they even cast a few primary votes for the man in anticipation of the general election.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I think the left underestimates Huckabee at their own peril, this was the same kind of talk when Reagan was running in 1980. IF Huckabee is able to win the nomination, I think that shows he has the political skills to make a run for it in November, especially if the Democrats choose Clinton. But the "IF" is key; for Huckabee to win, he’ll have to prove very politically nimble.
Written By: Scott Erb
The "rewrite the Constitution" speech is enough to hang him out to dry. Plus the rapist he helped procure a get out of jail card...I doubt they need to make much out of this.

But face it, every GOP candidate is easily attackable by the left.
Romney will get back every flip flop charge made against Kerry, plus be painted as a racist because he’s a Mormon, and finally voters will be reminded that if they want a real liberal, shouldn’t they be voting for a Democrat?

Giuliani will be shredded for his personal life, his dubious staff picks, and his apparent power grabs while mayor.

McCain will discover that he intends to send the entire US military to Iraq and keep it there for the rest of the century. And, especially if Clinton is the Democratic nominee, a way will be found to remind conservative voters about his ventures into immigration reform and election regulation. (Don’t you think Clinton would have no problem attacking him for being not conservative enough, even as she panders to the crowd that thinks he stuck too much to the conservative side of the matter?)

Thompson is probably the least attackable, but the SC early returns are not favorable at all (writing at 7:41 EST).
Written By: kishnevi
URL: http://
The media wants Huckaclinton or McCain to be the candidate the same way I wanted Sharpton to be the Dem candidate. I even voted for him in the primary.(I was one of the proud 3% he got in VA.) He is an easy target.
Written By: Cargosquid
One of my cafe friends is a schoolteacher and a typical Bay Area liberal. He is charmed by Huckabee’s personal warmth and finds Huckabee’s populist politics palatable. He believes that Huckabee is the only Republican candidate who could defeat Hillary or Obama. My friend was relieved when I told him that Huckabee is unlikely to win the Republican nomination.

The media and savvy Democrats may desire Huckabee as a great Republican candidate to attack, but I believe that many liberal Democrats genuinely like Huckabee. They can look past his evangelical credentials to see a candidate with similar liberal values. And correctly so.
Written By: huxley
URL: http://
First, let me share the facts:

**Democrat CFR member Candidates:**
Barack Obama: Also, his wife Michelle Obama is on the Board of Directors in the Chicago branch of the CFR.
Hillary Clinton
John Edwards
Chris Dodd
Bill Richardson

**Republican CFR member Candidates:**
Mitt Romney
Rudy Giuliani
John McCain
Fred Thompson
Newt Gingrich
Mike Huckabee: Huckabee is not a CFR member, though he named Richard Haas, president of the CFR, as his adviser on foreign policy. On Feb. 21, 2006, Hass wrote a column for the Taipei (China) Times titled, "State Sovereignty Must Be Altered in Globalized Era." This is an explicit solicitation for global government. Here is the article —

So what is the "CFR" anyway?

The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is David Rockefeller’s private thinktank. This group has nothing to do with our government since it is entirely private. This group is pro-war and pro-North American Union (loss of American sovereignty and loss of Constitutional protections). You can read more about this group at —

Here’s a short video of a discussion between Dick Cheney (ex-director of CFR) and David Rockefeller, which reveals their close-knit ties —
Written By: Brooks
URL: http://
First, let me share the facts:
Those are not facts.

Maybe if you paint that tinfoil hat black it will look like a bowler?
Written By: Captin_Sarcastic
URL: http://

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