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Bill Clinton and Ronald Reagan [UPDATE]
Posted by: Jon Henke on Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Clinton's (and much of the Leftosphere) recently excoriated Barack Obama for saying some nice things about Ronald Reagan, so E.J. Dionne responded with an article pointing out that Bill Clinton had also said some nice things about Reagan in 1991. Everybody involved is quite upset about the whole thing. So let's pile on with a few more Bill Clinton quotes, these from 1998...
The only thing that could make this day more special is if President Reagan could be here himself. But if you look at this atrium, I think we feel the essence of his presence: his unflagging optimism, his proud patriotism, his unabashed faith in the American people. I think every American who walks through this incredible space and lifts his or her eyes to the sky will feel that.
Since President Reagan left office, the freedom and opportunity for which he stood have continued to spread. [...] Today, we recall President Reagan's resolve to fight for freedom and his understanding that American leadership in the world remains indispensable. It is fitting that a piece of the Berlin Wall is in this building. America's resolve and American ideals so clearly articulated by Ronald Reagan helped to bring that wall down.
President Reagan understood so clearly that America could not stand passively in the face of great change. He understood we had to embrace the obligations of leadership to build a better future for all. […] This is a great day for our country. This is a day of honoring the legacy of President Reagan ...

As I stand within the Reagan Building I am confident that we will again make the right choices for America, that we will take up where President Reagan left off — to lead freedom's march boldly into the 21st century.
That sort of thing just isn't tolerated any longer.

Here's an important lesson about the new Progressive movement in the Democratic Party: ideology is important, but partisanship is their highest value. Disagree about policy, but never enable Republicans and never affirm their frames. That's why pro-Iraq war Democrats are generally tolerated, but Joe Leiberman - who defended Bush and criticized Democrats - was primaried and demonized. To some extent, it's a lesson they learned from the Right. Though, the Right, in turn, learned it from the Left, etc, ad nauseam, ad infinitum.

Incidentally, Clinton seems to have gotten that memo: in 2004, according to Clinton's own Clinton Foundation transcript, Bill Clinton was blaming "the Republican Reich" (!?!?) for the polarizing and "intensely personal" attacks against President Bush by people like...Michael Moore.

UPDATE: Here is the "Republican Reich" section from the Clinton Foundation transcript...

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Previous Comments to this Post 

I’m really, really hoping that that was a transcription error.

Every time I think that the depths of Clintonland have been plumbed there’s just something else. He’s like the Kaiser Soze of sleaze. I want to talk to Chris Wallace and ask him, straight up, "When Bill poked your clipboard, could you smell the scotch fumes? No more ’gentleman’s agreement’ with the press, was he lit? ’Cause he sure looked it."

Not sure if a yes or a no would make make any difference, but I’d like to get the answer.
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