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From here the Clintons seem to be doing business as usual
Posted by: McQ on Friday, February 15, 2008

Ezra Klein has his boxers in a bunch over the Clinton campaign's declaration that it plans to get whatever delegates it needs to win by any means necessary.
This demonstrates not only a gross ruthlessness on the part of Clinton's campaign, but an astonishingly cavalier attitude towards the preservation of the progressive coalition. To be willing to blithely rip it to shreds in order to wrest a nomination that's not been fairly earned is not only low, but a demonstration of deeply pernicious priorities — namely, it's an explicit statement that the campaign puts its own political success above the health of the party and the pursuit of progressive goals, and one can't but help assume that's exactly the attitude they would take towards governance, too.
The one positive out of this primary season will be far fewer apologists and defenders of the Clintons on the left - even if Hillary wins. Especially if Hillary wins.

The irony is Klein not only describes the Clintons quite well, but also the behavior of the Democratic party on the issue of Iraq where it clearly put the success of the party above that of the nation's best interest. Who can forget the cynical Harry Reid's, "We're going to pick up Senate seats as a result of this war."
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Previous Comments to this Post 

You’ve got it all wrong: they’ll have plenty of defenders, so long as they win in November. You see, you have to understand people’s hierarchies of loyalty. To a partisan (of any party), party comes before anything else, and winning strengthens the party. On the other hand, if Hillary takes the nomination and loses in the general election, no power on Earth can save their reputations from there on out.
Written By: Jeff Medcalf
Any loss, either the nomination or November, will spell the end of the Clinton dynasty in the Democratic Party.

All the "bad will" generated by Bill and Hiliary, especially that generated just before "Super Tuesday", has doomed their reputation, most especially with the Black community, if they can’t deliver on some plum jobs after November.

I think there is a real delight by those on the Right, who had to bear the crap of Bill Clinton’s Administration, to see the Clinton’s former defenders on the Left saying exactly what was said by the Right some 10 or 12 years ago.

Bill and Hiliary have done more damage to themselves during this campaign than was ever hoped would be done with the Impeachment of Bill Clinton. And that is saying a lot.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
They build the monster, then lament the fact it destroys the countryside. Cue weeping and sorrow. So funny.

OTOH, this will all go away when Hill delivers said plum jobs. Grumbling, yes, but the handouts will come early and often to silence the critics. It’s the Clinton Way. And it is that way cause it works.
Written By: Rob
URL: http://
", it’s an explicit statement that the campaign puts its own political success above the health of the party and the pursuit of progressive goals, and one can’t but help assume that’s exactly the attitude they would take towards governance, too."

Someone is JUST NOW figuring this out after what we have been saying for 16 years????

All I can say is welcome to the vast right wing conspiracy.

Written By: retired military
URL: http://

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