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New Clinton Website argues for seating MI and FL delegates
Posted by: McQ on Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thinly disguised as a website to deal with the facts and myths about the race for delegates among Democratic nominees, the Pro-Clinton "Delegate Hub" argues for the seating of the Michigan and Florida delegations:
FACT: Florida and Michigan should count, both in the interest of fundamental fairness and honoring the spirit of the Democrats' 50-state strategy.

An important part of the debate over delegates is the role of Florida and Michigan. Hillary Clinton believes that the voices of 600,000 Michigan primary voters and 1.75 million Florida primary voters should be heard at the Democratic convention. [less]

In the 2004 presidential race, the turnout in Michigan was only a quarter of what it was this year - and the 2004 turnout in Florida was less than half of what it was this year. With such dramatically increased turnout, Hillary won those two states and she did it with all candidates on an equal footing. In Florida, all presidential candidates were on the primary ballot and all followed the rules (except for Sen. Obama who broke the rules by running television ads in violation of his pledge to the early states and to the other presidential candidates). In Michigan, Sen. Obama voluntarily withdrew his name from the primary ballot to curry favor with Iowa. He was under no obligation to do so. However, his supporters organized a substantial vote for 'uncommitted' on the ballot, thus he is represented in the delegation. Hillary Clinton obeyed all the rules in Florida and Michigan and came out ahead. She had no intrinsic advantage over her opponents other than the will of the voters. The voters of Florida and Michigan should be heard and the delegates from Florida and Michigan should count.
So, since Hillary Clinton obeyed the rules and acknowledged that those rules exclude the delegates from FL and MI, she now wants them seated because, you know, its only fair. And being fair is much more important than obeying rules, especially if the rules preclude you from attaining your desired goal.
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except for Sen. Obama who broke the rules by running television ads in violation of his pledge
Broke WHAT rules? his ’pledge’ rules?
This whole circus has no real rules, I think that’s fairly obvious to everyone by now.
She wouldn’t even be talking about Ohio and Texas if super Tuesday had gone according to scripture, and certainly wouldn’t be worrying about Florida and Minnesota.

I enjoy watching her live up to absolutely every expectation I ever had for her.

Written By: looker
URL: http://
I really hope she’s able to jury rig the rules. I hope that the super delegates vote her in even though Obama is winning.

When that happens, Clinton will lose ALL of the Black vote.

That would suck.

For her.

Go Hillary! GOP for Hillary!
Written By: Cargosquid
I’m in agreement. SEAT MI AND FL!
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Hillary will be on the ticket in NOV. Anyone who counts her out obviously hasn been paying attention the last 15 years. She will be there by hook, crook, or 9mm.

She doesnt care if she has to tear the DNC apart she will be on that ticket. Let her burn her bridges and tear the DNC down around her head while she does so. Pass the marshmellows.

Written By: retired military
URL: http://
[b]eing fair is much more important than obeying rules, especially if the rules preclude you from your desired goal.
If you put "fair" in quotes, that is a very accurate summation of the Democrats’ electoral strategy for the last decade plus. Remember substituting a new candidate for Senate in NJ at the last minute, when the previous candidate had become unelectable, because "voters should have a choice," and never mind the rules set down in advance?

Written By: Jeff Medcalf

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