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Winning Friends and Influencing People
Posted by: Dale Franks on Tuesday, March 11, 2008

So, you want to open up a gay summer camp, where those with alternate lifestyles are comfortable. You do all the requisite financial deals, find the property, etc.

So far, so good. Then you try to choose a name. The property is currently called the "Golden Valley Campground". But that's not good enough, is it? You need to choose a new name. Then, of course, you wonder why everyone in the local community gets so upset because you've chosen the name "Camp Lickalotta."

I've made this point before—uselessly—but why not try again? I think people in general are willing to tolerate homosexuality. What they won't tolerate is to have you gleefully rubbing their faces in it, because you think it's cute.

Ordinarily, you see, straight people don't name public places after what they do with their genitals. So, why do these people feel the need to do so? And, having done so, has it made achieving their goal more difficult, or less?

Apparently, it's more important for these people to irk the breeders, than to actually open their summer camp. Which gives us an enlightening glimpse of their priorities, I think.
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Do you really believe that people like Sally Kern would think differently if this facility were instead named "Camp Quiet Valley"?

There are still hotels that will not rent single-bed rooms to gay couples. There are still co-ops that reject gay couples as buyers. And don’t get me started on gay adoption, gay blood donors, the Boy Scouts — Etc. Etc. Etc.

Never underestimate the capacity of bigots to be bigots, no matter how hard gays try not to "rub anything in anybody’s face."
Written By: KipEsquire
Well, as far as cute names attached to ’aternative lifestyle" campgrounds goes, there’s the nudist place in Virginia, called "White Tail Park".... Or used to be...

Written By: Bithead
Never underestimate the capacity of bigots to be bigots...
Nope, wont do that.

Of course, gays are equally capable of bigotry. Their overwhelming hatred of the Boy Scouts is a fairly good example of that.
Written By: bains
URL: http://
Never underestimate the capacity of bigots to be bigots, no matter how hard gays try not to "rub anything in anybody’s face."
Well, there’ll always be hard-core bigots. It’s endemic to the human condition. So what? So, some people just have to be written off, no matter what you do. But, those aren’t really the people I’m talking about.

Why go out of your way to alienate the rest of the population as well?
Written By: Dale Franks
I am a bigot but not because I hate gays. I couldn’t care less about a persons sexual choices it is just that it is taught to children/young adults in school. It is on the TV every time I decide to watch a show. Judges and politicians make laws saying gays deserve more protection then me. It is shoved down my throat.

Yea, I tend to rebel against things that are forced on me. The thing I can not but help thinking when reading your post (as said above) is the boy scouts. If the gays can make a camp then why can’t the straights?
Written By: SkyWatch
URL: http://
My liberal nephew told me this story about a gay student that was beat up at this high school.

The story ended with few people, including him, being very upset that this guy was beat up.

Seems he was bragging about his gay exploits ad nuseaum.

My nephew said .. "just like everybody hates a guy who brags about his sexual exploits, everybody hated hearing about this guys gay sexual exploits, so nobody felt bad that he got beat up."
Written By: Neo
URL: http:// blood donors...

Never underestimate the capacity of bigots to be bigots...
Nevermind that, at least in the US, HIV still remains much more prevalent in the gay community than the community at large. Nevermind that the almost the only vectors for HIV transmission in the non-gay community are shared needles, sex with someone who is gay, or an infected blood transfusion. Nevermind that early stages of HIV are not always detectable in the samples tested in donated blood. Nevermind that if you receive a blood donation that is HIV infected, you likely will become HIV infected. If you want to reduce the possibility of transmitting HIV through blood transfers, you are a bigot.
Written By: Loren
URL: http://
This is off-topic but Lorens comment gave me the opening to say something which I have been wanting to say for awhile regarding socialist health care.

If we can mandate people to eat less, drink less or smoke less because it will increase the cost and treatment of health care then can we not also ban gay sex? Not being gay but having gay sex since it would increase health care costs. Could a employer ask if you smoke or have gay sex before giving you a job?

Just asking.
Written By: SkyWatch
URL: http://

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