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How do they figure they can get away with this?
Posted by: McQ on Monday, March 17, 2008

I'm still stunned at times by the arrogance that has to exist for someone to think they can get away with this sort of a thing:
A former aide to James E. McGreevey said today that he had three-way sexual trysts with the former governor and his wife before he took office, challenging Dina Matos McGreevey's assertion that she was naive about her husband's sexual exploits.


[Theodore] Pedersen described the encounters during an interview with The Star-Ledger. He said he wanted to refute the innocent image that Matos McGreevey has projected - both during the couple's ongoing divorce battle and in interviews she gave after New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer resigned last week in a sex scandal. He said he was also incensed by her portrayal of herself as an unsuspecting wife in her book: "Silent Partner: A Memoir of My Marriage."

"I wanted to get this out now because it was so offensive to me that she goes on television playing the victim," Pedersen said. "She's trying to make this a payday for herself. She should have told the truth about the three of us."
Matos McGreevey has been all over TV talking about how she was an innocent victim of her husband's infidelity just as Silda Spitzer is a victim of hers, etc. She's written a book about it, and, it has become a real payday for her.

Did she really believe this would never come out? Substantiation is fairly easy - it only has to be confirmed by James McGreevey.

Anyone, how in the world did she think, assuming this is all true, that she could continue to ride the horse of innocence and victimhood without the sordid details finding light (especially in today's media culture)?
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I’m shocked - shocked! - that this so-called "Free Market" blog has nary a word about the Bear Sterns bailout. Okay, maybe I’m not, the intellectual dishonesty of this site is a matter of public record.
Written By: Pedro the Illegal
URL: http://
Dale covered the problems with Bear Sterns here.

What we normally do is let the author who brings a subject up, cover any follow up. Dale, however is unable to do so immediately.

So, while I appreciate your mock shock, it is misplaced.
Okay, maybe I’m not, the intellectual dishonesty of this site is a matter of public record.
Coming from a drive-by commenter who knows little to nothing about this site, that points to a certainty that the opposite is most likely true.

Now, if you have anything further to contribute, please stick with the subject of the post.
Written By: McQ
A matter of public record?

Where are such "facts" put on record, exactly?

Written By: shark
URL: http://
It seems she has managed to make a lot of money, and we don’t know who’s story is true, so everyone is trying to get a piece of the action with their own particular stories, and since there is no clear proof since it’s all different people’s stories, they’ll all get away with it. It’s the American way.
Written By: Scott Erb
they’ll all get away with it. It’s the American way.
Indeed. The proof of that pudding is in your tenure, Boris.
Written By: Martin McPhillips
Martin, was that really called for?
Written By: Jody
Actually, Yes, Jody, it was. It’s called ’the truth".


Well, thnk about what happened, back then, Bruce. There was a serious scandal brewing. My read at the time was that they sat down and decided that the best way to retain the Govenor’s spot in New Jersey, for their party, was to dirvet attention from the crimes of Mc­Greevey and the Democrats, by releasing the info that Mc­Greevey is a homosexual, and had an affair. Muddy the water. Arrange for Mc­Greevey to resign AFTER the election, thus keeping the Governor’s job in Democrat party hands until the three years from now… by which time, the electorate won’t remember how dirty all the Democrats surrounding Mc­Greevey were. Now, since it’s easy in this environment to paint homosexuals as ’victims’, nobody was in a position to question it.

And but for the third party in these reported trhee-ways, they’d have gotten away with it, too. Still might.

But note what happens, here;After years of McGreevey being painted the victim, now the wife is playing the same "I’m a VICTIM" card, in the resulting divorce case.

The upshot of all of this, of course is that the whole thing is revealed as the sham I labeled it at the time, back in 2004. Nice to be proven correct, albeit four years later.
Written By: Bithead
Given that this is a he-said she-said, I’m a bit slow to believe the word of somebody who also lived the lie.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
Search Google News, McGreevey just confirmed the story.
Written By: Sean
URL: http://
Not only that, it meshes better with the events, than the story they told at the time. Of course, now they’ve got a Democrat in the state house, and don’t have to worry, anymore.

As I indicated.

Written By: Bithead

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