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Tough Luv - Kos style
Posted by: McQ on Monday, March 17, 2008

I swear, it is fun to read that blog at times. Between the strike and some of the off-the-wall diarists it's amazingly entertaining.

Take this guy for instance:
It has been almost a hundred-fifty years since the United States has fought a war on its own soil, and in that one America invaded and fought itself. It only took one incredibly destructive Civil War to make the United States realize that - oh well - this is really not an activity in which one wants to engage in one’s homeland - better to do it in someone else’s country.
OK ... makes sense to me. Why fight here and mess up the place if you can do it elsewhere and mess up theirs?

Oh, here's why:
That way the wars are not nearly as objectionable, and if there is no draft, it is even less objectionable, and if you hire a mercenary army, it’s almost acceptable. It really allows the United States to engage in far more conflicts because Americans haven’t had to endure those awful visions, unceasing memories and endless nightmares of swollen and rotting bodies, of discovering the broken bodies of children buried under tons of concrete, of identifying the remains of their friends and family, of standing in the rubble of what was once a home, of living in fear every minute of every day, of the destruction of an entire culture, of the theft and destruction of national treasures, and of finding their child’s bloody, shrapnel-shredded body lying in the street. Americans have been protected from this by geography, and, currently, the media.


As a nation the United States no longer has the remotest idea about what it really feels like to be part of a war zone. Americans have lost the empathy that is necessary to make an informed, meaningful, compassionate decision about whether or not war should be waged.
So then how do we make wars more "objectionable" and ensure Americans have the proper empathy with which to make "informed, meaningful, compassionate decision about whether or not war should be waged?"

Of course (said with a simultaneous "I could have had a V8" headknock):
Unfortunately, America is at a point that to be able to really feel again, to regain that compassion, it needs to be invaded and occupied in the same way that we have invaded and occupied Iraq. Then there might be a greater chance that Americans will be more reluctant to accept the invasion of another country. Maybe seeing and feeling the same level of destruction that we have inflicted on Iraq, at least the American public will understand why invading another country is unconscionable except in the most dire circumstances - which means after that country has directly attacked the United States. And that has not happened since World War II.
Hey Kos, friendly advice - you might want to consider inviting the striking Clintonistas back if this is the best you have to offer now.
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America needs to be invaded and occupied in the same way that we have invaded and occupied Iraq. Then there might be a greater chance that Americans will be more reluctant to accept the invasion of another country.

This guy obviously doesn’t know anything about America or Americans. Or history.

Because our response would not be to become reluctant to invade other countries. Our response would be to demonstrate to the remaining part of the world that it’s a really really REALLY bad idea to attack the US.

The last time some other country attacked US soil, we unbottled liquid sunshine on two of their cities.

The time before that, when certain peoples persisted in attacking Americans, we took over their territory, destroyed their culture, gave them smallpox laden blankets, and herded them into zoos. Which is just about the only place they can be found today.
Written By: ray
URL: http://
Frankly, I think it’s a great idea.

Hopefully, the invaders will set up a true police state, so the lefties and see what one ACTUALLY looks like...
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
Every so often some of the regular commenters post comments which really you should just keep to yourself... any comment that you think a war would be a great idea is one such. (others are any which provide little more then name calling or insulting someone whom you consistently disagree with.)

And to show by example, this seems a more applicable comment -
1. let’s consider that last time I checked Hawaii was part of the US when it was attacked.

2. 9/11 occured on US Soil and was an act of war.

If this KOS idiot (anyone who thinks we should suffer the effects of war is an idiot by definition) so wants this then I take it that he’s totally in favor of the Patriot Act and other freedom limiting actions that governments take during war.... more importantly he needs to ship his family to a location which has experience war and still can’t avoid repeat wars - say Bosnia - WWII was fought on their soil yet they still seem to have no problem repeating war.

What is apparent is this poster is just dumber then the average american who recognizes quite well that war is hell and is more than happy to provide anyone who would like to institute such actions on US soil a clear demonstration of the damage on their home instead of on ours.

Anyone trying to invade here would find the real value of ’liberal’ gun ownership laws and free people. Actually they could just try invading Israel again for a good example.
Written By: BIllS
Actually they could just try invading Israel again for a good example.
Theres my response to the poster of this idiotic tirade. "Israel" They know war, yet still fight on.
Written By: josh b
URL: http://
1. let’s consider that last time I checked Hawaii was part of the US when it was attacked.
For that matter the Aleutian Islands, which are also part of the US, were attacked and physically occupied by Japanese troops during WWII. Ditto the Philippines. Way to do your research guys.
Written By: Jeff the Baptist
Way to do your research guys.
They did research! They listened to and read every screen by Coke Pink and the Loony Left they could find! That’s all the facts they need!

And really, you expect them to be bound by silly things like details and truth? This is the LEFT we’re talking about.
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
Look even if they’d done the research it would simply have pointed to the fact that WE DESERVED to be attacked by the Japanese because of....I don’t know, beating Mexico in 1848 or the way we handled the Native Americans.

Don’t you see? It’s all karma man! We deserved it! We’re evil! We must atone! Any karma sacrifice we made in WWII was obliterated by the liquid sun we dropped on those two poor, minding their own business, Japanese cities!
Not to mention clubbing the baby seals, raping the earth for oil, producing way too much CO2 and ELECTING GEORGE W. BUSH, TWICE!!!!!!

It’s all tied together man!

Kos would probably prefer it if only Red State cities could atone though, otherwise it might interfere with his network connection and further publication of his valueable thoughts to the unwashed.

Written By: looker
URL: http://
Another point; we have an entire class of Americans who know the costs of war intimately, our military heroes. They see the bodies and it horrifies them, and yet they continue. I am a Vietnam vet and I have frequent nightmares. I support the mission, as do most of the people we have engaged in combat operations around the world. We know the horrors of war but sometime a war is the only way we can protect our loved ones from the horrors we have witnessed ourselves. Kos’s original point is the point. I would rather fight them on their turf and spare my loved ones the horrors I have witnessed. I would much rather avoid war than engage in it, as would most Americans. Don’t attack Americans and we won’t kill you.
Written By: Paden Cash
URL: http://
Don’t attack Americans and we won’t kill you.
Pax Americana
Written By: SShiell
URL: http://
"America needs the tonic of a great moral adventure."

(Herbert Croly)

Some things never change.
Written By: Billy Beck
URL: http://www.two—

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