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Posted by: Jon Henke on Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ah, the joy of Comcast "support". Fortunately, our problem has been fixed tonight through another non-Comcast person's efforts - he had to call Comcast support 3 different times - but the story of our own interaction with Comcast is amusing. Well, it's amusing now, anyway.

Yesterday, our internet access at home was inexplicably out and nothing my wife or I did would fix it. Today, my wife called Comcast to get it fixed. After the phone support rep tried whatever it is they try from tech support, she gave my wife a reference number and told her she would be called back. Within 48 hours.

But - and here's the head-shaking part - the tech support rep told my wife that the people to whom she was sending the support problem frequently, perhaps even usually, don't call back. So we should call Comcast back 48 hours later to remind them about it. Oh, and this probably happened because we upgraded our cable service. Also, we're going to have to take back one of our two digital cable boxes because the upgrade we got isn't working on it.

Comcast, of course, seems to think this is perfectly normal and we should do all the legwork to fix it ourselves.

I'm not sure if the Comcast rep was just trying to warn us that Comcast sucks, or if this is just a typical "we'll get to you if we get around to it" Comcast practice, but it's quite consistent with many of my previous experiences with Comcast.

I suppose I should just be glad that some of our problem has been fixed with only a day or so of downtime. With any luck now, the other support department really will forget to call us back.


I'm not comforted to know that I'm not the only one Comcast treats badly.
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I ditched Comcast Braodband for DSL a year ago. When it works, it’s faster than DSL, but their modem is very glitchy and they don’t support any wireless gear you may attach unless you pay them an extra $50 a month.

I also had their local phone service which worked amazingly well, considering my internet boradband would be down often but I never noticed the phones being out.

Now I just use them for their core competencies, Comedy Central.
Written By: Captin sarcastic
URL: http://
God, and they just took over the local internet/cable provider...

I’m not looking forward to this...
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
I had time warner for awhile, and then Comcast took over for them. It was alright at first, a few more channels, a few bucks cheaper, but then my internet started degrading. I’d lose 25-50% of my packets, and couldn’t even load a lot of web pages like youtube, facebook, ect. I couldn’t even get a connection if I plugged my laptops directly to the modem, sans router. They came out to take a look and told me there was no problem.

So I switched to At&t Uverse. It’s cheaper, with a lot more channels (all of them in fact) and I’ve been happy so far.
Written By: ChrisB
URL: http://
Aside from digging out the ol’ 2400 baud modem from the closet, I have no options for Internet service other than Comcast. You can only imagine how excited I am about that.

I did dump them for TV, though, and DirecTV has been great to me (more channels + DVR service for the same price I was paying Comcast).

I suppose you’ve probably seen their ads trying to get you to switch to them for phone service too. I assume this is so that when they go down, you can’t call them to complain.
Written By: kevin r
URL: http://
When the wife and I bought our house last year we switched from Comcast cable and internet to Verizon DSL and DirecTV. Wouldn’t go back. Better service and it’s cheaper to boot.
Written By: Jeff the Baptist
I’ve had Comcast internet for years, and Customer Service is a pain. On the other hand, we rarely ever have to use it (maybe 5 times in 10 years). They will eventually get the problem solved, but you’ve got to be persistant.
Written By: Ted
Perhaps this will help:

AT&T Yahoo High speed internet "pro" —> total bill 29.32$/month. It is "naked" DSL, which means I don’t even have to have an active phone line account. Admittedly the bill is confusing: The service is billed as 55$/month but discounted 26$/month. I’ve had DSL for 9 months with zero problems or interruptions. The DSL modem even has built-in wireless, but you can piggyback your own router as well.

Here is the article I originally learned about it in:

Know what else is satisfying about it? Looking at the bottom of the bill and seeing this:
Federal .00
State and local .00
Total taxes .00
Though I should note there is a 33 cent sales tax.
Written By: ck
URL: http://
ck: But what’s your bandwidth? I’m a xbox 360 gamer, and I need me my bandwidth...
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
per CNET: 1231.5 kbps...probly not what a gamer would desire. However, there is the "elite" level for 8 bucks extra I think. I’d heard of people pushing the limit with CSRs if they’re not getting fully advertised bandwidth as well.
Written By: ck
URL: http://
Not being a gamer, and not being in the habit of downloading music (do you realize how many MBs it would require to download Matthaus Passion?), I have stuck to dial up; it serves my purpose, and when I do have a large file to download, I go to the local library, download it there, copy it to a CD and transfer to my computer that way.

But if I ever upgrade, it will be to AT&T (the only alternative in my area). I decided that after Hurricane Wilma, because of the downtimes:
Phone service (then Southern Bell, now AT&T)—never out, even at the height of the storm
Electric service (FPL)—five days without power
Cable (Comcast)—two weeks before service was restored, and frequent interruptions in the weeks after.

If I had Comcast for broadband then, I would have had to gone without it for over a week after being able to use my computer again.

That, and the really bad service Comcast gives for CATV—who would choose Comcast

(And then there’s the coworker who had gotten Comcast early on, was told the tech would show up on a specific day, and never heard from anyone all day long, and never given an explanation—twice in a row. Third time, the tech did show up.)
Written By: kishnevi
URL: http://
The problem I have is that my home line is through vonage, which uses my cable-based broadband...

Need to look into Yahoo, though, and since I have a perfectly useful cellphone, just drop Vonage.

And I need to look into TiVo. WANT that DVR and those higher cable channels upstairs in my room and my HDTV. MUST have my BBC America...
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
Even without these comments, I often wonder about how many people actually swallow the kook-aid in the "let us provide ALL your services, phone, TV and internet" ads.

Eggs and baskets and all that.
Written By: bud
URL: http://
No question about it, Comcast is the antichrist.

We went to Verizon for everything earlier this month and don’t intend to look back. Today I took up the cable that Comcast left laying on top of the ground since last summer.
Written By: Michael
I must be the only Comcast customer in the US who is not unhappy with them (knock on wood). I got Comcast in mid 2001 and had only a single real problem. Shortly after I got the service there was an upgrade and they mailed me a CD to upgrade and it got shoved in my mailbox and was broken. When I called, I finally found a tech who admitted he could shove the software directly onto my harddrive, but I’d have to configure it. It took me a couple of tries to get it working, but it’s been fine ever since. It seemed to run slow, so I finally got them to send a tech out and it turned out I had a really weak signal just at the outside junction box. A new box fixed that. I’m running at full-speed now (peaks at around 35MB). I also run wireless by connecting to an old server from the incoming Comcast cable then running a cable to my D-Link. I run my AT&T callvantage wireless through the D-Link as well. The phone or/wireless goes down about once every 6 months and needs to be re-booted. That’s been it for the past 6 or so years.
Written By: JorgXMcKie
URL: http://
I have everything with verizon and so far it’s been great. Way better than either Comcast or Charter cable.
Written By: SDN
URL: http://
Thank your free market.
Written By: glasnost
URL: http://

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