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Passport files: Well it appears we’re even again ...
Posted by: McQ on Friday, March 21, 2008

Per CNN:
The State Department confirms John McCain's passport file was breached as well as Obama and Clinton's files.
Apparently State Department personnel have just been having a merry time seeing what's in these politicians files. Hopefully they've also peeked in John Edwards files as well so we can be treated too a real victimhood rant. I kind of miss those from him. You know, something about the poor boy from the shuttered mills of South Carolina and how the faceless, nameless bureaucrats invaded his sacrosanct privacy by peeking at his passport file. I'm just curious as to how he'd work that into his "Two Americas" theme.

No they shouldn't have peeked (unless it specifically was called for in the execution of their job). Yes, it is a privacy violation. Yes, those who did it should be disciplined. But while it is certainly something to be concerned with, I can't help but feel the level of "outrage" to this point has been a bit overblown (it's a convenient way to try to change the subject though, isn't it?).

There just isn't a whole bunch in a passport file which is going to be of worth to anyone else, to include political opponents. Let's see, now that we're sure all three have had their files accessed, how much each of the campaigns try to milk this.
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As I suggested at my own place this mornring;
Look, let’s ignore that and forget that we’re talking about Obama, and forget political implications for a moment. Let’s postulate we’re talking about a movie star of some sort… a rather popular one. What life-deprived 20 something, working in such an environment, wouldn’t get a kick out of handling such a document? That’s what’s going on here… a brush with stardom. I suspect that’s why State never bothered informing Obama, who has much larger considerations, just now… and certainly, they wanted to avoid it becoming a political issue.
Which is to say, fodder for Obama to be publicly angry over and get sympathy.
Strouble is, Obama’s nonsense ignores the idea that state has been a major problem for Bush since day one of his administration. State and the WH can’t agree on LUNCH. So Obama’s argument that this whole thingw as being driven by the Bush administration is knee-jerk oppportunism, driven by a fair case of BDS.

And the libertarian streak asserts itself... If Obama wanted to complain that his private data was in the hands of the government and in a position for such a breach, he might actually have something.

Of course we know that idea would never sell with him, huh?

Now, Hillary Clinton, on the other hand..... she might have reason to want all that information, eh? It’s a stretch, but it makes more sense than the charges Obama’s people are floating.

Written By: Bithead
Wasn’t someone making rumblings about Obama’s travel records months ago. One of his Primary competitors? I can’t quite remember it, but I believe it was raised by someone.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
If McCain is smart, he’ll step up and say how it’s not really any big deal, making Obama look like a whiner...
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
I noticed the State Department spokesman indicate that the person had access to information normally found on a pasport application.

For such a public person as Obama, McCain or Hiliary Clinton, what would that include that we don’t already know or could easily find out ?

I mean it. I really want to know. What is "there" is there ?
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
Mother’s maiden name, SSN (ok, I could see that as being a worry, but that thing is EVERYWHERE), city/state of birth...

I mean, there’s not a hell of a lot on that thing.
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
I wonder if the Democrats whining about this were as upset when Schumer’s op-researcher illegally used Michael Steele’s SS number to access his credit report or when the Clintons stole 900 Republican’s FBI files and kept them in the White House for months?
Written By: jt007
URL: http://

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