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Posted by: McQ on Monday, March 24, 2008

Bill Richardson gives us the ultimate "I love 'em, but...":
"I am very loyal to the Clintons. I served under President Clinton. But I served well. And I served the country well. And he gave me that opportunity," Richardson told "Fox News Sunday."

"But you know ... it shouldn't just be Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton," he said.
Well there you go - the thinking man's reason for backing Obama.

And then there's the exchange between Ed Rendell, Gov. of PA - and a Clinton supporter - and Richardson about superdelegates:
Rendell also accused the Obama camp of contradicting itself in another way that Richardson's endorsement highlights.

"First, they say the superdelegates should reflect the will of the people of their states. Well, we have Sen. Kennedy and Sen. Kerry saying they're going to vote for Obama even though Sen. Clinton won by 13 points in Massachusetts. ... The voters of New Mexico chose Sen. Clinton. If we follow the Obama line, Bill Richardson should be for Sen. Clinton."

"Yes, but, Eddie, by half a percent — come on," Richardson responded, in a reference to the slight margin by which Clinton won New Mexico.
Well, that clears that up - a win isn't a win if it's by half a percentage and thus super delegates aren't bound by the voice of the people. And, as Rendell points out, apparently 13 point wins don't count either. Good to know the "rules" as this goes forward, isn't it?


If you're under the impression that by electing a Republican to the White House you are likely to see some common sense skepticism about climate change, don't hold your breath. The Washington Times on John McCain:
As he campaigns now as the presumptive Republican nominee, the Arizona senator still warns that climate change could be devastating unless the United States acts — but he isn't spelling out details.

His broad position is clear. In 2003, he sponsored legislation aimed at creating a system to cap the pollution and set up tradable rights to emit it. He pushed for a big role for nuclear energy. He's said that U.S. policy must meet the goals that scientists outline, but also mustn't unduly damage the economy.
I'm all for his nuclear energy initiatives. I'm completely against any cap and trade system at this point. My concern, however, is he'll sign on to the Lieberman-Warner bill (cap and trade bill) as a "thank you" to Lieberman for his support on Iraq. Debate on that bill is scheduled for June.


It seems that Obama has been apprised of yet another outrage perpetrated by his church of 23 years of which he wasn't aware:
Sen. Barack Obama says that a pro-Hamas op-ed printed in his church's bulletin was "outrageously wrong."

In an issue dated July 22, 2007, in a section titled "Pastor's Page," the Trinity United Church in Chicago reprinted an article by Hamas official Moussa Abu Marzook. The article, which originally appeared as an op-ed in the Los Angeles Times, justifies the Palestinian terrorist group's denial of Israel's right to exist.

The church's pastor, Jeremiah Wright Jr., who retired this year, has stirred controversy for Obama's campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination with statements likening Israel to colonialists and blaming attacks on the United States in part on its support for Israel.

In slamming the Hamas piece, Obama noted that he strongly rejects some of his longtime pastor's views.

"I have already condemned my former pastor's views on Israel in the strongest possible terms, and I certainly wasn't in church when that outrageously wrong Los Angeles Times piece was re-printed in the bulletin," Obama said in a statement e-mailed to JTA late Thursday.
You know, I'm beginning to wonder if the guy ever really went to this church. But if he did, he has to be the most naive and unaware person on the face of the earth if, as he claims, he had no clue this stuff was going on.

In an interview to be aired today, and after blasting the Hamas piece in the church's bulletin, Obama declares "It's not a crackpot church".


And in the category of "is there life after a failed run for the presidency", it seems there is - at least for Fred Thompson:
After a failed run for president, Fred Thompson is getting back to pretending to be commander in chief.

Hollywood's high-powered William Morris Agency announced this week that it has signed the actor/politician, signaling a return to the screen for the former senator from Tennessee.
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And in the category of "is there life after a failed run for the presidency", it seems there is - at least for Fred Thompson
Well, better to be a fake president than pitch for Viagra, no?
Written By: CR
URL: http://
"But you know ... it shouldn’t just be Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton," he said.
I bet he doesn’t mind if the governor of New Mexico is "Richardson, Richardson, Richardson..."
Written By: the wolf
URL: http://
I told my elderly parents in January: "John McCain is the next President."

They told me on the phone, "You have lost your mind. Obama is going to win." And they are Republicans.

Now, two months later, my mother told me on the phone last night, "You really were right - McCain is going to win this, and Obama is going to lose it."

She must be a typical white person for thinking that, no?
Written By: James Marsden
URL: http://
McCain’s money running out again?

(If the moderators remove them, the joke is that there were two spam posts from some lottery scam based in Belgium.)

Written By: Jeff Medcalf
My question is...

I keep reading quotes from Obama saying something along the lines of "I have already condemned the way my pastor talked about [topic X] in the strongest possible terms." Has he ever actually done this?

During his "big talk", I noticed a phrase similar to the one I outlined above. I don’t follow him close enough to know for sure, but I had not heard any strong condemnation of his pastor from him before his big talk. Now, I see the same phrasing in this blog entry, but do not know of any prior statements that I could point to saying "I condemn my church’s stand on Israel."

So, is he lying through his teeth when he says statements like these, or are there quotes that someone can point me to that show he actually has condemned these things before they start generating heat for him.
Written By: Clark Taylor
URL: http://
I suppose the answer you seek, to depend on your definition of "the strongest possible terms".

His terms, the ones I’ve heard, seemed pretty weak, to me, and sounded rather like someone trying to appease those complaining about Wright, without annoying his followers. I suppose within that framework, the terms he cose were in fact the strongest he could use.

Written By: Bithead
"Yes, but, Eddie, by half a percent — come on," Richardson responded, in a reference to the slight margin by which Clinton won New Mexico.
Bill Richardson is the biggest problem that I have with McCain’s plan to have the border state governors certify when that borders are secure. The man has only an agenda and absolutely no integrity.
Written By: jfw1961
URL: http://
"Yes, but, Eddie, by half a percent — come on," Richardson responded, in a reference to the slight margin by which Clinton won New Mexico.
Was Governor Richardson asked what margin of victory is required to obligate the superdelegates to the candidate selected by the people? Obviously, 0.5% is so narrow that the superdelegates are free to overturn the wishes of the populous they represent. What’s the cutoff? I would have assumed it to be anything greater than 0.00%. This guy is transparent. VP perhaps?
Written By: Is
URL: http://
Ecellent. I Loke Fred’s acting...

As for McCain and Global Warming, remember the debate where they are asked to raise hands, and Fred basicly bitch-slapped the moderator?

Watch a video, and note for me who’s hand goes up almost immedeately, as if by some sort of Pavlovian conditioning...
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
I’m still writing in Fred’s name, come November. There’s going to be at least one vote for common sense without cowardice.

But I’ll reiterate my prediction: if Obama gets the Dem nomination, we’ll have John "man on a horse" McCain for a president (fortunately with an opposition Congress); if Hillary gets the nomination, we’ll have our first woman president, the Islamists will be celebrating and the US health care system will be in tatters before the end of her first term.

You’ve been warned.
Written By: bud
URL: http://
Ol’ Fartin’ Fred will be lucky to get hired for a walk-on part on "Men In Trees."
Written By: kevn sleater-kinney
URL: http://
Written By:
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