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Estrich does a good job of shooting down the Gore nomination scenario
Posted by: McQ on Monday, March 31, 2008

Hey, you have to give the devil her due. As the "Gore, savior of the party" meme goes more mainstream, Susan Estrich throws the cold water of reality on the fantasy.

She takes issue with a Joe Klein scenario (something not all that difficult to do in general) and makes a good point. Klein wonders:
"Let's say the elders of the Democratic Party decide, when the primaries end, that neither Obama nor Clinton is viable. ... All they'd have to do would be to convince a significant fraction of their superdelegate friends, maybe fewer than 100, to announce that they were taking a pass on the first ballot at the Denver convention, which would deny the 2,025 votes necessary to Obama or Clinton. What if they then approached Gore and asked him to be the nominee, for the good of the party, and suggested that he take Obama as his running mate?"
"No way" says Estrich. First there are no "elders" in that number who'd do that and besides:
The role of the superdelegates is to choose between the candidates, not to render the whole process irrelevant. Talk about undemocratic, with a small "d." The only thing that the Obama delegates and the Clinton delegates would probably agree on at this point is that one of the two of them should be the nominee. Neither group is likely to follow a "Group of 100" superdelegates in support of a third candidate, even if such a Group of 100 could be formed, which I very highly doubt.
I think she's pretty much hit the old nail on the head. And she has some further thoughts on why Gore is attractive now:
What makes Gore attractive, at least these days, is the fact that he didn't run. If he were to jump in tomorrow, he'd be no more "viable" in a week's time than either Clinton or Obama. I don't know who's going to win,
but I'm at least willing to bet on who won't.
The other thing that makes him attractive is the belief that he would end the bleeding and at least take one of these candidates with him as VP selection, giving Dems "Dream Team II". But as Estrich points out earlier in the article, you usually only get one chance at a run for the presidency and Gore's time has passed. In reality, Gore might actually make matters worse for Democrats, not better.

But as long as the Dem primary continues, this rumor will persist. Democrats need to remember, as Estrich points out, that their savior didn't even carry his home state his last time out of the gate. Yeah, that's who you want, isn't it?

Linked by Below the Beltway and NeoCon News - Thanks!
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I’m pulling for the Hope of Global Climate Changeitude...I want the Dream Ticket, Gore-Obama!!!
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
AsI suggested elsewhere... it’s a hail Mary play... a correct identfication that they’re in serious trouble come the general election. Of course where they err is in thnking that Gore won’t make the situation worse, much less solve it.

Written By: Bithead
Well, I doubt it will happen, but Richard Nixon showed you can come back from a close defeat and still win.
Written By: Scott Erb
Thing is Dr Erb this is Gore’s THIRD trip to the well...1988 lost to "Mr Personality Michael Dukakis" and then lost in 2000 to Dubya, after eight good years of domestic news....sorry no third time’s a charm here.
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
Well, I doubt it will happen, but Richard Nixon showed you can come back from a close defeat and still win.
that’s because of three things:

1. he technically won that time (which is a similar argument Gore can make)
2. he was a Republican, which has run losers in the past (mostly against Roosevelt)
3. he’s the ONLY one in history (Nixon), aside from Grover Cleveland, to win the Presidency after loosing a previous campaign (and even then, Cleveland managed it after becoming president, loosing re-election, and then winning it again)

No, Gore’s chances of running again are nill, and his chances of actually winning are even lower, considering that him running would bring his pseudo-science of global warming under even MORE scrutiny and make him look like a fool.

he’d rather be remembered than be president.
Written By: Joel C.
URL: http://
The elections just cost too much ($800 million so far) for anybody to do a repeat without a clear chance of winning.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
"even if such a Group of 100 could be formed"

Hey maybe John McCain can switch to the democrats and form a gang of 100. It worked so well with his gang of 14.

I do hope that Gore gets the nomination. It would really sink the dems chances this time rather than help them.

But alas I see a Hillary/somebody ticket. The odds are against her but I am willing to bet she will be on the ticket come NOV. By hook, crook or 9mm.

Written By: retired military
URL: http://

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