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Zimbabwe election results delayed
Posted by: McQ on Monday, March 31, 2008

And most observers feel the delay has to do with the Mugabe government trying to figure out how best to cook the results:
Zimbabwe's opposition was level with President Robert Mugabe's party and two of his ministers lost their seats on Monday as election results trickled out, but counting delays fuelled suspicions of rigging.

The first official results emerged some 36 hours after polls closed and no details were given on the presidential vote, in which Mugabe faces his most formidable political challenge of 28 years in power. Former colonial ruler Britain and the European Union called for results to be released as soon as possible.
Robert Mugabe has ruled the benighted country since it gained independence in 1984. Since he has taken over, the country, once known as the breadbasket of Africa, has become the basket case of Africa.

How bad is it? It's horrible. I've covered the hyper-inflation that is rampant, but that's only the tip of the iceberg:

Average life expectancy dropped from 63 years in 1990 to 37.3 years in 2005, according to World Bank and U.N. figures.


In 2007, Zimbabwe had an HIV prevalence of 15.6 percent among adults aged 15-49 years — the fourth-highest rate in the world. The United Nations Development Program says the epidemic causes the death of around 3,200 people per week. The population is 13 million.


Zimbabwe's mortality rate for children under five was 76 deaths out of every 1,000 in 1990. This increased to 105 in 2006.


The World Food Program says 83 percent of Zimbabweans live on less than $2 per day and that 45 percent of the population are malnourished.


Zimbabwe's Gross Domestic Product has contracted each year since 2000, the biggest decline in 2003 when it fell 10.4 percent. The IMF estimates that GDP will fall by 4.5 this year.


Zimbabwe first fell into arrears with the International Monetary Fund in August 2001. As of February 29, it owed $88 million, of which $79.64 million has been in arrears for three years or more.


Government spending as a percentage of GDP rose from 20.7 percent in 2002 to 53.5 percent in 2006, according to UBS data. The investment bank forecasts it will reach 66.7 percent in 2007. The rate in neighboring Zambia was 24.4 last year.


Zimbabwe's dollar is virtually worthless.

The price of a loaf of bread on Saturday was about 6.6 million Zimbabwe dollars on the official market but as much as 15 million on the black market. In October last year bread cost 100,000 Zimbabwean dollars, in 2003 around 1,000 Zimbabwean dollars and in 1998 five Zimbabwean dollars.

Broad money supply increased an average 48.3 percent in 1997-2001, 520 percent in 2005, 1,579.5 percent in 2006. UBS estimates it will grow 2,690.5 percent in 2007.


Once the breadbasket of southern Africa, Zimbabwe now needs to import maize. The U.N. agricultural production index for Zimbabwe fell from nearly 107 in 2000 to just over 74 in 2005.

Exports of goods and services as a percentage of GDP averaged 33.5 percent in 1997-2001. UBS forecast this would decline to 9.9 percent in 2007.
Although extreme, it is the perfect cautionary tale about government "managing" your life, the economy and anything else they can get their grubby paws on. And while you can probably argue it would never happen here, the only way you can argue that is to claim "we would do it better". You can't argue that it won't happen if government gets that involved in all aspects of your life because Zimbabwe and numerous other failed states to various degrees, give lie to that claim.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I’m sure Rev. Wright knows who the real culprit is, despite your propaganda, McQ.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
You can’t argue that it won’t happen if government gets that involved in all aspects of your life because Zimbabwe and numerous other failed states to various degrees, give lie to that claim.

So... let’s see... maybe we can cut a deal. I’ll trade you less involved than Zimbabwe, in exchange for more involved than Somalia. Hey, we agree! Someone call Coca-Cola.
Written By: glasnost
URL: http://
nice try, glasnost. But once again FAILURE
Written By: Joel C.
URL: http://
Joel, it HAS to be our fault! It just has to be!
Written By: looker
URL: http://
Why, oh WHY didn’t we send Carter to ensure fairness???

Oh, wait, now I remember... It’s a dictatorship. They don’t give a crap about those...
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
And the winner is ...


Hey she figured is she cant take over our country with her socialist ways why not go somewhere where it will be easier to do.
Written By: retired military
URL: http://
HARARE, Zimbabwe — The opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is in talks with advisers to President Robert G. Mugabe of Zimbabwe, amid signs that some of those close to Mr. Mugabe may encourage him to resign, a Western diplomatic source and a prominent Zimbabwe political analyst said Tuesday. The negotiations about a possible transfer of power away from Mr. Mugabe began after he apparently concluded that a runoff election would be demeaning, a diplomat said.
A resignation by Mr. Mugabe, one of Africa’s longest-serving leaders, would be a stunning turnabout in a country where he has been accused of consistently manipulating election results to maintain his lock on power.
I think I just saw a flying pig.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://

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