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Clinton: Another exaggeration questioned
Posted by: McQ on Sunday, April 06, 2008

Pretty soon she's not going to have anything to talk about:
Over the last five weeks, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton of New York has featured in her campaign stump speeches the story of a health care horror: an uninsured pregnant woman who lost her baby and died herself after being denied care by an Ohio hospital because she could not come up with a $100 fee.

The woman, Trina Bachtel, did die last August, two weeks after her baby boy was stillborn at O’Bleness Memorial Hospital in Athens, Ohio. But hospital administrators said Friday that Ms. Bachtel was under the care of an obstetrics practice affiliated with the hospital, that she was never refused treatment and that she was, in fact, insured.

“We implore the Clinton campaign to immediately desist from repeating this story,” said Rick Castrop, chief executive officer of the O’Bleness Health System.
How does one get a story so wrong?

Oh ... sorry, I had to duck there. Sniper fire you know.

Anyway, here's how the Clinton campaign explained it:
A Clinton spokesman, Mo Elleithee, said candidates would frequently retell stories relayed to them, vetting them when possible. “In this case, we did try but were not able to fully vet it,” Mr. Elleithee said. “If the hospital claims it did not happen that way, we respect that.”
Or said another way, "if we hear a good story, one that will make big points for us and our agenda, whether we can confirm it or not, we're using it until someone makes us stop."

What were those three words again? Judgment? Integrity? Honesty? I've always thought they were integral to that fourth and most important of words - leadership. If so, we know who we don't want answering the phone at 3am.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

All candidates tend to look a little shaky on close inspection, but Hillary and Obama are really pushing the envelope.
Written By: JorgXMcKie
URL: http://
It’s really a toss up as to which of the 3 will make a worse President. I predict any of them will make Bush look incredibly good.
Written By: Grimshaw
URL: http://
Wait a second - Hillary Clinton caught lying? Obama caught fibbing about the questionnaire he never saw but has his written comments on it?

Is there anything about which these two liars will not lie about?

Hook them up to a lie detector, and they will be electrocuted...
Written By: James Marsden
URL: http://
Of course there’s also the little detail that if the story was true, the hospital’s actions would have been illegal. You know, since it’s illegal to deny emergency care to a patient because of their ability to pay.

SOOOOOO....even if the story was true, it would just mean that maybe we should enforce existing laws. Which pretty much means that even if the story was true, she was completely and utterly lying about what it meant.
Written By: Mark
So, Mrs. Clinton tells another untruth, but this was retelling a story that was untrue; sloppy campaign management and it receives much coverage. Yet her firing from the Democratic Watergate hearing staff in 1974 because of lying and unethical behavior is ignored. This was professional misconduct which to me is much more egregious, and does show a pattern during her adult life.
Written By: AMR
URL: http://
Yet her firing from the Democratic Watergate hearing staff in 1974 because of lying and unethical behavior is ignored.
For good reason - this was against the previous Anti-Christ Nixon (the current one being Bush and the future one is McCain). Any actions that would bring down a Republican can be overlooked - applauded, even. But to challenge the messiah, Obama - Sacriledge!
Written By: SShiell
URL: http://
Come on now. This is Hillary we are talking about.

The same Hillary who can recall in vivid detail how she heard MLK speak 40+ years ago and met him after the speech but who cant recall having been fired at by snipers less than 15 years ago.

I am wondering if any one is checking out the facts that she detailed in her MLK anniversay speech. Will be funy if it turns out she couldnt have been in Chicago on any days that MLK gave a speech.

But she will say she simply misspoke it must have been some other big city which will remain lost in the mysteries of time because she doesnt want folks to pin her down on her lies again.
Written By: retired military
URL: http://
It appears that Hiliary wasn’t really wrong.

Why is it that this story reminds me of Basra ?
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
Hillary seems to be getting a bum rap on this one. According to Fox News, she got the basic story right, flubbed a few minor details, and PSH ensued. It seems Bachtel was indeed denied care at one facility on account of her lack of insurance and unwillingness/inability to pay at the time, later obtained health insurance, and ended up being treated at a different facility, where she had not sought health care before being insured.

All this makes Clinton guilty of being a tad sloppy, but it’s hardly another sniper fire story.
Written By: Xrlq
The private clinic wanted the money; the hospital couldn’t deny her care. Whatever the true story, she missed the big point. No one can be denied care in a hospital. That is the law and the most intelligent woman in the world doesn’t know that!
Written By: AMR
URL: http://

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