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Sen. Jay "Clueless" Rockefeller (update)
Posted by: McQ on Tuesday, April 08, 2008

To quote Bugs Bunny, "what a maroon":
Rockefeller believes McCain has become insensitive to many human issues. "McCain was a fighter pilot, who dropped laser-guided missiles from 35,000 feet. He was long gone when they hit.

"What happened when they [the missiles] get to the ground? He doesn't know. You have to care about the lives of people. McCain never gets into those issues."
Speaking of insensitive, that has to rank up there with some of the most clueless and insensitive statements ever uttered. Talk about "Stereotypes 'R Us".

Sometimes these yahoos just get too darn cute for their own good and because they like to hear themselves talk, they sometimes blurt out something which just makes you cringe.

Says the McCain campaign:
Senator Rockefeller's statement is an insult to all the men and women who are serving or have served in America's military. Had Senator Rockefeller served himself, he would appreciate and understand that most who have been to war emerge with a much deeper concern for humanity than they otherwise might.
For those who would challenge the point, Rockefeller is putting in one big bucket everyone who fires indirect fire weapons (artillery, missiles, etc) within the whole of the US military and claiming none of them are sensitive to human issues because they do so. Do you really want to go there?

(HT: Weekly Standard Blog)

UPDATE: Rockefeller apologizes:
"I made an inaccurate and wrong analogy, and I have extended my sincere apology to him," Rockefeller said in a statement. "While we differ a great deal on policy issues, I profoundly respect and appreciate his dedication to our country, and I regret my very poor choice of words."
Yup - that respect was just oozing out of the dumb statement Rockefeller made.

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Previous Comments to this Post 

Well, to my knowledge, McCain only flew one combat mission and was shot down. I don’t know if he expended ordiance, but he spent most of his time as a POW on the ground, doing such "unhuman" acts as refusing to go home before his comrads (John Kerry could learn something from that).

I realize that this misses McQ’s point, but Sen. Clueless doesn’t even seem to grasp McCain’s actual Vietnam history, which was much more about self sacrifise as a POW and very little about flying jets.
Written By: Don
URL: http://
"McCain was a fighter pilot, who dropped laser-guided missiles from 35,000 feet. He was long gone when they hit.

"What happened when they [the missiles] get to the ground? He doesn’t know. You have to care about the lives of people. McCain never gets into those issues."
Rockefeeler needs to consult something other than the Democratic party staff for their on the military. Lazer-guided munitions did not enter the Viet Nam war until 1968 and was not used in any numbers until 1972. By that time McCain was into his fifth year of his tour as a POW. McCain was shot down in October 1967 on his 23rd mission over North Viet Nam. When McCain was flying his F-4, he was dropping dumb bombs - World War II era 500 pound Mark 82s, 1,000 pound Mark 83s and 2,000 pound Mark 84s. These dumb bombs were deployed using essentially a fixed bombsite from an F-4. To drop those bombs you got to get close to your work - close enough that fragging yourself becomes an issue.

Senator Rockefeller did what during the war? I see Rockefeller spent some time in the Peace Corps and also did a tour with Vista. But I see from his Bio he has no military experience. I can also see from his bio that it has been a very long time since the cluebird last sh*t on that man.
Written By: SShiell
URL: http://
Golly..I believe McCain about as much as I believe hillary.

Do you want to hear the truth?

Both parties want to put all Americans under the great VA system.

Alan Keyes

McCain qoute "I believe people should give up some of their 1st admenend rights for security."

I do not spell right but does that mean I can not speak?

Do I have a Right to piss on McCain?
Written By: SkyWatch
URL: http://
Do I have a Right to piss on McCain?
Skywatch, you got a problem with McCain - not a problem. But that is not the point of the issue being discussed here. You want to start a new topic, fine - give McQ a call and let ’er rip.
Written By: SShiell
URL: http://
Lt Cdr John McCain flew a subsonic A4 Sky Hawk into the most heavily defended airspace on Earth. The targets he hit were carefully directed and approved. Steve is correct about manual dive bomb. You get pretty low, about 4,000 ft above the ground with iron bombs and lower still with high drags, rockets, nape, and rockeye. 23 MM and 37 MM can get you up to 9,000’ to 11,000’. SAMs get you almost anywhere you can go.

McCain’s Skyhawk was hit by a 33’ long SA-2 Guideline missile with a 400 pound warhead. He ejected from his crippled aircraft and came down in a lake near Hanoi. Although injured bailing out, he was shot and bayonetted by North Vietnamese soldiers who refused him medical care and tortured him for much of his time as a captive.

The NVA would torture pilots by tying their hands behind their backs and hoisting them off the ground, dislocating their shoulders. The guards used truck fan belts to beat the men as they hung. I know people who did not jump out, choosing to ride the aircraft in rather than be a POW.

Senator Jay Rockefeller can’t imagine what Senator McCain went through in Hanoi.
Written By: Arch
URL: http://
Thanks for the correction. For some reason I thought he was shot down on his first mission.
Written By: Don
URL: http://
They say they’re for peace; as usual Glenn’s comment about them "being on the other side" is more apt. How does one explain how trustfund VISTA draft dodger Jay Rockefeller, sound nearly like this Href<:
stclair11232004.htmls> which in turn comes from Granma the Cuban Communist Newpaper in 1970.
Written By: narciso
URL: http://
As is typical of liberals, Rockefeller feels he can confidently besmirch the integrity of anyone who will not declare Jihad against him and then pay his respects some evening.

I’m not suggesting it, but it would be interesting though if a rumor were to arise that he didn’t mean to insult McCain, but had to because but couldn’t find a handy Koran to desecrate. Now that would really show a politician back peddling.
Written By: Tom E. Boi
URL: http://
Does that apology extend to all the other pilots he insulted? Of course, following where his argument leads, McCain’s experiences, limited though they may be in Rocky’s eyes, make him much more qualified than the Democratic candidates, who have infinitely less experience.

Did I use enough commas?
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
"McCain’s Skyhawk was hit by a 33’ long SA-2 Guideline missile with a 400 pound warhead."
He went out of the jet at nearly five hundred knots, inverted, in a nearly vertical dive. (I’ve only ever survived a 65-mph motorcycle crash. It makes my skin crawl to think about that.) And he knew what was possible when he saddled-up that day.

I submit that McCain knows at least as much about "lives" as that idiot Rockefeller, because he’s the one who’s actually put his life on the line.
Written By: Billy Beck
URL: http://www.two—
But in all of this, we are clearly shown the vitriol that Democrats harbor. Apologies or no, (And I found Rockefellers disingenuous, at least this is what drives Democrats. Every once in a while, and this is one such time, their real values, their real feelings, their real motivations peek out for all to see.
Written By: Bithead
Then there was also McCain’s adventure on the Forrestal, where he got to see, up close and personal, the effects of several different munitions dropped by aircraft. The closest Rocky ever came to something like that is when the chef burnt his toast whilst he was cruising on the family yacht.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://

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