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Hillary Clinton competing with Barack Obama for Most Condescending Comments
Posted by: Jon Henke on Monday, April 14, 2008

There's been quite a lot of worthwhile commentary (and opinion-gauging) on the condescending 'why won't you rubes let us buy off you rubes with pork, entitlements, welfare and protectionism like everybody else, dammit' comment by Barack Obama. I'll add some additional information in another post, but I first want to note that this response from the Hillary Clinton campaign and Tom Vilsack is also astoundingly condescending ...
[Vilsack] I found his remarks undercutting his message of hope. He suggests that people are bitter. I think they are frustrated. I think they are anxious because 8 years of the Bush economy has not done what it needs to do. What they want is not a pat on the head from a presidential candidate; they want a pat on the back. They to be told that there is a plan which is a way to make things better, and leaders who are dedicated to making that happen.
This is every bit as patronizing and elitist as Barack Obama's comments and it's a bit surprising that the media and the Obama campaign aren't making enormous hay out of this.

  • Does the Hillary Clinton campaign really think what voters want is "a pat on the back"?

  • Does the Clinton campaign really think that the people of Pennsylvania are waiting for a politician to come in and "make things better"?

I know a lot of people who want to improve themselves and their positions, but the Clinton campaign's idea that Pennsylvanians want/need to be told that a politician will "make things better" is probably more condescending than Obama's get over yourselves and start rent-seeking comment.

But it gets worse. Much worse.

Tom Vilsack - in the Clinton campaign's press release - claimed Hillary Clinton had an "understanding" of people in rural communities like Scranton, PA, because she had summered near them.
I think it’s one of the reasons why they have been gravitating in small communities in rural areas across this country to Hillary Clinton, in part, because of her understanding of those who live in small towns. Her summers in Scranton helped to form her belief and understanding of folks who work hard and play by the rules.
Hillary Clinton summered throughout her childhood at her family's "cabin on Lake Winola, about 12 miles north of [Scranton]," where she "rode horses". She was just like one of the people! "Except", as one local pointed out, "they had a cabin up at the lake."

I'm not sure why the Clinton campaign thinks it is a good idea to argue that Hillary Clinton understands The People because she sometimes summered near them.

In any event, they probably won't want to mention that Hillary didn't really like going to the Scranton area that much and her Dad had to bribe her to go with a "shopping spree" at Fifth Avenue in New York City...
"As Hillary and her mother increasingly expressed mixed feelings about the prospect of another Lake Winona vacation, their objections were met with Hugh's promises of a shopping spree somewhere on the return trip.... After one summer holiday in Pennsylvania, Hugh drove to Fifth Avenue in New York and told [Clinton and her mother] they could buy whatever they wanted before the stores closed at five o'clock. Mother and daughter had only twenty-five minutes so they took off their shoes and ran."
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Previous Comments to this Post 

*Sigh* I don’t want either pat anywhere. I want their hand out of my wallet and nose out of my business.

I don’t attribute my rough times to Bush just as I didn’t attribute my good times to Clinton.

I will attribute getting less while I have to work harder to Hillary and Obama if they keep pandering to pay other people my money.
Written By: Robb Allen
The people of Scranton probably summer in Scranton, so Hillary’s got that in common with them.
Written By: Patrick Ottenhoff
Pretty area, Scranton. I’ve camped down that way a few times, driven through it dozens of times. Listed as one of the better places to live, back in 06 by Money Magazine.

But I never really considered Scanton to be RURAL, per se’. I dunno... does ~80,000 people count as "rural"?
Written By: Bithead
It seems that Hillary said something to the effect of ’they want someone to make it better’.

It seems that Obama said something to the effect of ’they want someone to make it better and they are deficient as human beings because of their plight’.

Now mapping the ’victim state’ onto people who consider themselves self-reliant is pretty demeaning. But it seems Obama put a nice little twist on it that give him the edge in condescension. Although, I’ll admit Hillary’s is more snobby with more emphasis on contrasting economics.

Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
I wouldn’t equate Hillary’s statement with Obama’s. Hillary’s statement may be insulting to non-liberals, but it’s only as insulting as the ideology itself. Obama’s insult, by contrast, was an unforced error.
Written By: Xrlq
80k isn’t rural, hell i had a cow pasture across the street from my subdivision in fredericksburg va and with a population of only 20k i didn’t consider that rural. This just goes to show how out of touch with reality politicians are or maybe they just know better than us little people what our status in life is.
Written By: mac
URL: http://
The funniest part of the comment is that she actually expects us to believe she understands what hard work and playing by the rules are?

Written By: shark
URL: http://
John McCain most certainly is most closely financially connected to the Common Man. John McCain’s family wealth is based on supplying the most popular drug ... the drug of choice of the middle class - alcohol.

I wonder if Hillary’s father taught her how to make moonshine behing the log cabin summer vacation shack ole grand-daddy built for them?
Written By: Juan Man
URL: http://
The best part about hearing "new proposals" from Congress-persons in the majority party every Presidential election cycle is asking the obvious question ..

If these folks are so smart, why the H E double hockey sticks haven’t they put their proposals on the docket already ? .. why do we have to wait until they get elected President ? Doesn’t out bitterness and frustration deserve action today, not some 9 months from now ? If their ideas are so great, doesn’t America deserve them today ?

I can look into and see that Obama hasn’t submitted bills to solve these problems. Shoot .. he and Hiliary are in the majority party of both chambers. So why the wait ?

Do they think that we are that dense ?
Yes, they do .. or perhaps Obama hasn’t found the in basket yet.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://

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