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This can’t be good...
Posted by: Dale Franks on Wednesday, April 16, 2008

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Hey, Free-Marketeers,

Mission Accomplished!

The truth is, Americans will have to pay, much, much more.

A Stiff Libertarian Free Marketeer has no conscience.

Written By: Juan Man
URL: http://
A Stiff Libertarian Free Marketeer has no conscience.
I sure would like to have a little of whatever it is you are smokin’, buddy.
Written By: McQ
’Hey, Free-Marketeers,

Mission Accomplished!"
That’s way up there with the dumbest rubbish I ever saw anyone post.
Written By: Billy Beck
URL: http://www.two—
You know, the argument really isn’t that the free market is good, it’s that it’s better. What’s your counter proposal? Price controls? We’ve tried that, you know....

The free market lets the underlying reality of the Universe out for the market to react to. When the Universe sucks, so does the "free market"... but it sucks less than the economic systems that try to hide the suckiness, because when things suck, they really do suck, and you can only make it worse, not better. I see lots of evidence that other systems do indeed make it much worse.
Written By: Jeremy Bowers
The truth is, Americans will have to pay, much, much more.

A Stiff Libertarian Free Marketeer has no conscience.
So, um, if we (and by *we* I mean those who worship statues of Milton Friedman and carry pictures of Chairman Hayek in our very large wallets) had no conscience, then wouldn’t we just use some sort of force to acquire oil at lower prices, you know, like stealing it?

Anyway, Juan Man, I find your ideas intriguing. May I subscribe to your newsletter?
Written By: Come on, Please
URL: http://
Hey, Free-Marketeers,

Mission Accomplished!
Depends on your definition of Free Markets.

World oil production is run (or influenced) by an international cartel.

We’ve regulated domestic refinery capability to near shortage territory. There are roughly 5 major gas players and because of localized formulation regulations you’re luck if 2 of them will compete to supply gas in that locality. Good luck on a new upstart being able to build a new refinery if current ones essentially can’t. So we’ve regulated the industry into an oligopoly on the verge of a supply shortage.

There’s very little free about that market, imho.

I’m not crying for the oil companies over this. Its bad luck for them in the sense of being sentenced to life in jail except your cellmate is Megan Fox and you have nothing to eat but oysters.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
Well, the best thing we could do is make our markets more free, not less. We should have been moving forward with nuke power plants, allowing domestic drilling, building more refineries, etc.

We could also lower gas taxes.

Some things are out of our control, like world demand (China, India), but if we were not so over-regulated, things would be much better.

Written By: Don
URL: http://
Even with these prices, it still costs me less to fill up then when I lived in Australia or Italy from 03 - 07. And those markets are more regulated and taxed than the US.
Written By: GBW
URL: http://

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