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Obama’s debate performance sinks him in the polls (update)
Posted by: McQ on Friday, April 18, 2008

I'm sure our usual moonbat drive-bys will stop in soon to tell us why Gallup is full of beans, but in the meantime, here's what Gallup has found:
A new national poll shows Barack Obama’s once-healthy lead shrinking to a hair’s width, suggesting his defensive performance at the Wednesday debate in Philadelphia may have hurt him.

The fresh numbers come as Hillary Clinton calls on Obama to quit whining about his supposed unfair treatment at the debate. Her campaign already has claimed Obama is trying to cover up an “awful performance” by saying he was hammered with petty political questions.

The Gallup daily tracking poll, taken from Tuesday to Thursday, indicates viewers may have had similar assessments.

The poll showed Obama with just a three-point national advantage over Clinton, 47 percent to 44 percent. A few days ago, Obama had an 11-point lead in the same poll.
For those wondering, those numbers come from Democrat and Democrat leaning voters. So the 8 point drop is significant and it does point to the only thing that has happened that could effect this poll in that way. As noted in the cite, this is their tracking poll, taken from Tuesday to Thrusday. The debate was on Wednesday, so the numbers actually could be worse than they appear. And to top it all off the ABC debate was the most watched of any of this election cycle - little wonder given all the news that had popped up between the last debate and the Wednesday night debate.

I'm pretty sure his last performance, and the results, is why he currently seems to be ducking committing to any future debates with Clinton.

We live in interesting times.

(HT: Joel C.)

UPDATE: Instead of waiting on the moonbats, we'll let Newsweek tell us Gallup is full of beans:
The survey of 1,209 registered voters found that Obama now leads Clinton by nearly 20 points, or 54 percent to 35 percent, among registered Democrats and those who lean Democratic nationwide. The previous Newsweek poll, conducted in March after Clinton's big primary wins in Ohio and Texas, showed the two Democrats locked in a statistical tie (45 percent for Obama to 44 percent for Clinton). The new poll puts Obama ahead among women as well as men, and voters aged 60 and older as well as younger voters.
Note that this is not a tracking poll but that the interviews took place between Wednesday (most likely pre-debate) and Thursday of this week.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Obama’s cool is already slipping. I wonder if he can keep from a full meltdown between now and November. My bet is that he can’t.

I don’t believe Obama is who he presents himself to be. His calm, well-spoken manner is a facade he has cultivated to impress people—especially whites—since he was a teenager.

Also Obama has never suffered a large defeat in his adult life. He has gone from win to win. Leaders like Lincoln and Churchill—most American presidents too—experienced serious setbacks before they hit their strides.

It will be quite a rare accomplishment if Obama breezes into the White House with his hair barely mussed by the journey.
Written By: huxley
URL: http://
I’ve been following these things for a while. Pay no attention to Newsweek (or Time) polls.
Written By: Sean
URL: http://
I don’t believe Obama is who he presents himself to be. His calm, well-spoken manner is a facade he has cultivated to impress people—especially whites—since he was a teenager.
I agree with all of that except that I would change "especially whites" to "especially blacks."

In deciding that he would break away from his white middle-class upbringing and follow his skin color into a black identity, Obama was most interested in impressing blacks. Obama needed to overcome the fact that his black identity was largely of academic manufacture, and that he had no typical black experience growing up with which to front himself to a black community. Blacks would see right through him.
Obama’s cool is already slipping. I wonder if he can keep from a full meltdown between now and November. My bet is that he can’t.
He looks like he’s riding on four flat tires now.

Mixing metaphors: He has become a souffle that can’t be reheated, in the famous words of one of the Beatles.
Written By: Martin McPhillips
Two days ago Hillary had a one point lead in Gallup. Today Gallup has Obama up seven. What do you make of that? Did Obama suddenly surge, or is it just the way tracking polls operate?

Penn polls show Clinton up five to ten, with a few outside that boundary. How accurate are they? Well, at least for PA, we’ll know tomorrow.
Written By: Scott Erb
A bit more: tracking polls will be outside the margin of error probably at least once every two or three weeks. They are also volatile in how they add and drop data. That means there will be ’bad numbers’ quite a bit, and one has to watch for longer term trend lines. (I know the data would bounce back, so I waited to make this point, lest it be seen as some kind of effort to discredit Gallup).
Written By: Scott Erb
What are the real implications to huge debt beyond leaving it a younger generation of tax payers? Reason I ask is that I argued with a staunch Republican after the presidential election, and he asked me "what do you care about the national debt?", guess he was referring to my age (60 +). And being Mongo (not well informed), I did not have a good answer for him.,
Written By: name
URL: link

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