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Obama cripples Democratic Message
Posted by: McQ on Monday, April 21, 2008

Apparently getting a bit carried away pandering to the BDS of Democrats, Obama went a bit off message yesterday and is catching some grief over it:
"You have a real choice in this election. Either Democrat would be better than John McCain," Obama said to cheers from a rowdy crowd in central Pennsylvania. Then he said: "And all three of us would be better than George Bush."
The problem the Dems have is alot of voters, if the Frank Lunz focus group is any indication, see McCain as a better alternative than their candidate's party opponent. The way to fight that perception and keep Dem voters in the fold is to make the election about Bush and characterized McCain as more of the same. Clinton has been true to this message. As you can see above, Obama has not.

This seemingly minor slip will come back to haunt Obama at some point in the future, mark my words. He's now on record saying his opponent is better than Bush, instead of more of the same. It may seem like a little slip at this point, but politics is all about framing and messages, and when your opponent can play back your own words a contradiction to the message you're trying to convey, it's a problem.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

And all three of us would be better than George Bush
Yeah, 3 feckless Senators from some of the most pathetic congresses in history who basically voted for everything Bush wanted....or were "mislead" by a guy they characterize as one of the biggest idiots in history.

Good job there Barry.
Written By: shark
URL: http://
It sounds like you want Obama to BOMB-BOMB-BOMB McCain, no matter the facts.

There are a lot of people who expect politicians to say what they are supposed to say to keep denegrating their opponents, regardless of the reality.

So I can understand the dis-orientation when a candidate actually stays tethered in reality, and has the moral courage to speak it.

McCain is a flip-flopping, groveling *ss-kisser. But he still respects, until he denounces it like Bush did (nothing but a piece of paper) the Constitution, and for that fact alone, he is better than George Bush.

Since most people know that, hearing Obama speak the truth makes him credible to independents.

McCain would be a disaster, but he would still be better than G. Bush. McCain simply does not have the direct line to a Higher Father that the deranged Bush has.

Written By: Juan Man
URL: http://
So I can understand the dis-orientation when a candidate actually stays tethered in reality, and has the moral courage to speak it.
How ironic. The biggest problem with BO is his lack of reality.
Written By: Don
URL: http://
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Written By: name
URL: link

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