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Democrats and the Netroots: a stylistic divide
Posted by: Jon Henke on Friday, May 02, 2008

The Politico picks up on the struggle between the Leftroots and the Democratic Presidential candidates...
The nation’s top Democrats are suddenly rushing to appear on the Fox News Channel, which they once had shunned as enemy territory as the nemesis of liberal bloggers. The détente with Fox has provoked a backlash from progressive bloggers, who contend the party’s leaders are turning their backs on the base — and lending credibility and legitimacy to the network liberals love to hate — in a quest for a few swing votes.
The Democratic Presidential nominees present a real problem to the Leftroots. The problem is not one of policy, necessarily, but one of style. I described it last month while guest-blogging at The Atlantic...
The problem for the netroots - and Progressives in general - is that, despite both being very satisfactory in important ways, both Clinton and Obama reject the Progressive and netroots movement in some important way.

Fundamentally, what the netroots want is a Fighting Progressive. They want an unabashed liberal who will go toe to toe with the Republicans and punch them in the nose.

But what they have is a choice between a Fighting Pragmatist (Hillary Clinton) and a Kumbaya Progressive (Barack Obama).
No matter who wins, it will represent a rejection of a core interest of the Progressive Netroots.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Well, a McCain win goes against the core of conservatism, so I guess I feel their pain.
Written By: Robb Allen
Kumbaya Progressive
This is an extension of the empty suit meme. I believe he’s closer to a Fighting Progressive than some on the various sides are comfortable with accepting.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
I guess in the end, I’m not convinced of the Nutroots claim to be the core of the Democrat party, much less credit their claim of being at the center of American politics. They can’t even get half the party behind them, much less the rest of the country. THe one thing this race has done is reduce them to their proper role as fringe dwellers.

Written By: Bithead
Right, Robb, but if Republicans emulated the nutroots and nominated a "wingnut" (no insult intended, this is the discriptor most analogous to "nutroot") this year, a moderate (left or right) third party candidate would pick up the "muddled middle" and run away with the election.
Written By: vnjagvet
There are obvious similarities to conservatives and their relation to the Republican Party and the nut roots and their relationship to the Democratic party.

But on closer examination. The Democrat party has already moved further leftward in recent years and the Kos bunch and Air America can rightfully be described as a very far left political fringe, since they are too hard left even for most Democrats.

The Republican party has gone in the same direction since the 1980’s, that is it has moved leftward or more to the center. The average conservative/libertarian pundit either an O’Reilly, Krauthammer, Kristol, or Goldberg is no longer in the mainstream of the current Republican party, but cannot be classified as a far right extremist like, say a Limbaugh or Coulter.

The problem I see is that everything has shifted toward big government in recent years, including the very, very, extreme leftwing.
Written By: kyleN
If that were the case, Kyle, the Nutroots would be mainstreamed.
This episode proves they’ve not gotten there.
Written By: Bithead

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