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NC and IN
Posted by: McQ on Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A very bad night for Hillary Clinton. Yes she won IN. But barely. And she was blown out it NC.

So ... what does that mean? Does the dogged and determined Democrat continue the chase, or does she give it up, given the results and bow to the seeming inevitable.

As you might imagine, the pundits and prognosticators are all over the place on this.

Coming up are two primaries in which she should do well given the demographics of each and how well they match up with her other wins. WV and KY should be Clinton country. But to what end? Even if she wins there, after last night, any ground she had made up in the popular vote was pretty much rubbed out and she certainly didn't gain in the delegate count. And, as many are predicting, she's not going to get the cash bounce she got after her more recent and more impressive wins (and there are rumors she's running short of cash again.).

Then come the reports that she's canceled all appearances on the morning shows - the equivalent of turning down free advertising for a cash strapped campaign.

You can't help but believe that the Democratic leadership has been working vigorously behind the scenes to end this bruising primary season. Indications are the Republicans are in line to be beat up rather badly in November, and these primary fights aren't at all aiding that possibility, but, in fact, are distracting from it.

Is she getting ready, finally, to pull a "for the good of the party" concession? Her 2008 political obituary has been written a number of times over the last 15 months, but she's refused to "die." I'm not sure what to make of her cancellations this morning, but for some reason, I just don't think Hillary Clinton has it in her to quit something which has been as much her obsession as it was her husband's. But watching Lanny Davis try to spin what was happening last night in a favorable way was just painful.

That said, the Clintons do seemingly have a self-delusional streak which allows them to ignore reality in favor of pursuing their goals, so, given everything I've mentioned above, I just can't see Hillary Clinton quiting this race until every opportunity and option short of quiting, has been exploited or exercised.
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I bet a buddy he’d hire me at Microsoft if it goes to convention (he’s a pretty stary-eyed Obama supporter, despite his being a very smart man).

Me? I mainly want it to go to convention so I can go to Denver with a big ol’ tub of popcorn, and a lawnchair...
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
I see you and I have the same plans, Scott. A few buddies of mine (who turned me on to Q&O, incidentally) are gonna be joining me for this spectacle.
Written By: Joel C.
URL: http://
The evening started out so promisingly with Hillary leading Obama in Indiana by 16 points but that lead gradually shrank all night long until it was a bare two points.

Yeah, this is bad news for her campaign and good news for Obama. It’s her call whether she drops out—I imagine it depends a lot on the backroom discussions.

It’s bad news for McCain in that Obama is more and more focusing on the general election, and also that the latest pastor disaster didn’t faze that many people—although enough to win IN for Clinton.

The only cautionary note for Obama is that his black support is running 90+%, a near monolithic bloc, which may spook white voters in November.
Written By: huxley
URL: http://
McCain wins unless he blows it. High gas prices and high food prices are the fault of liberals. He just needs to hammer them on it every day.

Plus — I see bloggers creating videos on the web featuring images of planes hitting the WTC with "G*ddamn America" for a voiceover. Bill Ayers wiping his shoes on the flag, his quote about bombing the Pentagon and images of the smoldering Pentagon.
Written By: stan
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Written By: iuhjydjpr

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