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Respected in the World! [UPDATED]
Posted by: Jon Henke on Thursday, May 08, 2008

When the European Union is bashing you for protectionism, you're not really that concerned about being "respected in the world", about honoring international agreements or about reducing poverty...
Peter Mandelson, European trade commissioner, has said the protectionist stances taken by the US presidential candidates risk taking the world trading system back by decades.

In an interview with the BBC’s Hardtalk programme to be broadcast on Thursday, Mr Mandelson said: “It is irresponsible to be pretending to people you can erect new protection, new tariff barriers around your economy in this 21st century global age and still succeed in sustaining peoples’ living standards and jobs. It is a mirage and they know it.”
Mr Mandelson said that even the rhetoric of protectionism was damaging. “It is very irresponsible in my view to pretend to people that we can disengage from international trade, we can create barriers around our economy and then be surprised when people retaliate by doing the same,” he said. “It is going to lead us into a vicious spiral of beggar-thy-neighbour policies which will take us decades back in terms of trade growth.”

I expect the list of demands Democrats advocated under Bush and quickly abandoned under Democratic control will grow quite long.


Citing Speaker Pelosi's attempts to "[exclude Republicans] from opportunities to participate in the crafting of the war funding bill" and "jam the bill" through, Rep. Randy Kuhl offers another example of the distance between Democratic promises and delivery.
Speaker Pelosi also said in “A New Direction for America:”
  • “Every person in America has a right to have his or her voice heard. No Member of Congress should be silenced on the floor…guaranteeing that the voices of all the people are heard.”

  • “Regular meetings between Chairs and Ranking Members of committees and staff should be held.

  • “Members should have at least 24 hours to examine bill and conference report text prior to floor consideration. Rules governing floor debate must be reported before 10 p.m. for a bill to be considered the following day.”

Well, the most recent supplemental appropriation bill is proving that these statements are raging falsities. Instead of allowing an open and transparent discussion on funding for our brave men and women serving this country, Speaker Pelosi would rather send a vital funding bill to the President without the opportunity for amendments.
Contrast this with the promises of "Change" that Nancy Pelosi made in 2006...
House Republicans might have their doubts, but Minority Leader Pelosi says a Democratic majority next year would place a heavy emphasis on bipartisanship — and would offer the Republicans minority rights often denied Democrats now.
In perhaps the biggest break from the current practices of GOP leaders, Pelosi said she would be willing to lose votes on the floor.
"Absolutely," she said. "It's not about a defeat, it's about a decision. I certainly would not say that we can't bring things to the floor because we'll lose
... [Republicans] are afraid of ideas. That's why we can't have amendments, substitutes, and all the rest for the most part."
She didn't mean it.

Politicians always promise Change when they’re running for office. When they’re actually elected to the office, they always hew to the Iron Law of Oligarchy. The problem isn’t convincing politicians to say what you want them to say when they need your votes, but convincing them to follow through on it afterwards.

The Left and the Progressive blogosphere has given a great deal of thought to how to get their allies elected, but very little apparent thought to how to prevent them from becoming as bad as the politicians they replaced.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

My mother is a big Obama fan. When I explained to her that Obama’s policies might anger Columbia, Mexico, and Canada (and now the EU it seems) she was sort of surprised. Maybe Obama supporters think those countries don’t want to trade either.
Written By: Harun
URL: http://
And they grumble about how Bush set international relations back....sheesh

These guys aren’t even in office YET.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
democratic control? when? if you do a head count then maybe, but it’s not the head that counts, it’s the cojones. nothing’s changed.
Written By: pedro the illegal alien
URL: http://
Mark my words, neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton will do anything they claim they are going to do. Neither will significantly change NAFTA, set up a "patriotic corporations" list, or impose any significant new trade restrictions. This is just rhetoric that their voters like to hear, but don’t understand what it means anyway. Obama or Clintion will defer the economy to economists, and things will go pretty much the same way they have been behind the scenes, because that is just what has to happen. All this campaign rhetoric will be forgotten in due time.

When they real-estate market bottoms out and people start investing again, we will see the currently inflated oil and food prices drop, and the economy will recover naturally. Obama or Clinton will take credit for it, and just spout out the same populist rhetoric as the reason, and their devotees will just eat it up.
Written By: James D
URL: http://
Anger Canada? Anger them more than the softwood lumber pissing match Bush had with them for 5 years?

And Colombia, I know they are just crying to have US IP law foisted on them.
Written By: Retief
URL: http://
I expect the list of demands Democrats advocated under Bush and quickly abandoned under Democratic control will grow quite long.

Like that "common sense plan" to reduce gasoline prices that the Speaker announced two years ago. We’re still waiting.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
I expect the list of demands Democrats advocated under Bush and quickly abandoned under Democratic control will grow quite long.
Imagine that. Candidates pander to the electorate during a campaign and make promises that they have no intention of ever keeping, assuming they are even within the realm of possibility. I’m just...mortified!!!
Written By: CR
URL: http://
Randy is from around here, (29th dist-NY) and seems to be a rising star.
I’d watch for him, were I you. I’ve not met the man, but my wife has and speaks well of him.
Written By: Bithead

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