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The ministry says "shape up or no soup for you!"
Posted by: McQ on Friday, June 20, 2008

It's your weekly reminder of how far into your lives government will intrude if only you give it the inch it needs as an excuse to go a full mile. From US News and World Report:
Japan's Ministry of Health, labor, and welfare released in the alarming study two years ago and found that half of all men between the ages of 40 and 74 and one in five women in the same age group showed signs of of quote metabolic syndrome." A cluster of risk factors for heart attacks and cardiovascular disease that includes high cholesterol, high blood pressure, elevated insulin levels, and abdominal obesity.

The report shocked the nation and prompted the government to pass legislation to force the Japanese to shape up. The laws to address what the Japanese have come to call 'metabo" take effect this year. They've given the government and employers, long dominant forces in Japanese workers lives, places at the dinner table in ordinary Japanese homes. They've also sparked a flurry of products to help people in Japan keep trim or shed extra pounds.

One regulation, which took effect in April, requires all citizens over the age of 40 to have their waists measured every year. A man whose waist is more than 33.5 inches or a woman whose waist is more than 35.5 inches is considered at risk and referred for counseling and close monitoring. The government is also requiring companies to slim down their workers or face higher payments into the national insurance program.
Japanese culture is obviously different than ours, but does this smack of the America you know?

Give the Democrats a chance with your health care and its the America you will come to know very well.
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The other point about Japan’s national healthcare that appears to be not well known among those who point to Japan as an example (e.g., "better" health outcomes such as life expectancy) is that the individual co-pays have been rising drastically and are now 30% for the under 69 population and individuals 70 and over with incomes of greater than about $38k.

Some expect this co-pay to ramping to 50% over the next decade.
Written By: m.jed
URL: http://
The Japanese have a life expectancy of about 82 years (one of the worlds highest):

Asian-Americans taken as a group, actually have a higher life expectancy than native Japanese at almost 85 years:
Written By: anonymous
URL: http://
The difference with the Japanese is that they’ve put the onus on individual citizens to get their weight down, leaving it up to them to find a method. The approach the Democrats would take would be to blame whoever makes Twinkies.

I’m honestly not sure which is worse. Both are offensive in their way - but I guess at least the Japanese get results from their monitoring system. With the Democrats running one here, it would almost certainly paint the overweight as "victims" of advertising. There would be a completely irrational and inconsistent list of items that had to go, and these things would, of course, surreptitiously be supplemented by other things, as is always the case when programs target proxies rather than the source. The net effect would be that government was busier than ever intruding in the economy, and waistlines would stay about the same on average.
Written By: Joshua Herring
This may also explain why the suicide rate in Japan keeps going up. Last year it was around 35,000 cases.
Written By: JorgXMcKie
URL: http://
It is a "rational" response of the government, as the high cost care is usually obesity related. If you know that certain metabolic realities are going to raise your costs, then you need to change those realities.

High obesity is implicated in cancers, diabetes, strokes, coronary diseases etc. Since government is ’paying’ for those costs, this rule is a way of reducing them.

I am not surprised this has not come up before. And I do think it is a given that if we do get hillarycare, this kind of government reaction would follow very quickly, as so much of america’s health care expense is obesity related.

So you better put down that cheesecake right now if you know what is good for you.
Written By: Steven

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