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Al Sadr’s final gambit?
Posted by: McQ on Friday, June 27, 2008

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air alerts us to a Middle East Times report claiming the Mahdi Army of al-Sadr is dissolving into a small insurgent operation:
The Mehdi Army of Moqtada Sadr is evolving into a clandestine movement following Iraqi military operations targeting the group, intelligence suggests.

The military wing of the Sadrist Movement, the political party loyal to Shiite cleric Moqtada Sadr, is "turning itself into a secret armed organization," an Iraqi intelligence official told the Gulf News on condition of anonymity.

Iraqi intelligence reports suggest the group's numbers have dwindled from around 50,000 to as few as 150 in the past few years.

Intelligence officials credit decisions by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to launch military offensives against Shiite militants in the southern parts of the country as deterring the group. An Iraqi intelligence official reports as many as 2,000 Mehdi Army fighters were killed in recent operations in Basra, Sadr City and the provincial capital of Maysan, Amarah.
This, of course, is referring to the letter al-Sadr put out recently in which he said a new organization, which he backed (probably from Iran) would target US troops.

Interesting to note that the demise of the Mahadi army is credited to al Maliki's attack on them in Basra, where it was claimed the ISF failed. If al Sadr's influence has dropped from 50,000 to 150 hard-core insurgents who will eventually be caught or killed, it's pretty hard to call the result a failure.

Sadr has dropped all pretense of being part of the political solution with his declaration. It should also change how US forces view him (i.e. he should become a target). Of course I expect him to cower in Iran while he sends others to their death, but should the opportunity arise, I think it would certainly help the situation if he were to be removed from the scene.
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These 150 shall be the mightiest warriors of the Liberation...they shall smite the American Occupiers and their Pupets, hip and thigh...Doom... Quagmirey Doom...Decline...Dismay...Redeploy....Thank you.
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
I can’t wait for the next version of the French soldier dictum.

xxx being won. situation dire! retreat!
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
Can’t wait for Sadr to declare the mother of all battles.

You would think, after Saddam and Baghdad Bob, journalists would not be so credulous at declarations by fanatic Arab leaders such as Sadr. Well, you would think that if you thought journalists were not tools of the left.
Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://
So much for Mehdi victory in Basra .. 150 members .. LOL

I wonder what war the MSM was watching .. or did they just lose interest when the "wrong side" started to win.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
But there is justice in the world ..

Photos: Lara Logan Sex Scandal, "Laura" & Michael Ware Make the Tabs .. h/t
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
These gains are illusory. Sadr really beat Maliki, as I’ve explained many time to you guys here with logic so irrefutable that a halo of light surrounds it when you display the web page. Either that, or there’s something wrong with my monitor. This techie stuff you dense righties seem to understand is not really my strength. I’m sure I could understand it if I tried, but my calling is to apply my godlike powers of political science.

Anyway, I’m sure Sadr is going to come charging out of Iraq any time now. And if by some mischance Sadr’s efforts fail, others will rise to take his place. They are the Minutemen, and their numbers will rise, and they will win...

Oops. Sorry. I was just reviewing Michael Moore last night, and I guess it stuck in my mind. Anyway, you dense righties can’t possibly believe that this means anything. As I’ve explained before, there’s a magic funnel in the Iraqi desert that spawns terrorists the way online multiplayer games spawn monsters. They just appear, and some of them are charismatic leaders who brilliantly counter every strategy US soldiers can create. Seeing as how the soldiers are mostly dense righties like you guys, it’s not surprising that those noble savage brown warriors are able to constantly outthink them. Just like I’m able to constantly outthink all of you posters and commenters here. You should come on over to my blog to be exposed to more of my brilliance.
Written By: Ott Scerb
Questionable source. Look who owns The Middle East Times.

Middle East Times is a daily newspaper, owned by News World Communications, a corporation owned and operated by the Unification church = Sun Myung Moon.


Written By: Bob
URL: http://
Oops. Sorry. I was just reviewing Michael Moore last night, and I guess it stuck in my mind.
You forgot to mention that you were reviewing Moore in anticipation of showing his films to your honors class in Advanced IR Theory.
Written By: Martin McPhillips
Ott: you also forgot to tell us that just thinking about al-Sadr and what he and his Medhi Army are going to do to the US sends "a tingle up your leg."
Written By: jorgxmckie
URL: http://
Ott: you also forgot to tell us that just thinking about al-Sadr and what he and his Medhi Army are going to do to the US sends "a tingle up your leg."
You dense righties constantly accuse me of taking pleasure in the prospect of American defeat. But I don’t. It’s just that American defeat is the only way to achieve a bigger goal. The American Empire needs to be stopped in its tracks before more brown people are conquered for our insatiable oil lust.

Of course, you thick righties believe this war is not for oil. You fall for this "creating democracy" thing, which is such obvious hoo-hah, since those wogs in the Middle East will never be capable of rising above their noble savage passion for fundamentalist religion. I’m telling you, religion trumps everything over there, and Iran is going to win because of that, and the Iraqi Arabs will gladly submit to their Persian masters just because they are Shiite. The fact that Iraq has been the front line in Arab-Persion conflict for a few centuries is beside the point. They will unify against wicked American imperialism.

So forget the tingle in my leg stuff. Yes, I get them whenever I hear bad news for Americans out of Iraq, and whenever I see Iran pull another fast one on us, but it’s not pleasure. Oh, no. It’s just a signal that I need to redouble my efforts to convince you dense righties to give it up on Iraq, so that we wise leftists can take over and achieve world peace and make America just like Europe. And, if he’s not dead by then, make Jimmy Carter Secretary of State, and give him complete control over foreign affairs. Because he’s just brilliant. So brilliant, he causes tingles in my leg too.
Written By: Ott Scerb

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