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Obama: Even more of that "new" Politics
Posted by: McQ on Friday, June 27, 2008

Not that this should surprise any keen observer of politics, but there ain't nothin' new under the sun and Obama is again proving it:
Barack Obama has crafted an image as an unconventional candidate, a change agent and a post-partisan politician who represents a dramatic break from the status quo. But since securing the Democratic presidential nomination, when confronted with a series of thorny issues the Illinois senator has pursued a conspicuously conventional path, one that falls far short of his soaring rhetoric.

Faced with tough choices on fronts ranging from public financing and town hall meetings to warrantless surveillance and the Second Amendment, Obama passed up opportunities to take bold stands and make striking departures from customary politics. Instead, he has followed a familiar tack, straddling controversial issues and choosing politically advantageous routes that will ensure his campaign a cash edge and minimize damaging blowback on several highly sensitive issues.
The run to the center is always typified by this sort of non-stance stances. Whereas he needed to be to the left of Hillary Clinton to win the primaries, he now needs to be even with or slightly to the left of John McCain. Where he really stands on anything, then, is left for others to define.

He's thrown out two vague concepts -"hope" and "change" -to define his candidacy. When it comes to issues, he sways like a reed in the political winds of the general election.

He hopes to let voters define what "hope" and "change" mean to them and then hang that on his candidacy. They define it, he pretends to agree with it by talking in glittering generalities, he gets elected and then the political bill comes due. The voter suddenly discovers they're the victim of the usual political bait-and-switch game and the hope and change they hoped for haven't a chance in the reality of the system presently in place.

But by then it is too late, and the ex-Chicago Pol is picking Justices of the Supreme Court.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I think the public in a way want a do-nothing President. Bush took initiative on a few fronts, and the Left and the Media gave us 6 years of a hissy fit.

Both candidates want things that much or most of the public abhors. For example, many don’t want their lifestyles compromised by AGW mythology. They don’t want amnesty.

In light of that, a candidate that look least likely to accomplish his goals may seem more appealing.

The problem then becomes a question of whether Obama is really a do-nothing or has he just been holding back because his real policies would end his political carreer. The Presidency is effectively the end, so he no longer needs to hold back if he has.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
I think I figured out a way to scare off Obama’s swelling ranks of young supporters:

We must get the word out, and make sure that they all understand, that registering to vote puts your name in the hat for jury duty. I think that would just about do it.
Written By: Ronnie Gipper
URL: http://

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