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Canada: Hate-speech complaint dismissed against Maclean’s
Posted by: McQ on Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'd love to say "free speech 1, hate speech 0" but that's really not the case here:
The Canadian Human Rights Commission dismissed a hate speech complaint against Maclean's magazine on Friday in a decision the complainants blamed on "inappropriate political pressure."

Brought by Mohamed Elmasry, national president of the Canadian Islamic Congress, the complaint was the centrepiece of a three-pronged, cross-jurisdictional offence against Islamophobia in the national newsweekly, with columnists Mark Steyn and Barbara Amiel the main alleged offenders.

Specifically at issue was the article's publication on Maclean's website, not its print edition. The CHRC is the only such body that properly deals with hate spread via the Internet.
The reason it's not the case is the premise that a "human rights commission" can actually convict if it finds the complaint compelling enough still exists. The HRC has simply decided in this case, such evidence doesn't exist.

So for freedom loving Canadians, the same problem exists, and their freedom of speech is no safer now than before the ruling.

That means that Canadian bloggers and other rights activists need to keep an eye on these commissions and continue to give them the visibility necessary to pressure Canada into reconsidering this misguided curtailment of freedom.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I heard a lefty on TV say that Mark Steyn had perpetrated some real racist slurs on McLean’s and some other publications. If there any proof of this?
Written By: kyleN
Translation: We’re going to make this go away before this whole HRC gig gets ruined.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
To add, this basically got a lot of attention. They will cool it a bit until the public finds a new ’shiny’. Then they’ll go back at it again with medium sized fish and work their way up establishing precedent and tolerance for their conduct.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://

No, the only racist slurs were actually done by a HRC employee logged into a website under a pseudonym in order to trap someone in another case.

And THAT’S a proven fact.
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Kyle, what Shark said is true.
Written By: Mr Kennedy
URL: http://
...and the game really hasn’t changed even with this decision.

Although the federal Canadian Human Rights Commission decided not to proceed, there is still an active case in British Columbia (BC Human Rights Tribunal) against Macleans and Steyn. The BCHRT has stated that they also have national jusrisdiction because the magazine is available both provincially and nationally.

So, the BC case is actually the important one right now—it’s active and well in play; the Canadian Commission was sort of "on deck" thinking about what they might do, while the BCHRT is actually on the mound.

For probably the most detailed info on the whole mess, go to  
Written By: Ron Good
My html-fu was terrible. DON’T go to my site, go to Ezra Levant’s site.

—(I have no idea how I messed that link up in the previous post :-(
Written By: Ron Good
HRC employee logged into a website under a pseudonym in order to trap someone in another case
Yes, they actually joined stormfront and posted many racial slurs. As well, they hacked into a private citizen’s wifi to post these.

After the said employee left the HRC, he had full access to his own case files against the people he was issuing private suits against.

As the church lady would say, "Isn’t that just special"
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
And then there is this

Friendly tips from the Alberta Human Rights Commission help desk;
Ask the church to get a signed consent form from everyone, parents and children, everyone, stating that they are not forced to attend and are there of their own free will. Later he added that this consent should be drawn up by a lawyer who is familiar with the Human Rights Laws.

The church needs to contact the police to make sure they do not view the program as bordering on criminal activity—need to show them the curriculum so they know what is going on and do not arrive on the scene.
Wouldn’t Stalin be just proud of these bureaucrats
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://

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