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"Ich bin ein lightweight"?
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, July 05, 2008

What in the world, other than glittering generalities and hopey changitude, will Barack Obama have to offer anyone in a speech in front of the Brandenburg Gate for heaven sake?
Barack Obama's planned European tour might make a major whistlestop in front of the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The candidate's schedule isn't set, but a Berlin appearance before the end of July looks likely.

Plans for a visit by Barack Obama, the presumed Democratic candidate for President of the United States, have moved forward — slowly — in Berlin, where he may give a speech before the Brandenburg Gate this summer.
This is all about spectacle, not substance. This is show biz. And his handlers think they know where the audience he needs can be found.
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since when is any politics about substance?
Written By: slntax
URL: http://
I’d love to see a side-by-side comparison of whatever Obama says to JFK and Reagan’s Brandenburg gate speeches. The neo-com versus two cold warriors.
Written By: Ronnie Gipper
URL: http://
I listen to Obama’s speeches every day - the snippets they play on the various network news shows - and conclude with each passing speech that Obama has to be, without qualification, the least qualified man to have won his party’s nomination and come this close to becoming President of this country than any man in more than 150 years, and that includes Woodrow Wilson, who was only Governor of New Jersey for two years when he ran and won in 1912.

Even in his speeches, pre-written and sitting right in front of him, Obama sounds like he is a 7th grader who was accidentally placed in a college senior class and is so over his head that he just wings it and hopes that no one notices. Unless he is saying "hope" or "change," he stumbles for words, his ideas make no sense, and he says one thing on one day and something either completely different or somewhat different the next day. They asked on one show this past week: does Obama have principles? What kind of man tells a Jewish crowd on one day that Jerusalem will "always" be the capital of Israel (perhaps he needs to consult a map - that Tel Aviv is the present capital) and should never be divided, then tells a Muslim audience the next day that Arabs jointly own Jerusalem and that it should be the capital of a future Palestinian state?

Obama is not untested, unready, and shaky - he is giving me the sort of feeling that comes when you realize something truly bad is about to happen. I got that feeling on the morning of 9/11, when I saw that second plane hit the WTC towers. I got that feeling on January 28, 1986, when I heard that the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded. And I got that feeling on March 30, 1981, when I heard that Ronald Reagan had been shot and might die. It is a feeling that sits in the pit of your stomach and makes you feel rather ill.

Now, people can tell me to cut out the acting, but at my age to see a man so unqualified, so unsuited to be leading this country, and to hear so many people believe that not only will he win but that he is the second coming of the Messiah, or will change the world when we are war with radical Islam, I shake my head at what has truly gone wrong with my beautiful country. Can someone clue me in how the Democrats are poised to nominate this hack with 3 years of experience in the US Senate, who has done nothing to deserve being a US Senator, much less the President of the United States at a time of war, when he is so incredibly unqualified?

I am truly frightened for my future, the future of my family, the future of this country and of this world if this man should be elected. And I am not kidding. I see Obama speak and I believe we could be at the end of civilization itself. And that is no joke.
Written By: James Marsden
URL: http://
"I am truly frightened for my future, the future of my family, the future of this country and of this world if this man should be elected. And I am not kidding. I see Obama speak and I believe we could be at the end of civilization itself. And that is no joke."

Keep in mind that all of the other things that caused a pit in your stomach passed, and we are still standing. I don’t think Obama will be the end of civilization. I do think he will either end up being a boring moderate that does okay, or drunk with power, he and the Dems go bananas, but at the same time disillusion the electorate big time.
Written By: Harun
URL: http://
This is just the latest in the liberal sychophancy of Camelot. I almost threw up when Clinton and Gore stopped their bus tour for several photo ops where they were throwing a football like JFK had done in 1960. Unfortunately, despite its obvious transparency, Obamaniacs won’t care. They will buy into it and they will be more certain that Obama is the second coming of JFK.
Written By: jt007
URL: http://
I would not be surprised at all if he pulls a Dixie Chicks by saying something absolutely stupid and gets all surprised when the bitter rubes in flyover country get all upset over it.

Watching his handlers try to "clarify" his statements will be darn funny.

Anything likely to make a German crowd happy is pretty likely to tick off many Americans and vice-versa, as they’ve become much more anti-American in my personal-experience, anecdotal, opinion.
Written By: Veeshir
URL: http://

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