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Jackson and the old guard
Posted by: McQ on Thursday, July 10, 2008

To me the most interesting thing about the latest Jesse Jackson Sr. kerfuffle isn't that he has once again shot his mouth off and been caught doing so, or that he was once again taking offense where none was given, or even that he who loves to play Reverend was crude in doing so.

Nope, it's the reaction of his son to what he said that's the most interesting part of the dust up. He's not pleased:
"I'm deeply outraged and disappointed in Reverend Jackson's reckless statements about Senator Barack Obama. His divisive and demeaning comments about the presumptive Democratic nominee — and I believe the next president of the United States — contradict his inspiring and courageous career," wrote Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.), an Obama campaign co-chairman, in a statement sent out after word began spreading that his father had said something crude and deeply offensive.

The bold-faced text was his own. "Instead of tearing others down, Barack Obama wants to build the country up and bring people together so that we can move forward, together — as one nation. The remarks like those uttered on Fox by Reverend Jackson do not advance the campaign's cause of building a more perfect Union."
Old guard, new guard?

Fox claims it has withheld even more damaging rhetoric. But it really isn't necessary to hear more to understand that the old race warlords of the "cult of the victim" aren't going to give up their lucrative careers easily. Even if the candidate is black, he can't be "talkin' down" to "black folks". And it is clear that Jackson would like to symbolically castrate Obama by ensuring he never makes whatever mistake he supposedly made in that regard.

Jackson is simply another version of Jeremiah Wright. While it may be counter intuitive, both have a lot to lose if Obama is elected president. The highest glass ceiling in the land will have been shattered. It will be difficult to then claim to other blacks that you can't get there from here. The convenient crutch of institutional racism suddenly provides much less support and blacks will have to turn their examination inward instead of casting blame outward.

So Jackson wants to school Obama on how he should act and what he should say to ensure they both have continuing careers should Obama end up in the White House in January. Jackson wants to ensure that Obama's success is a "yea, but..." success - one that he can point to with pride and then say "yeah, but for the rest of the black population, the glass ceiling remains firmly in place."

If he's unable to say that, he may have to do something other than shake down corporations for guilt money in the coming years. And that just wouldn't do, would it?
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I speculate, (Somewhat tounge in cheek) at my place this morning, if this is planned so as to give Obama White street creds. On my way in this morning, I happened to overhear someone say words to the efefct that if Jackson is angry at Obama, maybe Obama’s not such a bad guy after all.

If there was a way to take some of the pressure off of Obama from white who simply wouldn’t vote for him, how to better do that than to demonstrate a split between Jackson... someone even liberla whites love to hate... and Obama?

On the other hand, let’s assume this display of anger is genuine... and you list a number of great reasons why, James...

What does this say for the much vaunted party and racial unity behind Obama?

And of particular note: Jackson does stand to lose a lot in the way of power if Obama wins... even absent this incident. This is an example of what I’ve been saying for years... that giving a Democrat exactly what they want is the worst thing you can do to them. What has Jackson’s cry been for years? A black President, or at least more black political leaders. He’s got one now, and he’s not happy. Why? Because problem being solved, he’s no longer got an axe to publicly grind, whereby he makes his money, and obrtains his power.
Written By: Bithead
(James?... Yeah, I know... I had a different letter working in another window and got distracted)
Written By: Bithead
He’s got one now, and he’s not happy.
The Reverand was only not happy when Obama starting talking like blacks have problems they themselves should remedy.

It’s all part of Obama’s move to the middle whether or not the Reverand was a witting accomplice.
Written By: Arcs
URL: http://
Interesting reaction from the local Chicago news media. For years they’ve run interference for Jackson, but now he’s insulted the wrong guy. Suddenly Jackson’s old allies in the media have turned on him, as if this is an unnatural gaffe in an otherwise pristine career.
Written By: the wolf
URL: http://
When I weigh the pros and cons of each candidate, I can only conclude that an Obama victory will be a net benefit for the country.
*An Obama victory would gut the victim culture of black America and put shakedown artists like Jackson out of business.
*While an Obama defeat would reinvigorate the victim culture, because it would be so easy to sling around the charge, "See, America didn’t vote for Obama cause it is a racist country!"

This doesn’t even touch the huge downside to electing McCain.
So I say, "Lets elect Obama." I think the U.S. is strong enough to survive one inexperienced, idealistic, speechifier. He will likely over reach in his first year (like Clinton did) and usher in some actual libertarian friendly legislators. Sure, it will feel like the biggest affrimative action hire ever, but there is even some delicious irony in that.
Written By: Tim M
URL: http://
Now, lads, getting a son to turn on his father like that, that’s the sort of thing that really evinces the totalitarian spirit.

I guess once Grandma went under the bus, everyone was fair game.
Written By: Martin McPhillips
*An Obama victory would gut the victim culture of black America and put shakedown artists like Jackson out of business.
Ahhhhhhh! That’s a funny one. Good one, Tim. You had me going there for a second.

Obama, of course, is a product of the victim culture. That’s where he’s been learning the ropes and ladders of politics for his entire adult life. He’s not just from the victim culture, he’s from the very furthest extreme end of it—the Jeremiah Wright, Father Pfleger, James Cone end of it, and he is not coming to put an end to it, but to make it the centerpiece of American society.

In his "just get the power, Barack" effort to become President of the United States, Obama knows how the con has to be played, until after the election, when he will move to the place he comes from.
Written By: Martin McPhillips
Jackson being Jackson is only news for the Liberals in the audience. Like so many other instances in this campaign, the Clinton’s acting like the Clinton’s, etc.

It’s only a big surprise to the reality based community.
These people are surprised when ducks quack and waddle.
Written By: looker
URL: http://

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