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Well at least he didn’t blame Bush
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, July 12, 2008

Amazing stuff these bright guys who represent us come up with:
A top Democrat told high school students gathered at the U.S. Capitol Thursday that climate change caused Hurricane Katrina and the conflict in Darfur, which led to the “black hawk down” battle between U.S. troops and Somali rebels.
No. Really.

I mean what is wrong with you - all you have to do is connect the dots:
“In Somalia back in 1993, climate change, according to 11 three- and four-star generals, resulted in a drought which led to famine,” said Markey.

“That famine translated to international aid we sent in to Somalia, which then led to the U.S. having to send in forces to separate all the groups that were fighting over the aid, which led to Black Hawk Down. There was this scene where we have all of our American troops under fire because they have been put into the middle of this terrible situation,” he added.
Climate change = drought = famine.

According to 11 (not 1 or 2, but 11) 3 and 4 star generals, hmmm?


No mention of that civil war that was going on is there?
Following the downfall of President Siad Barre in 1991, a civil war broke out in Somalia between the faction supporting Interim President Ali Mahdi Mohamed and that supporting General Mohamed Farah Aidid. The United Nations, in cooperation with the Organization of African Unity (OAU) and other organizations, sought to resolve the conflict. The Secretary-General in 1991 dispatched an envoy to whom all faction leaders expressed support for a United Nations peace role. The United Nations also became engaged in providing humanitarian aid, in cooperation with relief organizations. The war had resulted in nearly 1 million refugees and almost 5 million people threatened by hunger and disease.
And then to make matters worse, while addressing Katrina, this intellectual powerhouse was reduced to quoting the Goracle:
Markey also told the students that there no longer exists any debate about whether or not disasters like Katrina are caused by climate change.

“There now is no question that this harm is being caused by human activity,” said Markey. “It’s warming up the planet and melting the glaciers. There is an underwater heat wave going on. The waters get warmer and warmer and that intensifies the storms and creates even greater havoc when those storms reach land.”

The planet is running a fever. It’s heating up but there is no emergency rooms for planets,” he said. “The worst consequences affect the planet — not only New Orleans — but the whole planet.
Last, but certainly not least, his parting words to the children:
“Back 100 years ago, women rose up and said we want the right to vote, and they were successful,” he said. “Now, you are like the green generation and you are rising up and saying we must ensure the planet does not suffer the worst consequences of climate change.”
Oh. My head hurts.

In case some of you still don't know who this guy is he's Rep. Edward Markey (D-Mass.), chairman of the House (Select) Energy Independence and Global Warming Committee.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

And of course the Democrats’ solution is (surprise!) to give more control of our lives to a government run by them.
Written By: Kevin R
URL: http://
Truly an incredible display of ignorance and stupidity by someone who is alledgedly well educated. With over 30 years in Congress one would think he would have picked up some knowledge of the world and US foreign policy.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
Markey also holds the Rube Goldberg Chair of Political Science at Berkeley.
Written By: Achillea
URL: http://
Nice Achillea - now you’ve insulted Rube Goldberg. ;)
Written By: McQ
Because, as everyone knows, until Katrina, no hurricane had ever reached catagory three before.

Who elects these people?

Maybe if Massachusetts doesn’t want to secede from the union we can kick their asses out.
Written By: Rougman
URL: http://
I know literacy tests for voters are not acceptable these days, but how about literacy tests for candidates?
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
Mr. Markey has been a fierce opponent of nuclear power for those 30 years. I’ve watched the guy spin all sorts of lies and distortions against the technology and the people who work in it.

He’s even worst than Senator Barbara Boxer.
Written By: Joseph Somsel
URL: http://
Check your sources!

This story originated at CNSNews which is *not* a reliable news source.

Most likely false.
Written By: deweyp
URL: http://
It is CNS (not CNSNews) and I’ve used them as a source many times in the past without any problems with "reliability".

My guess is your "reliability" problem with them has more to do with them reporting things you’d prefer weren’t reported vs. a credibility problem.
Written By: McQ
"chairman of the House (Select) Energy Independence and Global Warming Committee"

Is ’select’ something like ’special’? Do they ride to committee meetings in the short limo?
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
Bzzzt. Thank you for playing. I’m as much of an awg denier as anyone you might find. It’s just that this story was too far fetched and my BS alarm went off. Your link goes directly back to Check what wikipedia says about them:

Try to find any copy of this story on the net that doesn’t end up as a link back to cnsnews at some point. No reputable source for this story.

Written By: deweyp
URL: http://
Bzzzt. Thank you for playing.
Actually you’re the one playing and I’ve noticed you been pushing your nonsense all over the net - with no results.

Can’t imagine why.
Written By: McQ
When will We the People put these morons on trial for perjury and lying to the ’Children’. For false propaganda and crimes against humanity.

What he has aspoused as ’truth’ is a bold face LIE.

He is as commy-piggish as they come. I as a scientist (Physics) know the truth, and man has nothing to do with global warming. It is solar related, it is oceanic related. CO2 is good for mankind and these poor losers HATE humankind. Dafur is due to a Fascist idiot and moronic tribal rivalries. Katrina was less violent that the Hurricane that hit Galveston, Less violent than Andrew.

This idiot is spewing lies and corrupting the pliable minds of young people. He should be held accountable.

That global warming has nothing to do with the more violent Hurricanes. In FACT, (that is truth for you liberla bone heads) Cooler temperatures cause Hurricanes to be more violent and frequent NOT WARMING.

Abraham Lincoln would have had these so-called statesmen HUNG for crimes against the state.

If you are from this Communists precinct you should call for a trial and impeachment.

To hell with them all!
Written By: Kukee American
URL: http://
Actually, check other sources instead of wikipedia. They are VERY biased regarding global warming and do not allow any resources that state anything contrary to what they believe. ICECAP has some pretty extensive articles about the wikipedia bias.
Written By: evilleramsfan
URL: http://
Actually, check other sources instead of wikipedia.
Heh ... yup. When someone comes here and claims your source is biased and uses Wikipedia as his source, it really doesn’t even deserve a reply.

Usually you’re laughing too hard to do so anyway.
Written By: McQ

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