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Pinch hitting for Pedro Borbon... Manny Mota... Mota... Mota...
Posted by: MichaelW on Saturday, July 12, 2008

It happens. You think you're in a dead-end position, destined to blog the rest of your posts out as a two-bit never-was in some forgotten corner of the blogosphere, living off of canned links and stale news. And then, out of the blue ... you get the call to The Show. "Here's you're chance, kid" they chide you in a dry tone that says "we've seen you're type before. Don't blow it."

"I won't" you tell yourself to chants of "Roooo D! Roooo D!" running 'round you head. "I won't."

So here I am. I promise to give 110%. Day in and day out. It's all about the team. I don't need to make the big plays. I just want to contribute.

Anyway ...

All kidding aside, I am incredibly flattered for this opportunity, and honored at being invited to contribute here at QandO. I hope to bring something fresh to the table. The proof will be in the pudding on that score.

For those of you wondering who I am, you can find a profile (with a picture taken by my just-turned 5 year old) at my other blog , A Second Hand Conjecture, where I will still be contributing.

I tend to blog in a rather free-form manner, meaning that I seek to raise more questions than I answer, so I'm often learning about whatever the subject is along with anybody who reads my meanderings. Comments enlighten me in that regard, so I hope I can generate some.

And so, with apologies to Sartre, let's get on with it ...

UPDATE [McQ]: QandO is very happy to have MichaelW on board. We've admired his wit, style and substance from afar and just couldn't keep from finally inviting him to become a part of this blog.

I thought about announcing his acceptance of the invitation to blog here, but heck, it's much more fun to let new bloggers announce themselves. Now that he's done so I want to say officially that we're proud to have Michael as one of our contributors. I know you'll all enjoy him.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Woo Hoo!

Welcome aboard Michael!

Or Manny ...

Or ...
Written By: McQ
Happy to be here. Hope I didn’t jump the gun, but I’m the kind of guy that car salesmen salivate over because once you give me the keys to a car I like, I’m driving it home.

BTW, should I have included a link re the title, or do you think people will get it?
Written By: MichaelW

One minor quibble....for a second there I thought you put "Guillermo Mota" and I almost threw up in a my mouth a little
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Hope I didn’t jump the gun, but I’m the kind of guy that car salesmen salivate over because once you give me the keys to a car I like, I’m driving it home.
No, I meant it - I thought about a post introducing you but thought, "nah, he’ll do it when he’s ready."

Have fun with the car, bring it back with a full tank.
Written By: McQ
Welcome to QandO, Michael! It was a real pleasure meeting you last year, it’s been fun reading ASHC, and I’m looking forward to your contributions here.
Written By: Bryan Pick

I’m guessing your aversion to Guillermo comes from his stint with the Mets and not his current gig with the Brewers?


Full tank. Got it.


I really enjoyed meeting you as well. Glad to be blogging with you.
Written By: MichaelW
I figure anyone who can quote AIRPLANE!! from memory, and in context, has something going for them.

Written By: Bithead

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