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I blame the Republicans
Posted by: McQ on Monday, July 14, 2008

Willem Buiter of the Financial Times does a pretty good job of laying out the Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae debacle. I don't necessarily agree with his solutions, but he does hit the high points as to why they're in trouble.

What I found much more interesting than his description and his solutions was this passage hinted at in his title:
There are many forms of socialism. The version practiced in the US is the most deceitful one I know. An honest, courageous socialist government would say: this is a worthwhile social purpose (financing home ownership, helping my friends on Wall Street); therefore I am going to subsidize it; and here are the additional taxes (or cuts in other public spending) to finance it.

Instead the dishonest, spineless socialist policy makers in successive Democratic and Republican administrations have systematically tried to hide both the subsidies and size and distribution of the incremental fiscal burden associated with the provision of these subsidies, behind an endless array of opaque arrangements and institutions. Off-balance-sheet vehicles and off-budget financing were the bread and butter of the US federal government long before they became popular in Wall Street and the City of London.
He nails it. And he properly nails both Democrats and Republicans as well. But as far as I'm concerned, it is Republicans and Republican administrations which deserve the lion's share of the blame. It isn't a secret that Democrats are far too comfortable with moving us toward socialism and if you listen to Barack Obama, such a desire is plainly evident when he gives any specificity to his usual generalizations.

However it is Republicans who, over the years, have bought into the socialist premises which have led to the existence of such institutions. It is their complicity through the decades that have ensured not only their implementation, but their survival.

You can't fault a dog when it acts like a dog. Democrats pushing socialism are Democrats acting naturally. But Republicans, given their rhetoric and supposed principles, don't have that excuse at all. In reality their problem has been lack of will, lack of spine and lack of principles. Or at least the principles they've claimed for at least a century.

Now, again, we see something government initiated, cobbled together and promised to oversee teetering and creaking and making noises that sound like collapse. And the solution?

Why more government of course - and more of your money.


[Note to commenters: if you plan to use the word socialism in your comment, please write it like this: soci*lism. The reason you have to do that is socialism also has the word "cialis" in it which we filter to cut down the comment spam]
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trying to post something with innocuous words and getting a rejection from it.
Written By: kyleN
The word is "soci*lism" and it is because it has "ci*lis" in it which is a banned spam word.
Written By: McQ
maybe if "soci*lism" really had "ci*lis" it it then it might be worthwhile. On second though, nah
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
There are many forms of soci@lism. The version practiced in the US is the most deceitful one I know.
I couldn’t agree more. One of my very close friends is from India, although he grew up mostly in Egypt and Britain. He’s quite familiar with soci@list nations and how they work. He’s fond of pointing out that the U.S. is a soci@list nation, it’s just not obvious about it. He usually says this while I nod my head vigorously.
Written By: MichaelW
Well, any way the most of the rest of the world is moving towards free markets and we are moving back to Marxism (I hope Upjohn doesn’t come out with "Arxisipex" for canker sores.)

I grow weary of the battle, it is hard trying to convince so many ignorant people that they really are better off with smaller government. I am just glad that I got to a point where I can weather the storm financially. We are in for a world of suckiness, coming soon.
Written By: kyleN
Since the Democrats openly support big government, they at least try and make t wrok well. Of late the Republican goal seems to be to make incompetant government a self fulfilling proficy for everyone except their core supporters. Until the Republicans are ready to govern well when in power, I would just as soon take my chances with the Democrats.
Written By: Bill F
URL: http://

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