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Moving the goal posts
Posted by: McQ on Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I really can't blame Julian Bond for this. After all, we're talking about the end of an industry.
Racial disparity will remain an issue in America, regardless of whether Barack Obama is elected as the nation's first black president, the chairman of the NAACP told the organization's national convention Sunday night.

Julian Bond, a veteran civil rights leader, said Obama's candidacy doesn't "herald a post-civil rights America, any more than his victory in November will mean that race as an issue has been vanquished in America."

But he drew loud applause when he said the country, and "all of us here," are taking pride in the success in this year's campaign by a candidate who couldn't have stayed in some cities' hotels a few decades ago.
Of course, if I were a betting man, I'd bet that for the majority of America (I probably should say white America) an Obama victory will signal our entry into a "post-civil rights America". The Bonds, Jacksons and Wrights of the world aren't going to like it, but in fact, it will be time to move on.

Obviously racists will still exist and racial harmony will be something we continue to work to improve. But it is going to be very difficult to sell victimhood to most Americans with a black man sitting in the Oval Office.

I'm afraid this attempt at moving the goal posts won't gain much traction.

Now should he lose ...
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I suspect that, once Obama wins and the white-guilt vote no longer matters, there will be a conscious effort to say Obama’s plight and obstacles are different than the average Black American’s. Therefore, things have improved slightly, but there’s been no substantial change.

OTOH, I don’t expect an Obama victory at the moment. I think the polls need to be heavily in Obama’s favor. The soft (and hard) racist legacy of the Democrat party will make Democrats who publicly answer Obama on poll, pull McCain when the time comes.

The New Yorker cover is a testament that the Left is fixated on race. And the ’soft racism of low expectations’ which excuses high crime rates, teen pregnancy rates, low test score, etc. is fueled by a part of the liberal community from a belief of inferiority they secretly harbor.

New Orleans & Katrina is another example of this. What happened there in terms of person on person crime and misery was severely exaggerated. A large part of that was to attack Bush by exaggerating of the severity situation (property damage was a different issue). It was an easy sell among the Left that New Orleans would go ’Lord of the Flies’ in its moment of strife and isolation because it was a ’Black City’. They didn’t flinch at the idea of it.

As for the hard racist legacy, guess which lever Sen. Byrd is going to pull?

In other words, its the left that’s not ready to move into a post-civil rights era.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
Racism is an intellectually bankrupt notion. It’s is a collectivist, top down perspective that views the collective as a more essential factor of who someone is than their individuality, specifically due to genetics. What is NOT an intellectually bankrupt idea, however, is culturalism, at least insofar as one set of cultural idea/beliefs can be "superior" to another. Barrack Obama is a stark illustration of this, and the race-hustling poverty pimps that have dominated "Black leadership" since April 4, 1968 aren’t happy about it.

While BHO is a 1st generation African American, ethnically, his mother was white, and his father was an African black man who was educated and in no way African Americanized. Barrack was raised in a "white value system" that valued academic and professional achievement, and that didn’t glorify criminal behavior under the ruse of "sticking it to the man".

We are who we are because of the ideas we hold in our heads. Barring physical or mental disaster (illness, deformity, retardation, etc.), in a free society those ideas alone are the limiting factor in who we are. That is, in a nutshell, another way of stating the "American Dream". Whether he wins or not, Barrack Obama has already demonstrated this to a lot of folks who have had their minds poisoned by ideological prejudice against the accomplishments of people like Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, Thomas Sowell, and literally millions of average, everyday African Americans who work hard, do the best they can, and don’t blame other people for whatever difficulties they face in life to the degree that their difficulties both rule and define them. In this, Barrack Obama is upsetting the current convention, which is a collection of clever but short-sighted and selfish clowns who sell the culture of victimhood for personal power and aggrandizement.

I think it is folly, however, that we think this marks the end of that. The best we can hope for is that this marks the beginning of the end of it. The power that it imparts to its direct practitioners is too great, and the political left is too heavily invested in victimhood to let any of it go without a serious fight.
Written By: Augustus
URL: http://
I do not agree with you, Racism will still be the big boogy man. Look, most of the largest cites in the USA have had Black mayors, and Black police chiefs, and yet those are the cities where there are the most cries of Racism!

Nothing will change.
Written By: kyleN
I think Bruce has this one right.
I’ve been saying for years now that the worst thing you can do for a liberal is actually solve a problem, because the problem existing is his path to power. Solve the probelem.. such as racism as an example, and the path to power goes away.
As such, Bon’d reaction is altogether predictable.

Only two minor differences... win or lose, but particularly if Obama proves to be a disappointment, we’ll hear from Bond and his like all about how Obama is only half black, and therefore Bond and the NAACP is still relevant.

Written By: Bithead
"As for the hard racist legacy, guess which lever Sen. Byrd is going to pull?"

That, my friend, is a very interesting question.
Written By: Harun
URL: http://

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