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A Note of Introduction
Posted by: Lance on Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good Morning everybody, Dale and McQ have kindly invited me to post on what has to be considered my first love of the blog world, QandO. This probably shows that they are unwise, but given the infrequency of my posting over the past few months, and absence from the comment sections here, where I once spent so much time, I expect the regrets may be few. Lucky for all of you I suppose.


For those who are not familiar with me, my name is Lance Paddock. Myself, Michael, and a former denizen of QandO's comment section, The Poet Omar, started a little blog known as A Secondhand Conjecture three years ago almost to the day.

I'll still be posting there, but I cannot express how much it means to be able to set up shop here as well. Jon, Dale and McQ have been great supporters, sources of advice, and frankly, sanity in a rather insane blogosphere. Having never met them in person, I can honestly call them friends. I have great respect for the other writers here as well, even Michael.

I am married, have four kids, the oldest a senior at Vanderbilt, the youngest a nine year old girl. Two cats and a puppy live with me.

My academic background is history, professional occupation is in the investment world. I suspect, because right now it takes up most of my time, that I will mostly be posting on economic and finance topics for now. No investment advice however, for that you have to visit my own blog on that topic, Risk and Return.

I will say that I have been, and remain, gloomier about the economy than many. It has been said that great investors maintain what Galbraith called "a durable sense of doom." I don't know about being a great investor, but the sense of how awry many things had gotten has served me well. So far our accredited discretionary accounts are up since the top of the market. For the sake of many I hope my pessimism comes back to haunt me, it isn't always fun "dancing on gravestones," but I don't think so.

Still, we will probably muddle through, and hopefully you will be kind as I try and do the same here.
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It’ll never work. We’re doomed. We’re all gonna die.
Written By: Billy Beck
URL: http://www.two—
... and so close on the heels of Michael’s arrival, a hearty Welcome Aboard to you, Lance! A possibly helpful note: you may not get a lot of comments on a long, well-considered piece about finance and the economy, but people read and appreciate those articles nonetheless. They just don’t have much to add. That’s been my observation with Dale’s posts of that kind.
We’re all gonna die.
More Keynes than Galbraith, wouldn’t you say?
Written By: Bryan Pick
More Keynes than Galbraith, wouldn’t you say?
In the long run, yes it is;^)
you may not get a lot of comments on a long, well-considered piece about finance and the economy
Then that will not be a change for me. Long I can handle, well considered....I am working on it.

Great to be working with you Bryan.
Written By: Lance
What I want to know is what is your stance on our War of Nazi-Like Aggression on the Iraqi People and the dreadful almost certainly IRREVERSBLE damage it has done to the United States’ power and prestige in the world?

Do you think we should surrender in 16 months or immediately? Should we merely imprison the Neo-con War Mongers or should we torture them first?
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
Torture them, lots of torture. No water boarding, I am talking the painful drawn out stuff with lots of cutting, blood and goes on for days. Prison is too good for those who have slaughtered the Iraqi people and engaged in torture. They need to learn that no crime justifies torture, and only going through it will convince them that it is never justified for any reason at all.
Written By: Lance
I like Lance do you have a degree in Political Science? If not have you thought of getting ONE, preferably from one of the under-rated Northern Tier Public Universities, oh like say one in Maine?
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
ok, now I am just dreadfully depressed and jealous...

Oh well, off to my internetless home and onto a motorcycle event in OH. Maybe I’ll be able to find an old triumph, or Harley motor to build a project this winter off of...

While I’m glad you two got the opportunity, I dread what will happen at the old place.
Written By: Keith_Indy
Don’t worry keith. Management has negotiated an exclusive content deal for ASHC. In fact, I have already started posting again. Michael however is being neglectful.
Written By: Lance
Oh, and post something why don’t ya. Did you get my e-mails by the way?
Written By: Lance

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