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Soliciting questions for Bob Barr
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, July 26, 2008

I'll be on a blogger conference call with Bob Barr this Monday evening.

I'd be interested in any worthwhile (key word there) questions you might want to have asked of him.

This is a serious inquiry, so I'll be moderating the comment section on this post and blowing away any that don't meet the standard. I want to have a concise list of those questions sitting in the comment section and up on my screen during the call without having to wade through a bunch of irrelevant stuff. Not that I don't enjoy most of the irrelevant stuff that ends up in our comment section, but not on this one.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

I’ll try my hand. Just foreign policy for now:

1. Bob Barr’s website insists that "American foreign policy should emphasize swift, decisive and winning action against those who vowed would harm us. This means defense, not foreign intervention." With the commodification of nuclear weapons technology by the A.Q. Khan network and the accelerating proliferation of technology that can be used to cheaply create biological weaponry, however, we may not know who is trying to harm us — in fact, it may not even be possible to determine who struck us after the fact. How should the United States respond to these novel threats, if not with an active hand in global affairs?

2. Bob Barr has contrasted an interventionist, global American presence with a policy of freer trade and an expanding free market. Given the expansion of trade for several decades, are the two incompatible?

3. Bob Barr’s site also contends that "A continued U.S. presence in Iraq emboldens both insurgents and terrorists, and discourages the Iraqi government from taking control of promoting peace and prosperity in Iraq." Concurrent with the evident success of our change in strategy, which actually increased the U.S. presence in Iraq, the Iraqi government has taken an increasing initiative in taking the fight to the insurgents and terrorists, as evidenced by the Basra offensive. Why should we believe that a continued U.S. presence — until the Iraqis feel secure enough to go on without us — will make things worse?
Written By: Bryan Pick
Your post: "...I’ll be moderating the comment section on this post and blowing away any that don’t meet the standard." shows that you are doing exactly what the Presidential Debate Commission is doing. They are "blowing away" candidates like Barr and others whom they don’t like by using their prerogative to set the criteria for participation so high that only the two main parties qualify for the debates. Barr will not likely poll the 15% required for admission to the debates. What are his plans? Will he and other third party candidates set up their own debates and seek media attention, or will he resort to renting a blimp, like Ron Paul?

Written By: J. Tyler Ballance
URL: http://
At the risk of adding to the inanity, I’m going to respond to the previous comment and then hope both of these comments bite aether.
you are doing exactly what the Presidential Debate Commission is doing. They are "blowing away" candidates like Barr and others whom they don’t like by using their prerogative to set the criteria for participation so high that only the two main parties qualify for the debates.
J, McQ is requesting we the commenters provide questions to ask a certain candidate. That is the exact opposite of pushing said candidate out of debate.

McQ, maybe you should ask him what he thinks should be done about the dreadful quality of contemporary political debate, especially from the Left (cf Billy Hollis’s comment in the Harry Reid video thread).
Written By: cb
URL: http://
This is more of a comment than a question. I have often found my views of things very similar to the libertarian view. The big difference is foreign policy. Libertarian philosophy often seemed grounded in the assumption that most people want to deal with one another in a rational manner, and when that does not occur, only then should intervention take place. I think this is a fine view for criminal matters. I do not think it is a very sound foreign policy though. It is too fraught with danger, as there are peoples in the world that want nothing more than to harm US and western citizens.

Can Bob Barr and the libertarians understand that the biggest impediment to have a national party is their foreign policy positions?
Written By: Mike
URL: http://
I will give it a shot. On Mr Barr’s website he states:

We need to sharply increase the number of economically productive people allowed to enter the U.S. Americans benefit greatly from such immigration.

What does Mr Barr consider a fair number of legal immigrants?

Written By: Dawnsblood
URL: http://
I’d suggest asking Mr. Barr about his agreement with Mr. Gore on measures and policies related to global warming and our need to radically alter our lifestyles and hamstring our economy and future by kowtowing to power hungry bureacrats despite all evidence pointing against mankind having an effect on the climate.

That kids, is what is known as a run on sentence. Seriously though, Barr came out recently endorsing Gore’s environmental policies after his latest love fest with Congress. As far as I was aware, Barr is calling himself a libertarian. How can he and still endorse the massive power grab adopting Gore’s ideas would create?

Also, ask his opinion on the proposed new emissions rules put forward by the EPA and the "All of the Above" energy plan (H.R. 6384).
Written By: Ryan
Even though I agree with some of Barr’s identification of foreign policy issues, foreign aid being one of them, his foreign policy views for the most part a cast back to a nostalgic 1800 era when one could take an isolationist view of involvement in world events. It’s a view that is ostrich-like in seeing the differences of then and now, and, as such, there is very little likelihood of my voting for him.

I noticed on his web page that he covered "Foreign Intervention and Foreign Bases" and "Iraq", but, surprisingly, he left out a page explaining his position on what will be the most salient war and intervention issue he will need to address if he becomes president — Afghanistan. Ask him why and when he will add it.
Written By: Dusty
URL: http://
Q: What practical steps are your campaign and the Libertarian Party taking to ensure that you show up as an option on national polls, thus giving you a smidgen of a chance of getting into the (obviously rigged) Presidential Debates?
Written By: ondigo
URL: http://
What foreign policy do you suggest the United States adopt to deal with hostile non-state actors?

Would you have denied Chrysler or Freddie/Fannie government bailouts?

How do you reconcile running for political office to acquire power with a philosophy dedicated to devolving power?

What is your best estimate of how many million Americans will be thrown out of work within three years if the United States returned to a gold standard?

Would a 1% reduction in the federal budget annually for your four years in office be practical? If so, how?

Will your vetted appointees be required to be knowledgable about the Philosophy of Human Rights (, especially in the Justice Department, State, and the General Staff?
Written By: a Duoist
Dear Bob, why did you support the PATRIOT Act? Dear Bob, if you had won the Republican primary for US Senate you would not now be running as a Libertarian, right? In fact, are you not just another unemployed politician looking for another 15 minutes at the trough? Lastly, who told you the moustache “works” for you?

Yes I know these will not be asked and will be deleted...I just couldn’t help myself.
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
What is your stants on abolishing the Federal Reserve and returning to the Gold Standard to get back to sound money?

There has been a lot of media coverage (enough to make me sick) of the Barack Obama trip to the Middle East and Europe. Do you think that such campaigning outside of the United States with foreign leaders takes away from what the real objective of campaigning should be in dealing with issues state side? and if not, is there a possibibility of going over yourself to get on the international stage and get support from the troops and foreign leaders. I feel the Libertarian idea on foreign policy would be something that would be favorable to foreign leaders and might go a long way to proving to the American public that you ARE the right man for the job.

Written By: michael
Assuming a debate with Obama and McCain is unlikely are you pursuing a nationally televised debate with Nader?
Written By: Haigh
URL: http://
Expanding on Dawnsblood’s question:
I will give it a shot. On Mr Barr’s website he states:

We need to sharply increase the number of economically productive people allowed to enter the U.S. Americans benefit greatly from such immigration.

What does Mr Barr consider a fair number of legal immigrants?
What (high-level) specific changes to INS procedures do you envision to make it possible for "transform(ing) our immigration bureaucracy and process that both impede legal immigration and encourage illegal immigration" to work? Obviously the details are important, but what I’m aiming for here are the specific types of changes to make it not take forever to come here legally for people we want to encourage to immigrate.
Written By: Bill W.
URL: http://
As President, would you pardon non-violent marijuana offenders currently in Federal prison or with past convictions? If so, are there any other broad categories of people punished for breaking unjust laws who you would pardon?

As President, to what degree, if any, would you claim the prerogative to not enforce laws you hold to be unconstitutional? With specific examples, please.

As President, if the Congress refused to accept the elimination of an unnecessary Executive Department (say, the Department of Education), would you consider refusing to nominate anyone to fill the high-ranking offices (Secretary, Undersecretary, etc.) in that department, leaving them vacant?

Written By: Andy Craig
URL: http://
This may seem like an insignificant issue to most, but it is important to me and it is my opinion that the candidate has not addressed this issue.

While a congressman, Rep. Bob Barr tried to get legislation passed that would forbid the military from allowing Wiccans the use of chapel facilities and would force the military to no longer recognize Wicca as a religion.

As someone who is both an Air Force veteran and a Wiccan, this issue is actually of great concern to me. Moreso given that while the candidate has released statements repudiating former votes on other issues, he has made no mention of this issue at any time during his candidacy.

Does Mr. Barr feel that all religions should be equal before the law?
Written By: Jason Gonella
I want to know more about his opinions on victim less crimes.
Written By: Scott Alexander
URL: http://

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