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AQ, Obama and Kissinger
Posted by: McQ on Thursday, July 31, 2008

On the day combat tours in Iraq were cut from 15 to 12 months we hear this:
The leader of the Sunni insurgent group al-Qaeda in Iraq and several of his top lieutenants have recently left Iraq for Afghanistan, according to group leaders and Iraqi intelligence officials, a possible further sign of what Iraqi and U.S. officials call growing disarray and weakness in the organization.

U.S. officials say there are indications that al-Qaeda is diverting new recruits from going to Iraq, where its fighters have suffered dramatic setbacks, to going to Afghanistan and Pakistan, where they appear to be making gains.
So tell me again how Iraq was a 'diversion' from the main fight against AQ in Afghanistan?

And tell me again how Iraq wasn't, in fact, the "central front" in the fight against AQ?

AQ obviously thought it was, committed vastly more terrorists to its effort there than Afghanistan, openly called it the "central front" in its war against the US and is now diverting its assets from that effort because it has become an unmitigated disaster for them.

On a related subject, Dr. Henry Kissinger makes a stab at diplomatically pointing the out the obvious to the Obama campaign and the Democrats:
The U.S. presidential campaign has been so long and so intense that it seems to operate in a cocoon, oblivious to changes that should alter its premises. A striking example is the debate over withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq.

Over the past year, many have proposed setting a deadline for withdrawal. Proponents have argued that a date certain would compel the Iraqi government to accelerate the policy of reconciliation; would speed the end of the war; and would enable the United States to concentrate its efforts on more strategically important regions, such as Afghanistan. Above all, they argued, the war was lost, and withdrawal would represent the least costly way to deal with the debacle.

These premises have been overtaken by events. Almost all objective observers agree that major progress has been made on all three fronts of the Iraq war: Al-Qaeda, the Sunni jihadist force recruited largely from outside the country, seems on the run in Iraq; the indigenous Sunni insurrection attempting to restore Sunni predominance has largely died down; and the Shiite-dominated government in Baghdad has, at least temporarily, mastered the Shiite militias that were challenging its authority. After years of disappointment, we face the need to shift gears mentally to consider emerging prospects of success.


Establishing a deadline is the surest way to undermine the hopeful prospects. It will encourage largely defeated internal groups to go underground until a world more congenial to their survival arises with the departure of American forces. Al-Qaeda will have a deadline against which to plan a full-scale resumption of operations. And it will give Iran an incentive to strengthen its supporters in the Shiite community for the period after the American withdrawal. Establishing a fixed deadline would also dissipate assets needed for the diplomatic endgame.
Shorter version - "The facts have changed but your position hasn't. It makes you look stubborn and unwilling to admit your mistakes. Isn't that your criticism of George Bush?"

Kissinger goes on to point out that he is a friend of McCain's and occasionally advises him. But his point is valid regardless of any relationship. Timelines have no business being considered in what is emerging as a success for the reasons Kissinger outlines.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Erb? Erb? Erb? Erb?
Written By: Joel C.
URL: http://
Tell me again how al Qaeda in Iraq in not affiliated with al Qaeda in Afghanistan/Pakistan.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
... I don’t agree with McCain on a number of topics, but I do believe he has principals and a backbone. He is not
willing to say anything to get elected.

I can’t say the same for Obama who is turning out to be more like Bush than McCain; Obama is at least as arrogant as W, just more polished. Are you not ashamed, in these past weeks, of his reckless abandon of any pretense to a moral center ...
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
Here you go again being intellectually dishonest, McQ. No one, including you, can explain to me why this war was worth it. I mean, not in any way that wise leftists with godlike powers of political science would accept, and that’s what counts.

This war has harmed our reputation throughout the world. Why just last week I was at a reception for our visiting professor from Germany, and he talked about he was so incensed about the 500,000 civilians that we have killed. He talked about how enlightened Germany is, and of course he’s right, which I would know since I wrote a book about German politics. And it’s absolutely not true that the book was published by a vanity press that specializes in sucking in gullible social scientists and has only sold about fifteen copies not counting the ones my relatives bought, not true at all!

Anyway, he was sagely discussing how Germany was so enlightened and they would never in a million years do anything that would kill that many civilians. Well, unless they’re Jewish, of course. And of course, he was right. All I could do was hold onto my brie and lower my head in shame.

This war has also weakened our military. Don’t start up with how we now have the most experienced military of any major country, just don’t start! Because those dense rightie soldiers can’t possible get beneficial experience by trying to bring democracy to those noble savage wogs in Iraq.

As I have told you all, this war proves that we are no better than the Nazis or Japanese. Can’t you see we deserve to lose? If we win, it would be bad, because it would just encourage us into further folly in trying to democratize those noble brown people in the middle east. Why, we might actually stand up to Iran next! Or the Saudis! Think how terrible that would be. We would cause disruption and possible loss of their indigineous cultures. Those noble savages deserve the right to stone homosexuals and treat their women like animals! Because no culture is any worse than any other one, except ours of course, which is responsible for most of the evil in the world.

Anyway, as I’ve also told you, we are not going to win. As I’ve said, the violence is going to increase later this year. Real soon now. You just wait. As a last resort, the fact that there are elections in both the US and Iraq is guaranteed to give the noble savage resistance new motivation to turn Iraq into a quagmire civil war so we can leave in disgrace.

So this supposed diversion of assets to Afghanistan is just a ruse. It has to be. Otherwise the brie in my freezer awaiting the celebration of our disgraced withdrawal will get freezer burn.
Written By: Ott Scerb
So this supposed diversion of assets to Afghanistan is just a ruse. It has to be. Otherwise the brie in my freezer awaiting the celebration of our disgraced withdrawal will get freezer burn.

My dear Prof. Scherb:

Once again, you owe me a new keyboard. Regrettably, the old one is now adorned with the remains of my morning coffee :p

You may expect the bill in the mail.
Written By: Cassandra

Okay, we see that you’re upset with this Scherb fellow’s inquiry...

Of course you offer absolutely nothing in its refutation, only smug BS. How about an even moderately compelling argument other than evidence of your intolerance to intelligent discussion.

If you wish to bring anyone, especially Libertarians to your side, please provide something besides idiotic disdain.

Waiting, hopefully not in vain,
Written By: frank
URL: http://
Frank ... you do know that "Ott Scerb" is a parody, right?

If you’re still not onboard, check out old "Ott’s" email address.
How about an even moderately compelling argument other than evidence of your intolerance to intelligent discussion.
Written By: McQ

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