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Why drilling now is important for "then"
Posted by: McQ on Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Nancy Pelosi keeps yammering on about how drilling now isn't going to have an an immediate effect on oil prices now and that's why she opposes it. She then starts blabbing about needing a comprehensive energy plan for the future.

Well, Ms. Pelosi, oil, coal and gas are going to be about 80% of any energy future. Would someone do her a kindness and send her this chart. Maybe a picture will make a dent:

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Nancy has a planet to save (cue photoshop of Captain Planet w/ Pelosi’s face)

Written By: shark
URL: http://
I think it’s very interesting that the left says that drilling is pointless because it will not produce any oil for ten years but then we are supposed to spend trillions "doing something" about global warming (or is it climate change now?) to avoid some vaguely defined problems that may or may not occur 100 years from now.
Written By: The OldMan
URL: http://
The Pelosi claim that squandering the Strategic Reserve will bring relief but additional domestic output won’t is a ridiculous contradiction.

Looking at the chart, bringing US domestic production from 30% of current needs, roughly, to 50% of our current needs, probably won’t bring much price relief either. But it will help a substantial trade deficit we have over that commodity and when 2030 rolls around the corresponding price of oil will make the trade deficit be a mind boggler.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
The short term proposals, and lack of long term vision, reinforce my view of politicians in general, and Democrats in particular, as petulant children. They want the satifaction of doing something today (with funding from the taxpayer and/or "greedy" corporations), and are not willing/able to prepare for the long term. The $1,000 ploy, and the raiding of the Strategic Reserve are but the most recent examples. Planning for ten years out is too far past the next election to matter.
Written By: DMac
URL: http://
There is another aspect of the left’s willfully ignorant argument that increased domestic drilling today won’t have any affect on price and will take 10 years to affect supply. They would have you believe that by increasing solar and wind sources (along with conservation) all our problems would be solved.

The problem is, our power grid is demand driven. If demand increases, more water is released through the penstocks, more rods are dropped into the water, more gas is fed through the pipes, or more coal is loaded onto the hopper. We can not store the wind in some canyon to release when the coffee pots and clothes washers go off in the morning. We can not delay the sunset for when folks get home after work and turn on the TV. Solar and wind are event driven energy sources. Until we have the storage capacity - batteries - wind and solar will necessarily be auxiliary sources.

And it will take probably 10 years to develop that technology. By the left’s logic however, because it will take 10 years, it is not worth the effort.
Written By: bains
URL: http://
There’s another aspect to Nancy’s little charade for the cameras. The D’s are trying to run down the clock in anticipation of better majorities next year. With Republican voter rolls in decline and Democratic registrations having advanced this primary season that’s not an unreasonable strategy as far as they are concerned. Better for them to allow a token drilling expansion then coupled with increased CAFE standards, new renewable energy mandates and increased corruption payoffs gladhanding palmgreasing grants for alternative energy research.

It’s win-win, i tell yah!
Written By: CR
URL: http://
... but you see .. she now has that "Magic Hat" given to John Kerry by the CIA guy. This hat can do miracles. Or something like that ...
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
We face an immediate energy problem. How do we power our existing economy and existing transportation systems in the face of potential disruptions in supply and increasing demand worldwide?

There are three long term problems with respect to energy:

1. How will we power our fixed grid into the future? Eventually, we will tap out existing fossil fuels. What will replace coal fired plants? Natural gas?

2. How will we power our future mobile energy systems? We will always need to move people and things around the world. What fuel will we use? How long will it take to get the systems developed and the infrastructure into place?

3. How will we make the orderly transition between legacy systems and these future fuels? How long would we provide current fuels?

Congress is not helping. We need to let them know that this is a serious problem they must address now.
Written By: arch
URL: http://
I’ve gone around the table more than once with my father on this very issue. He’s a very intelligent former farmboy with loads of common sense...and yet somehow dismisses all thoughts of drilling for oil, spouting solemnly that we won’t see any benefits for at least ten years. Umm, yeah pops, and that’s why we SHOULD start looking for oil now! The sooner we start the sooner we get cheaper gas! Otherwise you’ll just be saying the same thing 10 years down the road, and we’ll be looking at even more expensive prices @ the pump.

I don’t know if he just can’t see it or got poisoned by the rampant liberal nuttiness going around. (as lots of people have) Either way it drives me insane trying to talk about such a simple concept as drilling now so we can have more oil available later.
Written By: Dark-Star
URL: http://

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